The birds , like almost all of them, are birds of great beauty and beautiful plumage . Having each one of them, within their species, different characteristics, rooting their difference in their size, plumage, song or trill and in the ease that some may have to travel great distances.

House birds are preferred by a large number of pet lovers, especially those who live in small spaces and who do not have a garden to share with other types of pets .

There are many people who are of the opinion that pets should not be caged , because they do not see with good eyes that they cannot enjoy their freedom and fly in an open sky. Others say that these birds were born in captivity so they don't miss not being able to fly and think that they are safer inside their cages.


Care and attention required by your birds

When you decide to bring a little bird to your house you should take into account the following:

  1. Cage : it must have an adequate size where your pet can move without any inconvenience , have its water dispensers, food and a bath so that, when it is hot, it can take a dip and cool off. A cage which you can move from one place to another , in case you want to put it to take a little sun, or move it to another space, where there are no drafts.

  2. Food : although the birds feed on seeds bought in specialized stores and fruits, you should try to administer those foods necessary to meet the special requirements of fats, vitamins, proteins, hydrates.

    The essential food that all birds eat is birdseed , taking into account that birdseed can bring different additives that cover different requirements. In what if there is variation is that not everyone eats the same type of seed, in addition to the fact that they must be fresh to be used to the maximum and not lose their nutrients.

    Fruits and vegetables are a perfect addition to their diet, as they require vitamins and minerals to shed their plumage and keep their beak and legs in good condition.
  1. Climate: domestic birds should receive natural light 2 or 3 hours a day , especially in spring and summer, in the cold season and heavy snowfall you should keep it away from drafts and try to keep the cage covered with a cloth or thick fabric so that he feels warm because, at this time, many birds die due to low temperatures.

  2. Nails: you must cut his nails , but do it carefully, this way you will prevent him from suffering an accident and getting hurt.

Another of the most important care is to pay attention to them, even for an hour a day . Thus, it will be shown with more energy. If you see that your bird maintains a strange behavior, does not fly, or leaves its head hidden, it is most likely that it lacks attention.


Image courtesy of animal expert (, all rights reserved.


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    Danna Maria - 04/23/2021 17:39:30

    Esa información me sirvió de mucho ya que ahora se como cuidar a mis pájaros