It is not at all from another world that small breed dogs are the best you can find. Either, because they stand out for having a lively character juice and that is made of an aptitude full of courage. It may mean that they do not know what their size is.

Among so many that can be referred to, the following races can be named and indicated:


It stands out quite a bit as a result of its ferocity and furry appearance, which is quite glamorous . As for his way of being, he is quite possessive and protective towards his family. Beyond not representing any danger, it is quite vigilant in every corner of the house. Therefore, it is good to have a good muzzle on hand when there are visitors.

When he is in the presence of those he loves most, this creature takes them as his most precious being and searches them to scare away even the most harmless animals.


Despite integrating very short legs, it stands out as a sporting animal. Therefore, he does not stop jumping, running and other activities. That is why, regardless of its height, it develops a hunting instinct , but only with insects.

First of all, as every small breed has, it is a good instrument of alarm and guard . As well, he is extremely bold , curious and on for adventures.

Bichon Frize

This one features extremely cottony fur and has a rather charming attitude with all people. Whoever he is, he has a predisposition to fully please. Given that, it is very simple to get to train, even more so when it comes to shows .

Jack Russell

Beyond that it appears to be a most common dog, it is not about that at all. In what corresponds to his personality , he stands out for being the most active.

From what refers to it, it is ready to jump objects, play with materials, among others. However, it is very intelligent and has the requirements to walk once a day, at least.


Among all the small breed dogs, this is one of the most popular among the various Hollywood stars . For example, Paris Hilton always carries one in her bag.

As for his personality characteristics, he knows how to deal with his presence by barking non-stop and showing aggressiveness in the face of insecurity. That yes, if it makes proportion of a comfortable environment and with enough discipline, they are the most harmonious.


The Pomeranian has very long and soft hair, although it should be noted that it is one of the noisiest there is. That does not mean that he is very adorable and kind to visitors.

It is recommended that his coat be brushed continuously . Since, it is to constantly throw the same.

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