It is very common that when we sit down at the table to eat, our kitten approaches us and begins to show his manipulative skills, offering his best meow and showing a touching face so that you share a little of that food with him.

But it is extremely important that you know that the cat's gastrointestinal system is somewhat different from that of the human, and there are a number of foods that are toxic to the cat and that? consuming them can cause serious reactions in their body and even lead to death.

It is important to spend a little time in the process of training the cat so that it gets used to staying away from the table when people are eating. And get him used to eating his food in a dish specially designed for him.

Dangerous foods for your cat

It is true that many times we succumb to manipulation and share food with the cat, but you should know what foods are harmful to cats . Here we provide a list of the most well-known foods that cause digestive disorders in cats, such as: milk, avocado, chocolate, coffee or tea, alcohol, raw fish, onion, leeks and garlic.

1.??? Cow milk:

We will start with milk, because it is traditionally thought that cats can consume cow's milk and it turns out that dairy products are not indicated for adult cats. AND?It is a mistake to give them milk because most cats are lactose intolerant and this can cause digestive reactions that cause vomiting and diarrhea.

two.??? Avocado.

Avocado is another fruit that is extremely harmful to cats, as it contains a toxin called "Persin" that produces symptoms in cats such as respiratory conditions, vomiting, diarrhea,? and in some cases they accumulate fluids in the heart tissues that can cause death.

3.??? Coffee, chocolate and tea

The chocolate?It is included in the list of harmful foods for cats , because it contains a toxin called theobromine and caffeine from the group called methylxanthine, these toxins from chocolate? They produce a number of effects in cats, such as arrhythmias, changes in the nervous system and vomiting, among others.

Four.?? Alcohol.

Although it is very unlikely that you will voluntarily provide alcohol to your cat, it is important to be careful with the residues of our drinks. Alcohol can cause your cat a very strong intoxication that? Manifested as loss of coordination? vomiting, stomach irritation or urinary incontinence.


5.??? Raw fish.

The consumption of raw fish can cause a drop in thiamine levels in the cat. This can produce effects that manifest in the form of diarrhea, vomiting and even seizures.

6.??? Onion, garlic and leeks.

We must prevent our cats from consuming foods that contain onions, leeks or garlic, since this type of food contains an element that eliminates red blood cells, which translates into anemic states for the cat.

?Not being careful with these foods can lead to undesirable outcomes.

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