Despite the fact that pets are like another member of the family, not for that reason, they should eat what everyone eats at home, especially cats, who are animals with a delicate digestive system, so they must be especially careful. The food that humans eat can be highly toxic and harmful to a cat, since they do not metabolize it well, in addition, the cat does not eliminate toxins as easily through the liver, so it is sensitive to various foods that they may be considered risky for your diet. Therefore, below we indicate a small list of dangerous foods for cats , so that you are always alert.

uncooked fish

Raw fish is terrible food for a cat , since it is not cooked, it has many bacteria and parasites, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems. Even thiaminase, always present in raw fish, can cause neurological problems and seizures in cats.

Chocolate is almost lethal

Although cats seem to really like chocolate, it is strictly prohibited for these animals, it is very toxic and completely alters the nervous system, changes the heart rate, causes diarrhea, vomiting, hyperactivity and can even cause seizures.

Garlic and onion

Garlic and onion contain a high amount of thiosulfate, this substance is highly toxic in cats, causes anemia, weakness, damages red blood cells and causes serious damage to the respiratory system.

Grapes and raisins

Bunches of grapes and raisins should be kept away from cats, since their ingestion in a cat is practically fatal, they cause severe kidney failure.

raw egg

Eggs should be eliminated from a cat's diet, they should not be part of their diet and even worse raw eggs, they decrease the absorption of vitamin B, damage the cat's coat and cause damage to the skin. In addition, they can bring salmonella or other parasites, which greatly inflames the cat's pancreas.


Children often believe that pets love sweets as much as they do, so they tend to fill them with sweets and treats as a sign of affection, but treats alter sugar levels, cause vomiting, incoordination and exhaustion of the feline. So do not allow children to poison the cat with sugar, since its excess could cause death.

Dangerous cat foods may be your favorite

The cat loves to drink milk, but it can be very toxic for them, since commercial milk contains preservatives that can alter the cat's metabolism. In the case of older cats, it can cause colic, since, in adulthood, the cat loses the ability to digest lactose due to the lack of specific production of the enzyme that digests it. Check very well what type of food you give your cat and avoid supplying some of the dangerous foods for cats , it is best to buy cat food and feed it with it, at, you get food, vitamins and healthy snacks made for the felines of the house, go ahead and visit our page and you will find everything your pet needs. Image courtesy of leisure (, all rights reserved.

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