Mascota Planet has the range of ZiwiPeak products, made with the best quality meat and seafood.

Contains no added antibiotics, hormones or preservatives. In addition, it is guaranteed that there are no genetically modified products and that they are hypoallergenic, since all the ingredients used are completely natural. Does not contain colorants, sugars, salts, cereals, gluten flour or corn flour.

The range is available in wet or air dried format. With very tasty recipes made up of venison, fish, lamb, veal, lamb liver and tripe, and green-lipped mussel. Dogs are carnivorous animals and their diet should be based on meat. Their bodies are not designed to digest the carbohydrates found in grains, corn, potatoes, and rice.

ZiwiPeak guarantees over 90% meat, raw with organs, fish and shellfish as the main ingredients in the air-dried meal. And more than 66% of meat, and its organs, fish and shellfish in the wet format (cans).

ZiwiPeak 's air -drying process is unlike any other: all raw meat and organs, fish, and green-lipped mussels are minced and gently blended. The necessary vitamins and minerals are added along with the natural carbohydrates.

The raw material is placed in special air dryers. Where it dries for several hours at low temperature. This process protects all sensitive nutrients, active enzymes and proteins, giving rise to a perfect food for a carnivore, being a unique process in the world.

ZiwiPeak is nutritionally excellent for both dogs and cats . And it's suitable for all life stages and all races. The recipes are carefully prepared and are rich in meat and fish, a diet that dogs and cats need for a long, happy and healthy life.

Discover the most nutritious range of food in the dog and cat food section.

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