The effects of winter on animals are very diverse, which has caused them to develop multiple methods over the years to survive harsh weather conditions. Some animals have a special coat that protects them, others change areas as the season passes, and so on, but there is one that stands out above the rest, and that is hibernation.

Hibernation consists of a process where the animal enters a state of lethargy, all normal functions are slowed down to decrease energy expenditure , while fat reserves are used to maintain body heat until the winter passes and then end it is possible for the animal to wake up.

In the case of reptiles or animals that are not able to regulate their body heat,?is presented the?"brumation", which is the equivalent of hibernation in cold-blooded animals. In the brumation process, animals can wake up once their body reaches a certain temperature. In general, they take advantage of that moment to look for water and sunbathe, then when their body temperature drops, they enter a state of lethargy again.

Is hibernation possible in pets?


First of all, it is important to know that hibernation is a characteristic that not all animals possess, it is generally something that depends on the species and the region of origin. Domestic animals, such as cats or dogs, do not go into hibernation, even if they come from places where low temperatures are common.

Now, in the case of domestic reptiles or rodents , there is a possibility that they can go through the brumation process during the winter. For this reason, before welcoming an "exotic" animal into the home, it is important to find out about all its characteristics, especially if it comes from a completely different region.

Recommendations when it comes to having animals with this particularity.


The hibernation process is not something that hinders or prevents coexistence with an animal. What is certain is that, when the time comes, the owner must take control and decide what is best for his partner.

Before the winter season begins, a decision will have to be made as to whether or not it is necessary for the animal to hibernate. If this is not an infallible requirement for its correct development, then the best thing would be to "cut" the cycle and prevent the process from taking place, at least until the animal is already?adult. This is done mainly to prevent the animal from dying due to health problems or not being strong enough to survive the winter.

The latter is achieved by keeping the environment at its normal temperature, without allowing it to drop. You also have to pay special attention to the light and make sure you continue with the usual routine as if it were another summer day.

In the event that your pet hibernates , the animal will have to be prepared one or two months before winter begins. For this, the species and the variations that occur in its original habitat must be taken into consideration, in order to emulate them in the best possible way.

Whatever decision is made, the health and needs of your pet must always be a priority in order to grant them a calm and carefree life.

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