More and more people understand that the best thing they can do in this world is to give dogs that live on the street or that have been saved from some very difficult situations one more chance. A rescued dog can be a challenge for some depending on the traumatic situation, so I want to show you what to do.

First point: Go to the vet

This point is the most important thing before taking it home or with other pets. A veterinary doctor has to give you a complete medical report of the current situation of the Rescued Dog , in order to obtain a clear answer to know what exactly needs to be done.

Usually, a dog of this type may be suffering from malnutrition, wounds that have not healed, behavior and/or character problems, or illnesses that have not been cured. It is important for you as for him that you act quickly to avoid problems in the future.

This can be 'skipped' if you have adopted your new pet with an organization or group in charge of this, as they are always updating the veterinary protocol.

Second Point: Hygiene

If you have been given a medical report and/or you have already cured it of all conditions in terms of health, it is important to take into account the hygiene of the pet. Like the previous point, it may not be necessary to do so if it has been delivered to you by a civil association, but that does not mean that you do not take it into account.

The point of hygiene is to eliminate possible parasites that they have, such as fleas or ticks. Giving it a good bath with some antiparasitic soap and using accessories such as talcum powder or necklaces will be a point that it is important to comply with as soon as possible.

Third point: Patience

With a rescue dog you have to have a lot of patience (in truth, you will need a lot of patience). This is because it is normal for the character of the dog to be reactive, fearful, defensive or even aggressive. This is added to the fact that he is in a new house, with new humans and that he has to obtain a longer period of socialization.

The important thing is to show him that there is absolutely nothing to fear, and that he is in a place to be happy and enjoy life, finally. If you have other pets, you may have even more work, since there will be reactive behaviors from one, the other or both dogs, so it is recommended that socialization take time.

A rescued dog is a miracle for the family, as it will only give love and understanding to all members. But if it is necessary to follow different steps to avoid problems that make coexistence a living hell. Remember that every safe adoption comes with a protocol that must be followed, but it will be very worth it.

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