It is more than clear that the home environment can greatly influence the internal attitudes of the feline, to the point of giving it significant stress. This tends to cause erratic behavior and insecure conditions.

If you do not treat it with a veterinarian, it can lead to irremediable health problems.

Therefore, the moment you notice a certain alteration in regards to their behavior, you will have to consult professionals so that they can avoid discomfort in your pet. In any case, there are practical resolutions for these types of conflicts, which are faithfully resolved in businesses that operate for cats.

Typical signs of stress

With the naked eye, some changes in behavior or deferred personal habits can be found, which frames stress in an animal. This affirms that he does not feel safe at all in the environment.

From the same method, it will manifest itself with:

  • ???????? Constant complaining meows, in consideration of frequent annoyance.
  • ???????? Grooming too much.
  • ???????? Stop using the box, to leave your 'affairs' in any corner of the home.
  • ???????? Sudden hair loss and in large quantities.
  • ???????? Urine in the slightest and with gestures of discomfort.
  • ???????? Presence of diarrhea or, conversely, quite harshly.
  • ???????? Restlessness with running everywhere without pause, very common in younger cats.
  • ???????? Changes in character, showing some irritability, along with behaviors with high aggressiveness towards humans and other animals.

Causes of stress

To manage to deal with these attitudes in the cat, preventing them, you must be very attentive to these behavioral changes. Of course, the odors caused by the pheromones that mark their environment will be replaced. This denotes a certain security authority.

Although we cannot smell that aroma of their pheromones, you should be aware that they are scattered throughout the house. From the furniture, to even the inhabitants of the house.

Therefore, you also have to understand that the moment he rubs himself on you, it is a mark of his pheromones. Given the lack of smell, you may not know how to notice. However, we will open your eyes with certain attitudes such as:

  • ???????? Substitutions in the home, such as moving furniture or painting the walls.
  • ???????? Make changes in the home, which generates a great destabilization in the feline.
  • ???????? The arrival of another cat, or a neighbor who frames his 'air'.
  • ???????? Visits with which the feline is not very used to.
  • ???????? Repeated and large-scale noises.

There are many ways in which this can be solved, but the most important thing is that it is you, the owner, who accompanies him in this overcoming. Since, the tranquility will be for both parties.

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