The temperature of the aquariums increases in the summer months and cools down during the winter, so we recommend that you have a heater and a cooler, which allow you to keep the water in optimal conditions for your fish and plants.

Since these living organisms depend on the thermal conditions of the water, you must monitor the temperature continuously. Also, you have to worry about adding phosphate and nitrate to transform inorganic materials into useful proteins for the nutrition of different plants.

The heater in an aquarium

A fish tank needs a temperature that ranges between 24?C and 28?C, so if there is a sudden change, the risk of a fish getting sick increases. Even a decrease in this could compromise your immune system.

There are two devices that are very important and that allow you to control both the decrease and the excess of degrees.

  • A cooler is attached to the external filtration system in order to keep the water cold. This tool, among coolers , is very useful and will help maintain the right temperature.
  • The heater, meanwhile, helps to achieve and maintain the ideal temperature of the fish tank. There are three basic types of heaters : clip-on, electronic, and submersible. In addition, it has all the safety means to prevent burns from occurring.

The important thing is that you have a thermometer that also allows you to know the degrees at which the water is. Likewise, it is advisable to aerate and uncover the aquarium because the solubility will depend on the temperature. If the water gets too hot you should know that it will contain less oxygen.

There are certain factors that influence an aquarium to maintain its ecological balance. The light, the temperature and also include some species of algae. Vegetation is of particular importance in this habitat, as plant fatty acids are passed up the food chain to fish as essential nutrients.

Now you know more about the importance of having an aquarium cooler . Avoid problems for your fish in the summer heat.

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