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Ancient Banters Optima of Visan Premium Pet Food

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We present Banters (formerly Optima) a range of complete and natural food based on the inclusion of fresh meat and healthy and natural ingredients.
We make each of our products in our own kitchen (Vis?n) which has unique technology, one of the most advanced in the world.
Each of the products that make up the range has been formulated by our veterinary team, to cover the main needs and each of the life stages of our pets, endowing each recipe with a special formula for health and well-being.

Thanks to the incorporation of natural ingredients and high-quality meats (chicken, lamb or salmon as the only sources of animal protein), a high level of digestibility and excellent palatability is achieved.
The perfect blend of natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals will help support a healthy immune system by bringing it into a healthy balance.
Our recipes are based on the incorporation of natural ingredients that come from local suppliers. We cook the meats in their own juices, as if we were making a good homemade stew. The result, excellent croquettes with optimal nutritional values.