If you're reading this, it's probably because you're a fish lover and you can't stand to see the water in your fish tank dark and dirty looking. Cleaning the fish tank is essential, since it is the home where your animals live and a bad cleaning of it can lead to diseases or other major evils.

Many people think that cleaning this habitat is complicated, but when you learn how to do it and use the right techniques, it becomes a common and simple task. Next, we will mention some very easy actions to carry out that will contribute to cleaning and keeping the water in your fish tank crystal clear : you will be able to see even the smallest pebbles.

In the frequency, is the key

If you go on a trip and come back months later, or change the water in your fish tank infrequently, don't expect to get it clear. To keep the water in your fish tank crystal clear and in good condition completely, it is necessary to constantly renew it.

This process is very simple and is the first step in the desired goal; For this, you must extract the fish and place them in a safe place temporarily. Once you have the fish tank free, you must proceed to clean it to remove all the dirt that may be on the glass or on the bottom.

Once the container is clean, you add new water again. Make sure the water is at room temperature and completely clear because sometimes it comes out dark from the taps. If it is possible to use water that has already been filtered, much better.

After this, voila! You can bring the fish back into their humble abode.

Another aspect that you should include, in addition to the renovation, is the general cleaning of the site. Of course, everything in excess is bad and cleanliness is not exempt from this. You can change the water more regularly (it can be weekly) but cleaning should be every two or three weeks.

Some tips for cleaning your fish tank

Although it may seem a bit tedious, cleaning the fish tank is really simple and fast. You just have to have the necessary knowledge and the tools that make the job easier. Among these, there are some that are essential: filter, among these there are biological, chemical and mechanical. Another very useful tool is a water purifier; These come in varieties of sizes and types.

Decoration and food

Another aspect to consider is the decoration of the place and the feeding of your fish. It is important to wash the new rocks or decorations before placing them to prevent any type of dirt that may be attached to them from expanding inside the fish tank. It is recommended that the decorations to be used are not very numerous because this can represent a problem in the hygiene of the site since some types of decoration require more attention than others in cleaning.

Regarding feeding, it is important to bear in mind that excessive feeding has negative consequences: it activates the bacterial flora in the fish tank. This arises for various reasons, among these, overfeeding. A sumptuous presence of bacterial flora will overshadow the appearance and quality of the water. If you have doubts about the frequency of feeding, consult your veterinarian.

With these simple tips you can enjoy a much clearer view of your animals.


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