Dogs have earned a reputation for being recognized as "man's best friend". This is so because most of them, if not all, show loyalty, affection and appreciation towards their owners and their family. However, not everything is rosy, since these same animals have become feared by some by showing signs of aggressiveness, to the point that some dogs have come to kill other animals, and even humans.

Because of these incidents, some dog breeds have been classified as the most aggressive. However, in this article we ask ourselves the following question: Can dogs become aggressive by nature? To answer this, a brief description will be made of those that are considered the most aggressive dogs.

Some of the most ?aggressive? dog breeds

Within what have been determined as the most aggressive dog breeds , it is at the top of the list? the pit bull terriers. These dogs weigh approximately between 25 and 30 kilos. The characteristics that this particular breed presents are: it has a strong jaw, they have a strong composition and in a fight they become very fierce. Due to these qualities, these dogs are often highly sought after as guard dogs and even for clandestine dog fights.

Another case can be found in rottweilers. Unlike the pit bull terrier, the rottweiler weighs between 45 and 59 kilos; that is, it weighs much more than the pit bull terrier. A quality that stands out, in addition to their intimidating appearance, is that they are very territorial dogs, so if they find a stranger in their home, there is a high probability that they will attack him.

A third breed, said to be aggressive, is the famous Great Dane. These huge dogs weigh between 50 to an incredible 100 kilos, depending on whether it is male or female. These dogs, accompanied by weight, have a strong constitution. The most notable danger is their large size.

As can be seen, more than qualities that reflect an aggressive tendency, they can simply be seen as characteristics that better prepare them for a possible confrontation. The qualities that these three breeds have in common are: they are large breed dogs; They have a good muscular constitution, they have particular characteristics such as having strong jaws or being very territorial.

However, at no time is it said that a dog is born aggressive, because in reality dogs never become aggressive by nature, but by upbringing.

It's not a matter of nature, it's a matter of education

The mistake that many people have made is judging dogs? for his appearance. Answering the question posed above, although some breeds can be physically intimidating and have qualities that prepare them for a confrontation, everything is based on the education that the dog receives. Raising a dog is like raising a child: if he is brought up in an aggressive environment, he is likely to become aggressive himself. Thus, depending on the upbringing of the owner, a Great Dane, for example, can be an affectionate giant or a threat to any stranger.

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