Ferrets are animals that provoke great tenderness, since they are very playful and their capacity for fun is inexhaustible. But regarding the issue of whether or not it is convenient to have a ferret as a pet , there are many myths, therefore those who want a pet ferret should take into account the following.

Care required by a ferret


If you decide to have a ferret as a pet , you must have adequate space, where it can play, run, it must also have a cage that has the appropriate dimensions, since it is a pet that cannot live locked up all the time, and they cannot live in small spaces, therefore it is essential that they leave their cage for several hours a day.

If they are loose in the house, you must take the necessary precautions, such as protecting them from an accident, that is why you must close access to those places that represent a danger to their lives or that may cause them some damage, such as those places where there is wiring, toilet, holes where they can get trapped, among others.

Also when you are not in the house they need the cage where they will remain, since there is no one to watch over them and take care of them. They also require a minimum of attention from you as part of your daily activities.


The ferrets being taken to different homes, and taken out of their natural habitat, their diet was totally carnivorous. It undergoes a change becoming very different from what it was used to, this food that is supplied at home makes the ferrets change their eating habits, because a wide variety of products can be purchased in the market, which provide all the necessary nutrients, to complement the nutritional requirements for its existence, you must also be careful not to supply it with any type of sweet.


Domestic ferrets, during the time they are in heat, have as their main characteristic the emanation through certain glands of a liquid that covers their skin with a very unpleasant odor to the human sense of smell. In the case of males, veterinarians recommend castration to avoid odors, and the aggressiveness with other males that characterizes them. In the case of females, as long as they have not been sexually satisfied, the heat and the smell will persist for several months.


Ferrets are prone to acquiring canine distemper, which is a virus that is in the environment, it can be carried from the street to the home by any member of the family, through clothing or shoes, therefore the ferret necessarily You will not get sick because another animal transmits it to you.

It is necessary to vaccinate the puppies at 6 months, against canine distemper, divided into three doses, they must also be vaccinated against rabies at the third month of birth.


Like any pet, it should be bathed at least every 2 or 3 months, due to its characteristic smell, as well as brushing, cleaning its ears, and cutting its nails.

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