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When two people do not get along or cannot establish a relationship of friendship or fellowship, as is the case with siblings or children at school, it is said that they look like ? cats and dogs fighting?. This is due to the myth that these two pets cannot live together in the same space.

Beyond being an unreal myth, it is clear that these two types of pets can get along in the same place.

Character differences between dogs and cats

In a way, there are differences that can be seen with the naked eye between dogs and cats.

Cats are animals that have not been domesticated, proof of this is their reaction when you want to hug them, and their rejection reaction. Quite the opposite of the dog that is more effusive, the most palpable sign is when you arrive from the street or from a trip and your dog jumps on you licking you, barking, running, it is their way of showing their joy and affection for their owner.

But this is just a generalized description. In truth, there are cats that notice everything you do and dogs that lie on the sofa and do not want to go for a walk.

Although dogs and cats have different characters, both pets can get along and be good friends.

Tips for your dog and cat to live harmoniously

The first thing you should do when bringing these pets to your home is to create an environment where each one of them has their own space for their necessary implements that they use every day, such as their bed, their food bowl and their drinking fountain . These must be placed for each one, in their space away from each other so that when eating, drinking water or sleeping there is no interference of their property with each other.

The usual and most ideal thing is that both pets are small so that they relate to each other in a natural way and get used to sharing the same space.

You must control that neither steals the other's food, because this would lead to a fight between them for their food.

Try not to create advantage of one pet over the other, that is, do not lock one pet and leave the other loose because this causes discontent of the one who is locked up.

Until they have recognized each other and live in peace with each other, you should try not to leave them alone and in the same space.

When we decide to put a dog and cat together, we must take the same precautions that we put into practice when we have two pets of the same species. Dogs and cats can become very territorial, but their good coexistence will depend on our attitude, patience, and the character of the cat and the dog.

Image courtesy of Diario Animals (http://www.diarioanimales.com/es-posible-la-covivencia-entre-perros-y-gatos/) All rights reserved.



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