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Aside from eating and barking, dogs love to sleep. They spend hours and hours sleeping in a thousand different positions that are fun at the same time. Do you want your dog to be comfortable while sleeping? Well, a dog bed is the best. Houses, cushions for dogs, blankets or cribs. Choose the bed that your pet likes the most!

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Dogs, as pets that they are, have to have a space to go to when they need peace and rest. A place that they feel is theirs, where the smells are familiar and a pleasant and safe environment accompanies them in their rest. At Mascota Planet we have mattresses, baskets, padded beds and blankets at the best price . If you want to buy cheap dog beds , you are in the right place. We are the kings of dog rest!

To buy dog beds , you have to take into account several things. The first is the size of the animal to choose the ideal dog bed size for its breed and size. The dog has to be comfortable in its bed. It should not be too big or too small. You have to check that the animal can lie down and stretch its legs, and that it still has room to spare.

On the other hand, before buying dog beds , you have to know that there are several types. On the one hand, there are the mats. These are dog mattresses just like human mattresses, but different sizes for dogs. There are also cribs, which are cribs that have a raised edge so that the animal feels collected. Like the igloos, where the dogs get into a soft and cozy cave.

Didn't you know that there is also a sofa for a dog? Well yes. Sofas for dogs are a mix between mats and cradles , since they only have a border on one side, exposing the rest. And last but not least, there are the blankets . There are those who use them to cover their furry friends, but the truth is that there are few dogs that like to sleep covered. Actually, its purpose is for the dog to lie down on it so as not to be on the ground. Although in the summer they prefer the coolness of the ground, what dog says no to a comfortable and comfortable blanket in winter?

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Dog beds are a perfect solution to make your dog comfortable and rest. In our online store you will find everything from a classic bed to a designer sofa for pets. In addition, you will be able to find a solution adapted to each dog, since not all of them have the same size, the same coat or the same tastes. Giving him a place to rest that he likes is essential, since otherwise, he will not want to lie in his bed . You will find the best dog beds at Pet Planet.

Beds with thermos for cold dogs, corner beds for dogs that love corners or the classic wicker cots that can please the little ones. You can also find mats that can be moved from one side to another, winter blankets or bed houses with very fun shapes and designs . Enter and choose the bed for your pet that you like the most!

How to choose the best dog bed?

As we already told you, the dog bed is as important as having its feeder or drinker. Even as important as dog food . That is why we recommend that you follow these simple tips to choose the best dog bed . Apart from taking into account the size of your dog and the type of bed, you have to take into account the following.

The location of your dog's bed is very important. If your pet will be sleeping indoors, then any dog bed will do. However, if your dog has his space outside the house in a kennel or garden, we recommend that you choose dog beds with materials resistant to mold, fungus, etc.

On the other hand, the cleanliness of your dog's bed is decisive for its rest and for its health. But also to keep your house clean and free of insects and hair. You can choose dog beds that can be put in the washing machine or there are also those that are waterproof for dry cleaning.

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Do not hesitate to buy dog beds online . We give you the same facilities and information as if you buy your dog's bed in a physical store, only here, it arrives at your home in a short period of time, without inconvenience.

At Mascota Planet we can help you with any questions you may have about choosing your dog's bed . Do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you arise doubts. Our team is at your disposal.

In the same way that if you have doubts about shipments, the costs derived from shipments, conditions of returns or availability of products. Planet pet always at your service!