When it comes to having a pet, you have to distinguish between food and good food; that is, it is not enough to feed our companion anything, he needs a certain type of food that provides him with the necessary nutrients to grow, have good digestion, have good fur, etc.

This is precisely what food companies like Acana have aimed at, as they have worked hard to offer products of the best quality and well-being for your pet. This time we will talk about the products that Acana offers in cat food.

What is Acana?

Acana is a well-known pet food company known in the market for offering biologically appropriate products for dogs and cats. Biologically appropriate means that they seek to reproduce the natural diet that dogs and cats had before they were domesticated by man.

This food is produced and manufactured by the Champion Pet Foods company, which has its main farms in the Kentucky region, United States. However, their work is not limited to what is produced here, but many of the recipes that are made are made from fresh ingredients from the region, which in most cases are produced from their local source. The latter will become clearer when reviewing your options in the cat food market.

The options that Acana offers

Currently, Acana's options when it comes to cat food are very limited, with only four recipes on the market: meadowland, grasslands, wild atlantic and appalachian ranch. However, while it is limited in number of options, its quality is still second to none, as each recipe contains mostly 75% meat ingredients and 25% vegetables. Below is a brief description of each recipe:

Meadowland: This recipe is made up of ingredients like poultry, freshwater fish, and laid eggs, ensuring high-quality protein and healthy fats. Among the poultry we find boneless chickens and turkeys, together with the giblets of both birds; while for the vegetables we find green peas, red lentils and pinto beans.

Wild Atlantic: It is based mainly on the diversity of wild fish that can be found in the cold waters of the Atlantic Sea of New England, United States. Species include Atlantic mackerels and herrings, Acadian redfish, silver hake, and yellowtail whiting.

Grasslands ? Characterized by the nutritious variety of local lamb, muscovy ducks, quail, eggs, and freshwater fish such as rainbow trout. It should be noted that this particular product contains more meat than any conventional cat food.

appalachian ranch: honoring appalachian ranch heritage, this product contains beef, yorkshire pork, lamb, bison, and blue catfish.

How does Acana stand out from the rest?

As stated above, all Acana products are biologically appropriate for dogs and cats. This is so because their recipes are based on the ?whole prey? formula. For cats, this means that the food not only contains fresh meat, but also includes raw organs, cartilage and bones to approximate the natural diet of wild cats, providing high-quality nutrients that contribute to the growth of cats in all their life stages.

If you want to give your cat quality food, Acana is your ideal option.

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