When you want to focus on water turtles, you have to be quite strict with hygiene , due to the large number of diseases that they can transmit. Likewise, the cleaning of the hands has to be detailed and quite rigorous. Even more, if they are children who want to take it.

Another thing to refrain from is the site chosen for the turtle to be. This has to be quite habituated, according to its nature and place of origin. In turn, they are known to grow to considerable sizes, which makes them correspond to spacious areas where they can swim and move without limits.

Therefore, it is advisable to acquire large turtle tanks or fish tanks for these, with heaters, stones, sticks and a floating island for their surface. Now, if you live in a warm place, there will have to be a pool or pond to provide them with some sun and shade. Your body temperature is important.

Another piece of advice may be to place an outside lamp to provide heat, or you can also opt for a heater. However, sunlight is the most essential, much healthier than a daytime light bulb.

The latter helps them to assimilate the calcium that each food contains and even supports them in healing diseases. It should be noted that, in relation to food, it should always be administered within the water itself.

They generally eat raw lean ground meats and, on rare occasions, vegetables, although they can also be given shrimp, fish, worms, worms, crickets, and the like. For the most part, these breaths can be seen in businesses with preparation to be manipulated, but it is convenient to provide them with complements beforehand.

In the brave case that you have a fairly large turtle, you should at least feed it about three times a week. Meanwhile, those smaller ones, only once a week is enough.

Then, there is the cleaning of the turtle, of great preponderance the theme. This must occur, at least periodically and in the most detailed way possible. As long as all the waste is removed, in addition to having a vacuum cleaner or support filter.

It is also good to be able to have products that are specific, so that the water is kept much longer with a most satisfactory cleaning.

It should be noted that if no food or cleaning item is given, the integrity of the pet can be affected with illnesses and discomforts. If this occurs and you do not know how to notice it, we advise you to see the following habits:

  • ???????? Decay.
  • ???????? Voracious lack of appetite.
  • ???????? Somewhat grayish spots.
  • ???????? White spots on the shell part.
  • ???????? bumps.
  • ???????? Scale or fungus.

Given all of the above, it can be indicated that the health of your turtle is maintained with correct care and feeding.

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