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All plants and fish need the light to be able to develop their life cycles and reproduce properly. Therefore, when decorating the environment in an aquarium, it must be ensured that a good space is given to the plants themselves.

When it comes to lighting, it turns out to be very decorative, however take it as a double-edged tool. Thus, as it has its advantages, it also has clear disadvantages.

When thinking about ideas to learn how to illuminate your aquarium properly, you should make sure that natural light is sufficient and that it is not harmful either.

Do not use natural light

If you do not learn to illuminate correctly, so you must inform yourself with determinants and other data. For example, you need to be aware that sunlight or natural light as water passes cuts off its direction and speed.

Also, it does not work dynamically as a plant does regularly, no matter where it is located. On the other hand, you need artificial lighting, because regardless of whether or not the light reaches the plants, you are not specifically controlling how the light reaches.

Therefore, the growing plants could be affected and grow too fast and die before their time, or they may have an aquarium where there are only plants and not a single fish.

The operation of LED lamps

Making a specific focus on what is the use of LED lamps, different discrepancies, definitions and variations can be visualized. Within aquariums, it is important to make or write down the determinants of the types of lights that are emitted.

Doing this serves to be able to ensure that photosynthesis in plants occurs, as it should, which protects the growth that is taking place moderately in the Habitat. Afterwards, it is quite vital that the type of lamp is indicated, according to taste and placement, its size or conformation. In turn, the offspring that each fish has helps indiscriminately.

Finally, it should be noted that the fish, beyond the fact that they were born and developed in fish tanks, have the instinct to go towards the darkest areas in this regard. Therefore, each of the LED lamps can be made to move.

Regarding the latter, they will have to go to a special place that is among the indicated places. Now, the direction provided by these and takes into account the life of a customer.

In the same way, it is possible to allow the creation of dark spaces, where the temperature becomes colder and the fish feel comfortable.

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