Dogs, just like people, need a space created for them, in which they feel protected and safe. Where climatic changes, rain, sun, heat, or cold, do not alter their daily life, each one occupying the place and space that corresponds to them. In this case we will refer to the doghouse If you live in a house with a garden , the most ideal thing is for your dog to have his house placed there, where he can play, run around and when it is time to rest or sleep he has a place where take refuge, without suffering the inclemencies of external agents that disturb it.

The most suitable booth.

When choosing the doghouse we must take into account a series of requirements, which must be suitable for him and be able to move comfortably. Something important when selecting the kennel is the size of the dog, therefore, it must have the appropriate height. At least 25% of the total height of the animal up to the head, although it should not exceed 50% of it, so that it is not excessively large where the dog is. The doghouse must allow your pet to turn around and lie down without touching the ceiling with his head, having to adopt an awkward position to stay in it, so the length and width must be at least the same, or exceed the length of the dog by 25%. The door of the kennel must be large, so that the dog can enter and exit without any inconvenience, and it must be placed to one side and not in the center, so that the dog is placed to one side and thus will be protected. of air currents. Likewise, the door of the booth must exceed a third of the total of the fa?ade, and must conserve ventilation and at the same time must not lose heat.

Types of booths.

There are the sheds that are placed in the garden and those that are placed inside the house, which can be folding parks or padded cages and those for travel. There are also plastic and wooden booths, each with specific characteristics, which vary from one another. Those made of wood require more care, because the material is more delicate and they are not as resistant to humidity, they are more accessible to acquire fungi, for this reason it must be placed on a base that separates it from the ground, and cleaning must be done with rags. wet, quite the opposite of the plastic shed, which can be washed directly with soap and water. The roof of the kennel should preferably be made of plastic, so that when it rains, the rainwater does not form wells that will end up leaking into the kennel, wetting the dog and causing it to catch a cold. There are also those built of bricks and concrete, having to take into account the design and structure so that your dog is comfortable. Image courtesy of xataka smart home (, all rights reserved

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