What is the best feed for sterilized cats?

The best feed for sterilized cats is the one that meets their nutritional needs and helps your pet stay in good health. Remember that your friend trusts you and depends on your care. Always provide high quality food!

What should a sterilized cat eat?

In essence, the diet of cats with this characteristic is the same as that of the others. However, you have to take into account that the metabolism of these pets slows down as a result of the intervention, while their appetite increases. They are calmer too, which means they have less physical activity. If you add all these factors, you will notice that there is a possibility of gaining weight, and it goes against your general health.

Feed with some cereal content provides fiber, convenient for them to be satisfied with less food . However, too much makes the feed less palatable and you may not like it. You may be interested in reading about the amount of food you should give your cat. In addition, the right feed can prevent urinary lithiasis . Another common disorder is hairballs , which the cat swallows when it licks itself.

The best thing you can do is give him a balanced diet that contains protein, low fat and carbohydrates, as well as vitamins and minerals. The meat provides a fundamental amino acid for feline health, such as taurine, which also happens with arachidonic acid, another fundamental nutrient. The substance called L-carnitine helps mobilize fat and generates a feeling of satiety. For these reasons, feed containing meat helps you prevent obesity in your cat.

The best feed for sterilized cats

Next, we are going to present a variety of options so that you can choose the most appropriate one. You will see that the composition varies, which gives you a wide range of possibilities.

Purina Pro Plan with beef

It is a foodmoist, easier to consume and provides water to the cat's diet. It is specially formulated for the care of the urinary tract. In addition, it strengthens the immune system thanks to vitamin E. As for macronutrients, proteins are found in a proportion of 13% and fats in 3%.

It is made with beef , meat derivatives and plant-based proteins. As for micronutrients, it contains vitamins A, D3 and E , as well as taurine, calcium, iron, copper, zinc and magnesium.

Select Cat for sterilized cats

This Select Cat feed has been specifically designed for neutered cats and its energy intake is lower. Pea fiber provides satiety and keeps your friend's intestinal transit active. It covers protein and vitamin needs with high palatability thanks to natural ingredients from local suppliers.

Other benefits are the control of hairballs, or trichobezoars, and the prevention of the appearance of kidney stones due to its low acidifying effect . The proportion of protein is 27% and it provides vitamins A, D3 and E.

Contains chicken meat, sweet potato, cassava, vegetable proteins, animal fat, pea fiber and dehydrated egg. The yeast hydrolyzate is a source of prebiotics to maintain the intestinal flora .

Hills Tender Chicken Bites

Each 85 gram bag of this product is a serving that keeps your cat satisfied with chicken bites . It is special to prevent weight gain and keeps the urinary tract free of stones thanks to its low salt content; It is specially formulated to control weight gain .

The Immune Support Formula or IFS exclusive to this feed brand is a powerful compendium of vitamins E and C with antioxidants , which preserve immune functions. The ingredients are: chicken, chicken liver, pork, corn, wheat, dried carrots, dried egg and vegetable protein concentrate.

500; line-height: 1; Colour: #455359; margin: 5px 0px 15px; font-size: 14px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; background-color: #ffffff;">Alpha Spirit with Duck or Rabbit

It is a duck-based wet food that is packaged in 85-gram cans that you can easily open. Its ingredients are 100% natural and provide nutritional balance, palatability, flavor and aroma . Contains no artificial colors or preservatives and is grain free.

Duck meat and liver provide taurine to the diet. In addition, they provide calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, vitamins A, D3 and E. The formula with rabbit contains meat, liver and lungs, and the same components in terms of vitamins and minerals.

Nature's Variety Original Salmon

The ingredients of the highest quality are those that make up this feed , whose protein source is salmon. The perfect balance of macronutrients , low in fat, is appropriate to prevent weight gain.

Natural ingredients: boneless salmon, dehydrated tuna, protein hydrolyzate, high proportion of fruit vegetables to provide fiber , omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, and antioxidant substances.

Farmina Natural & Delicious chicken and pomegranate

This is a natural grain-free feed that prevents weight gain. It is a quality that also facilitates the absorption of nutrients . It is suitable for all breeds of cats and its protein content of 46%, as well as antioxidants, are important. You should know that it contains fiber and inulin, which keep the pet's intestinal flora stable; chondroitin and glucosamine take care of your joints.

Ingredients: fresh chicken, dehydrated chicken, fresh and dried herring , potato, dried whole egg, glucosamine, chondroitin and turmeric root. Vitamins include A, C, D3, E, niacin, pantothenic acid. It also contains L-carnitine and methionine, whichThey help mobilize fatty deposits.

The best feed for sterilized cats provides your pet with the most appropriate ingredients for its nutrition and good health. The range of different products that we have presented to you guarantee a wide variety in the diet. And remember, the most suitable will also be the one you like the most.

The best leashes for dog running

Doing outdoor activities with your dog is a lot of fun, since he is supposed to be your best friend or one of the best. So why not share time and hobbies with him? Running is a sport that you can practice with your pet, but to do it you have to equip yourself properly, and among other accessories, use the best leash for running with your dog .

Practicingcanicross or just going for a run and keeping fit with your dog can be challenging if you don't have the right gear. In addition, by law and also to not disturb anyone, our dog must run next to us without getting out of control. That's why, fromht:bold; font-style: regular; font-variant: normal; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">Pet Planet we want to talk to you about the best leashes for running with a dog in a safe and fun way.

What to consider before choosing the best leash for dog running?

If you want to start practicing canicross or simply want to try running with your dog , you should keep in mind that your leash should follow some instructions, since there are models specially designed for specific uses.


A good strap has to be made of resistant and durable materials; font-family: Arial; colour: #000000; background-color: transparent; font-weight: 400; font-style: regular; font-variant: normal; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;"> to withstand pulling. For webbing, manufacturers typically choose to make nylon straps or leather straps because they are low-abrasion yet robust fabrics. But just as important are the hooks with which to attach the leash to both the belt and the collar or harness of our pet.

If they are not of quality, they can break or come loose in the face of an unexpected pull. Therefore, make sure they are not plastic but stainless steel.


Before choosing your leash, think about the size of your dog. As a general rule, simple modelsnormal; font-variant: normal; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;"> are best suited to small and medium breeds up to 30 kilos in weight. From then on, the advice is to opt for more technical and robust straps , as they withstand pulls from the bigger dogs.

Belt and strap size

These are two characteristics that, along with resistance, will mark your purchase. That it be more or less long will allow the dog's freedom to be extended, but its character must be taken into account when it is crossed with other dogs. However, some models incorporate one or two handles to retain the dog if we do not want it to get too far away. The ideal is to use straps between 2 and 3 meters long . You should never buy a strap of less than 1.70 m, unless you are affected by some regulation that restricts its length (PPP, train or metro trips, etc).

If you have a dog that is considered potentially dangerous , keep in mind the legislation. The Spanish national regulations stipulate that the straps, for this type of dogs ,aseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">must not exceed 2 meters , and there are regional or municipal laws that may further restrict this length. Be sure to check the regulations where you live.

with or without handle

Before choosing the leash for your dog, ask yourself if you prefer it to have a handle to hold it , or if you prefer it not to have one. From Mascota Planet we recommend the straps with a handle , as they are more comfortable and safer and therefore more practical.

Best leashes for dog running

Now that you know what are the characteristics that the leash for your dog should follow , fromant: normal; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">Pet Planet we want you to know that the best leashes to run with your dog are the ones that leave your hands free.

Walky Running Belt Waist Strap

The Walky Running Belt is the best leash for dog running as it provides freedom of movement for the hands and arms. It comes from the hand of the Belt brand, specialized in pets and their leashes.

It is an adjustable belt between 70 and 100 centimeters and an elastic strap that attaches to your pet's harness or collar. The metal hooks that join us to our pet are safe even with the pulls of dogs with more energy, it also incorporates an extender that reduces the dog's pulls.

baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">Belt + Straps Walk Hands-free

The hands-free walk belt plus leash is another great model if you want to run comfortably with your pet, as long as it weighs less than 40 kilograms.

This strap offers us to have both hands free, since you will carry it attached to your waist. In addition, the special fixing hook with the patented rotary device prevents it from twisting or being caught by your pet with the rope. It is adjustable from one meter to 1.5 meters, and its strap is elastic from 20 cm to 60 cm waist.

Another advantage is that it includes 2 pockets for mobile phones, dog snacks, water bottles, etc.

CLIX Hands Free Belt

The kind ofnt; font-weight: bold; font-style: regular; font-variant: normal; text-decoration: underline; -webkit-text-decoration-skip: none; text-decoration-skip-ink: none; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">Clix hands-free leash is ideal for those who want to start running with their pet, but prefer to try a cheap model first until they know how they adapt and react.

It is an adjustable belt from 70 to 120 cm, and with a width of 50 mm strap. It allows you to walk one or more dogs in complete safety, and keep your hands free for the phone, keys or whatever you need. It is used with the multifunctional Halti training leash , which will allow you to maintain control of your dog by not being surprised if you have to pull suddenly.

This model is suitable for dogs of all breeds, as it has two sizes, one for dogs weighing less than 20 kilograms and the other for dogs weighing more than 20 kilograms.

After all this information, all you have to do is contact Pet Planet to buy the best leash for running with your dog . Discover how running or walking with your dog becomes one of the most relaxing and fun moments of the day thanks to the comfort of having a dog running leash. What are you waiting for to try it? Discover our catalog of products for dogs.

How do reptiles reproduce?

If you want to know how reptiles reproduce, you should be clear that it varies a lot from one species to another, since the category of reptiles is very broad and biological success lies in diversity. Although there are some major traits, when we deal with a particular animal, it must be thoroughly investigated. Throughout this article we will explain different types of reproduction and give some examples so that, in general, this process is understood.

How reptiles reproduce and the three types of reproduction

All types of reproduction occur in reptiles. Namely:

  1. Viviparous: they do not lay eggs, but the embryo develops inside a female.
  2. Oviparous: they lay eggs, regardless of their type.
  3. Ovoviviparous: It is a type of reproduction that mixes the previous two. In this case, the eggs remain inside the female's body. When the hatchlings are about to hatch is when they lay their eggs.

Most reptiles are oviparous (up to 70%) and therefore we will talk about their eggs throughout the text. This is because reptiles usually have sexual reproduction that involves internal fertilization of the female. When the eggs are laid, they have already been fertilized by the male and only the incubation period remains until their birth.

There is a type of non-sexual reproduction in reptiles called parthenogenesis. For her, the fertilization of the male is not required and, therefore, the genetic component of both is not mixed, but an offspring equal to the mother is produced. This would be the case of: the komodo dragon (a lizard) and the spiny lizard (a gecko). It is one of the most curious ways in which reptiles reproduce.

Examples of how ovoviviparous reptiles reproduce

They are the least, because it is a very rare type of reproduction.

  • The luci?n , a lizard that, in addition to having this type of curious reproduction, also has no legs, resembling more a snake. This reptile is also called glass shingles. When the female lays her eggs, after gestating for months, they hatch immediately.
  • The Viper Asp . This Mediterranean viper is poisonous and has a gestation that lasts between two and three months and on average they have six offspring. Undeveloped eggs can be seen after birth, so it is interesting to know how reptiles develop inside.
  • Boa constrictor . The most famous of the boas have this type of reproduction. It is more similar to viviparism, since the young are born without an egg. This is why there is a bit of discussion about whether it is really considered ovoviviparous.
  • Green Anaconda . Reproduction takes place after copulation in which several males fight for the female. This fight lasts between 2 and 4 weeks and takes place in the water. Gestation lasts 6 months and can give rise to up to 50 offspring on average.

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Viviparous reptiles

Despite being from the family of other reptiles, there are several species of them that reproduce in this way so different from the usual way, which would be by laying eggs.

A few examples would be: vipers from European regions, rattlesnakes (coral), velvet snake, sea snakes, water snakes and some species of lizard.

viviparous reptiles

The rest of them fit into this category of how reptiles reproduce. The female is fertilized and subsequently lays eggs that will have an incubation period outside the mother's body.

The 4 parts of reptile eggs

The eggs of these species are very characteristic and distinguish them from others such as birds or amphibians. They are called amniotic eggs because they have a sac filled with this fluid that has similarities to a viviparous womb. Knowing the parts of these types of eggs helps us understand how reptiles reproduce.

  • amnion . This is the innermost area. Reptile eggs have this membrane whose function is to cover a hole filled with liquid. The embryo floats in it during incubation.
  • Allantois . It is an invaginationion of an area that is a primitive digestive tube that will give rise to the cloaca. It is between the amnion and the chorion, although with the growth of the embryo it reduces in size. The function of respiration takes place in this membranous sac. In addition, waste storage also occurs in this part of the egg.
  • Chorion . Superior and concentric zone to the amnion and that covers it. The third part of the egg is where oxygen and carbon dioxide circulate, which will then exchange with the allantois.
  • Shell or shell . The outermost part of the egg with a protective function of the whole. It is porous, but also very hard.

Incubation of the eggs that produce reptiles

To know how reptiles develop, we must talk about the incubation or gestation process of the eggs. The amniotic eggs described above are shaped in such a way that they bear certain risks when in contact with the outside. The shell protects from dryness, although it is always ideal that the ambient humidity is high. Also from blows or weight, since it can be the predators who reach the nest and move the eggs or attack them. Despite this, an egg is not airtight as the embryo needs to go through the respiration process.

The nutrition of a reptile in the egg occurs thanks to the yolk.

In the case of reptiles, because they have a low body temperature, incubation will not take place with their bodies. They usually lay the eggs and the nest in a sunny area so that the rays of light warm them. Parents usually defend their young from predators until they hatch, but they develop on their own.

Depending on the temperature, the incubation time will be shorter (6 weeks) or longer (12 weeks). Temperature also influences the viabilityof the offspring as well as the sex they will have, therefore, to incubate the eggs of a reptile in captivity, incandescent light bulbs will be needed . Depending on the size, there will be a sexual dimorphism compared to another depending on the species.

We hope that knowing how reptiles reproduce has become clear to you and you are more interested in this type of animal. If you have reptiles in your home and you need to take care of your reptile, visit our catalog to get the best products. In our pet shop we will be happy to help you!

If you're wondering why my dog's guts rumble so frequently, so loudly or so atypically than normal, this short article is for you. We are going to break down all the reasons there are, from the most normal to the most serious. Not to worry you, but to inform you properly and that you know how to act accordingly. Your dog's health may be at stake.

Why does my dog's stomach rumble that way?

You may not have realized it before, but dogs' guts rumble just like they do for us. The reason may be logical, normal and natural, or a warning of a somewhat more complicated cause. If this is the first time you've heard it, your dog is acting normal and is young, it's probably nothing. On the other hand, if you have always heard that stomach growl as something less scandalous and you notice your dog differently, it may be time to go to the vet.

These are the 6 reasons why a dog's guts growl:

They are gases

The most common cause of why my dog's guts rumble is as simple as that the dog has gas. Just like the ones we humans have and we must expel. Dogs that eat very eagerly and finish their entire bowl in one sitting in less than a minute often suffer from excessive gas. By opening and closing their mouths to engulf and chew, they also swallow air. Those gases that are retained in the stomach area are belching that you will have later, regurgitation or due to digestive overload.

The dog is hungry

This is also a frequent cause since contractions of the intestines occur and hence that sound comes out. Despite the fact that you think that you have fed your dog as usual and this should not happen to him, his needs feedThe rates vary depending on the exercise you do, your age and the time of year.
It is normal that they sometimes lose their appetite in summer due to the heat, but it is also logical that they feel hungry after a morning of hiking and playing outside. His stomach will growl and will have to be calmed down with a good diet. In addition to why my dog's stomach growls, you will have to figure out why the dog barks so much to get attention. The answer, surely, will be that it calls your attention so that you fill the bowl.

Something you can try is to change the feed to a more nutritious one. Perhaps your pet is no longer a junior but an adult, or has even become a senior. It is also important to try a natural diet such as rice with vegetables such as carrots, potatoes or peas.

poor digestion

There are days and days. The digestive system is not always working at its best. Sometimes it has bugs and something can feel wrong. There are three primary reasons why this occurs. The pathological cause would be one that involves viruses, bacteria and parasites. The internal cause would be due to the stomach itself and the way the dog is fed. And, finally, we have the external cause that would be allergies and intolerances that the animal has to certain foods. Any one of them makes the dog's guts growl.

Viruses, bacteria and parasites

Whether it's a mild virus, bacteria or parasite, this problem will take us to the vet. In these cases, it is treated with antibiotics for the infection, antipyretics if it is accompanied by vomiting (frequencyalmost virus), with antiparasitic pills or simply hydrating our pet and letting the disease pass if it is very mild. It is usually easy to sense that something is wrong as there is an accompanying constellation of symptoms.

genetic causes

The stomach of some dog breeds is very delicate. This is because, with digestion, they create a lot of fermentation and that produces a lot of gas. These winds, when they are expelled, have a very bad smell. You will know you have a dog with such a stomach from it. Care must be taken to feed him the same food that we eat.

Allergies and intolerances

It is difficult to know what can make a dog feel bad at the level of allergens or intolerances. The level at which it occurs is also unknown. We know what harms them for sure, and what can cause vomiting and diarrhoea, but sometimes there are foods that shouldn't harm them and they do. It is important not to mix new foods in the same day in order to identify why my dog has a rumble and if it is caused by that specific food.

There are hypoallergenic snacks to avoid these problems.

What do I do if my dog's guts are rumbling a lot and he doesn't want to eat?

n: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">If his guts are rumbling and it is accompanied by diarrhea and vomiting, surely we know that we have to go to the vet. Likewise, there is another symptom to be very attentive to.

One of the biggest silent warning signs pets give is to stop eating. It is not a normal behavior and usually indicates that something is wrong with them. It is their way of communicating with us. If your dog has lost his appetite and at the same time his guts are rumbling enough to listen to him being in the same room with some space, you should take measures.

The first thing will be to test if your pet wants prizes or that food that he likes so much. It must be ruled out that, effectively, they do not want to eat because they are ill. Some dogs get tired of their food and stop eating it so you can change it. Of course, they will not resist those delicious snacks that they love. If this fails, it is when you will have to go to have a medical opinion.

Going to the vet and explaining these two symptoms together will speed up your pet's diagnosis. Just as a doctor asks questions in the consultation, the veterinarian will work better if he knows everything that happens to the animal. From then on, he will feel his stomach and will do a series of tests to detect, for sure, why my dog's guts rumble.

At Mascotaplanet we have a wide variety of dog food that will nourish your pet well so that its digestion is easy and you don't have to wonder why my dog's guts are rumbling and scare you.

The ideal weight of your dog is a variable that in turn depends on multiple factors, the most decisive being the breed, since it determines the approximate size that the animal will have within known limits. The breed also tells us if it is a small, medium or large dog, something that is linked to food and that allows the dog to maintain its ideal weight throughout all stages of its life. The ideal weight of your dog when he is a puppy is not the same as when he is senior. Your dog will have several ideal weights, and it is important to have the necessary tools to know them and be able to reach them so that their health is the best.

Calculate your dog's BMI

Your dog's ideal weight should be within limits that are established like the BMI in humans. Dogs also have formulas to understand if they are within healthy parameters. The BMI is the body mass index and exceeding it is always bad since it indicates an overweight that is usually fatty.


BMI = BW (Body Weight) / shoulder height x the distance from the occiput (bottom of the head) to the tail.

Getting these measurements accurately is tricky, but a vet can help you figure out your dog's ideal weight.

BMI table for dogs:

The following values determine the body condition of the animal and should be seen as a measure to make changes in its diet.

  • Ranges of < 18: Underweight. It may be due to an intestinal disease in dogs and should be checked by a veterinarian.
  • From 18.5 to 24.9: Normal weight
  • Between 25 and 29.9: Overweight
  • >30: Obesity

Online dog ideal weight calculators

If you do not want to do the calculation accurately yourself, you can always resort to web resources. This is a small list of calculators for it.

  • Dog Weight Calculator by Breed . This table allows us to select the breed of our dog to know the average weight that an animal of the chosen breed would have.
  • Puppy Weight Curve Calculator . Very useful for when the dog is young and you want your dog's ideal weight to be maintained until he is an adult.

Table of ideal weight of your dog depending on the size of its breed

Depending on the type of dog you have, there will be some minimum and maximum values between which your pet will be. They are quite indicative, but getting out of them is a clear sign of underweight or obesity.

  • Mini breeds: from 1 to 5 kilos. With 6 you would be getting overweight.
  • Small dogs: from 5 to 20 kilos. The limit of obesity would be 25.
  • Medium breeds: from 14 to 27 kilos.
  • Large dogs: the lower limit is 21 kilos and the upper limit is 39.
  • Giant breeds: minimum 34 kilos and not exceeding 85 kilos.

How much food should your dog eat?

Dogs are animals that do not know what satiety is. When food is put in the bowl, the dog eats it all. That is why the portions must be very measured. There are specific bowls for this , but there is also the option of weighing the grams of feed they eat or measuring it by cups.

Online food portion calculator

  • Daily dog food gram calculator . This calculator is quite complete since it allows you to differentiate between a puppy and an adult dog, the age, the level of activity of the animal and its current weight. The result is in grams and this will be the amount you should take, even in several servings throughout the day. If it is the first time that you calculate it and you have already fed your pet by eye before, you will be able to know if beforethat's why you fed him too much or too little.
  • BARF calculator. It is always better to have several opinions and that is why we offer you another calculator so that you can draw the best conclusions. In this calculator you can enter data such as the age of the dog from months to years, type of breed, its physical constitution and whether it is neutered or not. In addition, it helps introduce your dog to the BARF diet.
  • Calorie calculator . Another very good option is the calculation of calories for your dog and a report to know how to act in its current situation. He is very reliable with his results.

How to get your pet to lose weight?

In general, the problem with domestic dogs is excess weight. More than half of the dogs in our country suffer from this condition. It is the result of a combination of overeating and sedentary living. This leads them to be heavier than they should be and that leads to a series of problems that lead to multiple visits to the vet, a poor quality of life and a much shorter life expectancy. The joints are the first thing that suffers, but also your stomach and your heart.

For a dog to lose weight, it has to follow the same steps that a human would take: diet and exercise.

diet for overweight dogs

The dog has more facilities for the diet since it is not he who puts the food on the plate. Therefore, it is you who must know how to ration that food thanks to the food calculators. In addition, that food must be of quality. Dog food should be chosen based on their breed, size and age. It should not be a feed that encourages satiety of the animal, but one that provides good nutrients.

You also have to know that there are times when dogs eat less and it is not due to illness. For example, in summer dogs lose their appetite .

exercise for dogs

When it comes to exercise, dogs, by default, are very active animals. In case of being a young dog, a variety of search games can be searched.

If the dog is older, it should do moderate activity. You must take more walks and be longer, yes, always at your own pace.

The minimum will be two walks of 15 minutes each.

Visit our pet store to find everything you need to reach your dog's ideal weight. We offer you a wide range of nutritional and dietary feed as well as toys to make it an active and healthy pet. You can also contact us if you need free advice.

To know how to raise a goldfinch in captivity , you have to find out at length. It is important to be clear about the steps to follow so that the animal is well cared for at all times. Throughout this article we will break down all the steps to follow for it. If you want this bird with beautiful plumage and harmonious singing by your side, read on.

Basic tips to know how to raise a goldfinch in captivity

Each breeder has his technique, but there are a couple of tips that are always applicable. Namely.

  • You must have the necessary permissions. It is important to have licenses issued by the autonomous communities (each of them manages it differently). The goldfinch is a wild species, and breeding must be regulated to avoid possible fraudulent sales and cause a problem at the level of the wild ecosystem. Above all, it is important to have a license for the female, as well as to have her ringed to avoid losing her. An ornithological society of canariculture will help you with the necessary procedures since one of the requirements is to belong to one of these groups. As soon as you ask for the rings to start breeding, you will be given a national breeder's card.
  • Think about reproduction in advance . It is necessary to know which female you are going to mate with which male, knowing their personalities, what steps you are going to take each day to help them with the breeding and have all the necessary elements for it (cage, separators, food...). It is not worth going on the fly, you must have an annual plan.
  • Do a health check on pets. Before starting to breed you should know that all birds are capable of it. It never hurts to have a second opinion about their health status. They can also offer various recommendations, such as that the female that is going to be bred in captivity has in turn been bred in captivity, is more than a year old and that the male does not seem to be a particularly aggressive specimen.

How to raise a goldfinch in captivity choosing the best cage

The ideal is to have the aviary and the cages outside well protected and try to recreate their natural habitat inside them by filling it with plants. It is different to have a pet bird in a cage to watch and play with than to breed. If what you want is to encourage reproduction, you will have to imitate the place where the bird lives and create a controlled environment to eliminate all possible predators.

We recommend breeding in large aviaries that have space to let them fly and introduce plants that give them privacy. Bird cages should have poles at different heights to perch on, rest and copulate. Those that measure 1 meter will be perfect.

The feeding of the goldfinch in captivity

The feeding of the bird will be, at all times, varied. That is, it is not enough to buy a bag of birdseed and fill the feeders. To promote heat and healthy breeding, everything that this bird would eat in a wild environment and more must be introduced.

  1. seeds . The basis of feeding will be this. The ideal is to buy a bag in a specialized store.
  2. Fruit. They like it and they usually find it in any place. Apples, pears, strawberries, oranges, persimmons or plums.
  3. Vegetable. They can also find orchards, and the vitamins they provide are essential to help heat. Spinach, tomato, cucumber and carrot would be key.
  4. Floors. Pick them up after a walk. Thistles, nettles and dandelions are easy to find.
  5. Insect paste. It gives a lot of animal protein and favors the singing of birds.
  6. Calcium . It is a highly recommended extra in any writing on how to raise a goldfinch in captivity.

The three breeding seasons of these birds and their paarticulations

It can be divided into phases in which it is established how to raise a goldfinch in captivity in an orderly manner.

Selective preseason (autumn and winter)

As its name suggests, it is the period in which everything is being prepared. The first thing is to select which goldfinches will breed that year and which ones will not. It can be decided by whether they have molted correctly and are at a good age for it. Some must wait a while to get stronger and it will not be their year. It can also be chosen due to the meek character (which always helps from both the female and the male) and its colors and other physical features that are somewhat different and striking.

It is key to have more than one partner for this since they can get sick during the long winter. Something that would cancel any plans of how to raise a goldfinch in captivity until the following year. In this phase they will be separated by sex and you should simply focus on them continuing to be good specimens to breed.

As for food, it should be somewhat richer in lipids than normal (through seeds of this type) to withstand low temperatures well.

Tuning (Spring)

During the set-up, what is encouraged is zeal. Thanks to the large size of the flier, they will be able to exercise. The males will have to roam and be strong.

From the month of March, the cloaca of the birds should be checked three times a week to find out if they have entered the heat phase. In addition, it is important to do it with both males and females. During the taper a male and a female can be joined in the same aviary, but they must still have an opaque separator between them.

Breeding season (spring-summer)

It is important to know that the phase in which the birds are in heat is this specific one, between the months of April and May. The birds are in heat thanks to a good diet and can be gathered in the same aviary but separated with a grid plate.

This plate should be left between one and two weeks. As soon as the male feeds the female through the grid, the breeding phase as such will have begun. The nest will be placed in a camouflaged way (or the materials for the female to build it), the grid will be removed and copulation will be waited for.

Egg laying will be in the morning, and one per day. The total varies between 4 and 6. Then it will be time to make sure that everything goes correctly so that those pups are incubated and born.

How to breed a goldfinch in captivity is a long but very satisfying process as a breeder. You don't have to be a first-timer to enjoy the event.

Keep reading our blog to learn more about animals, their breeding and their care. Visit the pet store to get everything that will make them grow strong and happy.

Today we are talking about the care of the sugar glider. An animal that belongs to the marsupial family but has many similarities to rodents, as we will see below.

You may have a slight idea about what these animals need, or you may not know anything about them. If you want to know everything about what this peculiar animal is like as a pet, keep reading.

Characteristics and care of the sugar glider

Also known as the sugar glider, this mammalian animal needs very specific care that you may not know at first. If you're thinking of having a pet sugar glider, keep reading about what it needs to be happy.

As we have mentioned before, the sugar glider has certain similarities with rodents, although it is a marsupial. These common characteristics refer especially to care.

Sugar gliders are very clean animals that will hardly cause a bad smell inside the house. In addition, they have a very sweet and endearing appearance, which makes them very loved animals for their appearance. But you have to keep in mind that, in addition to being a beautiful animal, it needs a series of care to live happily.

They are very social animals, which means that they will need a lot of interaction from the people who live at home. This characteristic makes them live in freedom with others of the same species, forming groups.

Males and females differ quite well. Sexually mature males have no hair on their marking glands, while females have a marsupial pouch on the abdomen, in addition to four mammary glands.

i, sans-serif; colour: #000000; background-color: transparent; font-weight: 400; font-style: regular; font-variant: normal; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">They are nocturnal animals by nature, so they are much more active during these hours. In any case, even if they are not so active during the day, they really like company, as well as sleep tucked into the pockets of clothing and next to their owners.

The young quickly get used to human care. If you raise a glider from a young age, it doesn't take long for it to settle in with you and be an amazing pet. On the other hand, these animals, in nature, are quite independent, so it is not easy to get an adult used to human treatment.

Consider the habitat

As we have already mentioned, the care of the sugar glider is very specific. It is an active and very playful animal. This has direct implications for their habitat. These animals need a lot of space inside the cage to be able to move, in addition, it is necessary to take into account that there is a wide vertical space, rather than horizontal.

The larger the cage, the more comfortable the animal will be. If you have a pair of gliders, try to make their space twice as big, where they can jump from high as well as climb. The wire mesh of the cage must be quite dense and you must be careful with the latch at the entrance, so that they cannot open it easily.

For the floor of the cage, the ideal is to use a substrate made of wood chips that is not toxic. We recommend ecological substrates if you want to ensure that it is of the best quality. The substrate will absorb dirt and they are easy to replace whenever needed.

Keep in mind that the cage must be placed in a clear place, but without direct sunlight. It also prevents it from being located somewhere where there are drafts. The ideal temperature for the sugar glider is between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius, so make sure it is always in a warm place.

al-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">As we mentioned before, they like to sleep in the pockets of clothes. This also applies to the inside of the cage. Place several plastic houses with fabrics inside, where they can be rolled up. Hanging cloth bags are also perfect for these animals, you can easily wash them. Take a look at the cages and different beds for rodents that we have in the Pet Planet catalogue. If you have any questions about it, you can contact us.

Feeding and care of the sugar glider

Feeding these animals is the most important thing to keep in mind to keep them happy and healthy. As a fact to keep in mind, these marsupials need a diet that does not have a lack of calcium or an excess of phosphorus, to avoid possible bone diseases.

In their natural habitat, gliders feed mainly on insects, nectar and sap or resin from eucalyptus trees. They can also feed on eggs or even small prey.

As always when we have an animal as a pet, especially if it is an animal that exists in nature, the ideal is to offer it a diet that is as similar as possible to the one it has in its natural habitat. In the zoos of Australia is where they try to perfect the diet of the gliders that they have in captivity and from there we can obtain a base from which to start.

They can eat insects, so this part is simple, as there are many insectivorous animals that are kept as pets. As for insects, the ideal is that they be varied: from silkworms, moths, crickets, etc. You can buy insects prepared with a vitamin complex, ideal for pets that eat this diet.

On the other hand, we can offer our glider pieces of fruit as treats. Fruit-based baby food can also be ideal for this.

We can also make a mixture made with water and honey, in addition to adding a boiled egg and vitamin and mineral complexes for reptiles.

You can also feed it with food aimed at small rodents, like this one that you can find in the Pet Planet online store, made up of fruits, vegetables and multivitamin seeds.

Keep in mind that food is one of the most important issues to keep a pet healthy and happy. We also recommend that you consult your veterinarian to offer the best care for your sugar glider.

Not all mammals feed on the same thing, so if we have different types of pets, we will not give them all the same food. Surely you have doubts about what ferrets eat, and today we bring you all the answers you need to offer your pet the best possible food.

what do ferrets eat

For many years now, ferrets have become popular as pets among many people. These are animals with similarities between dogs and cats. They are currently among the preferred pets in Spain. That is why today we have decided to talk to you about what ferrets eat, what is the best food for these animals and why you should choose the best brands.

The diet of ferrets

We can start by saying that the metabolism of ferrets is very fast, so ideally they eat many small meals instead of two or three larger meals, unlike other animals.

For this reason, it may be advisable to leave a bowl of dry food for ferrets always available, so that they can feed when they need it.

But beyond the frequency in which ferrets eat, below we will tell you what are the most recommended foods for these animals, as well as those that you should avoid and are totally ruled out of their diet.

What do ferrets eat in the wild?

The ferret, as we know it today, is a species created through mogenetic modifications by humans. Therefore, talking about ferrets in the wild is currently almost impossible, especially in Europe.

Ferrets were used in the United Kingdom for hunting rabbits, due to their elongated shape and how slippery they are, thus being able to get into rabbit holes. We can say, then, that ferrets could feed on other animals of different species.

The first thing that we must take into account, then, when it comes to having a ferret at home, is that it is a strictly carnivorous animal. This means that we must base their diet on protein of animal origin, and therefore, meat should always be present on the menu of ferrets.

We then start from the basis that ferrets are carnivorous animals, whether they are domestic or live freely (which, as we have said, is practically impossible). For this reason, the ideal is to offer our ferrets a feed and a wet food made specifically for them. This must be very rich in protein and fat, because in addition to being a carnivore, it is a very active animal.

When the ferrets are growing or when it comes to pregnant females, they usually need more food, so, in addition to giving them small amounts throughout the day, you will have to increase the amount of dry food or wet food that you put in the bowl.

Ferrets can eat meat, therefore. If you eat meat, you could give it, but it is a much more expensive option and therefore less recommended. The ideal will always be to give food specifically created for ferrets, with the necessary amounts of protein.

What meat should your ferret eat?

We have now reached the point where we know that meat should be the essential part of a ferret's diet. But we can find different types of meat on the market, both in feed and in wet food.

height: 400; font-style: regular; font-variant: normal; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;">So what do ferrets eat? We can give you a clear answer: meat.

The meat that should star in your ferret's diet is: chicken, lamb and beef. If at any time you decide to feed your ferret directly with meat, the BARF diet is the right option, but we recommend that you consult a veterinarian beforehand.

It is important that you never give your ferret raw meat, as it could contain bacteria that could make it sick.

What foods to buy?

To choose the best foods, both dry and wet, for ferrets, we recommend that you read the labels carefully. These are the proper features:

    • Proteins, at least 35%, although what is recommended is between 36% and 38%.

    • An amount of fat between 22% and 24%.

    • It is important that it does not contain cereals. (Buckwheat is not a cereal, and we can see it included in some feed)

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As little vegetables or fish as possible.

As for the necessary components in the food intended for feeding ferrets, these are the essential ones:

Vitamin A and Vitamin E: They are essential for these animals.

Taurine: It is an amino acid, also essential for the proper functioning of the metabolism of ferrets.

Vitamin C: It is important for the ferret to have strong and long-lasting teeth, as well as a correct assimilation of collagen.

What you should not feed a ferret

We've talked enough about what ferrets eat, so let's focus on the food you shouldn't give your ferret if you want it to be healthy.

Almost more important than knowing what ferrets eat is knowing what foods to avoid, as we can negatively affect their health if we do not take these issues into account.

Raw fish is one of the foods that we should avoid giving to a ferret. A feed for ferrets can include a small amount of fish, but it will be cooked. The reason not to give it raw is thiaminase, which if consumed can cause vitamin B1 not to be absorbed properly.

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It is essential for a ferret to have good health that we avoid giving it dairy products at all costs, as its body does not tolerate them.

Some vegetables like corn or onions should also be avoided, because they have difficulties with digestion and onions can cause anemia problems.

Try to avoid any processed human foods, as well as sweets, which could cause diabetes or dental problems. It is also essential to avoid eating chocolate.

We hope that this post about what ferrets eat has clarified any doubts you had about it. If you want to take a look at several special foods for these animals, at Pet Planet we have a wide variety, as well as other accessories for ferrets.

The betta fish is a species of singular beauty. Without a doubt, its physiognomy and its color gradients leave no one indifferent. However, having them in your fish tank requires a specific process. In this article we explain everything you need to know about how to breed betta fish , from start to finish.

Why are betta fish so special?

Actually, this question answers itself by looking at one of them. Have you seen how they swim? They do it like any other fish, but their colors blend with every movement , making them impressive to look at. Although the most frequent have blue tints, we can also find them in other shades, such as lilac.

Do you know where betta fish come from? You will be surprised to know that they are not native to our country, but rather come from Southeast Asia. You heard right, since the countries where we can see them are as far away as Thailand or Vietnam. Impressive!

How can I breed betta fish?

Let us now go to the topic at hand: the breeding of these very special fish. We will start by explaining some general aspects that you should take into account, as well as several fundamental recommendations. Then we will let you know the most important details, such as the temperature of the fish tank or the feeding of the fish . Let's see it!

General recommendations

Here are some tips for raising betta fish to get you started:

  • Always check the appearance of each fish: Throughout this article we will refer to certain positions or patterns that you should observe. Mainly, they are indications of their health status or their predisposition to breed.
  • Do not mix them with other fish: For breeding to be successful, you should never have them in the same tank with other species. Remember that they are not part of their natural ecosystem.
  • Prepare a schedule : If you want to successfully breed these fish, you will need time. It is best to organize the phases of reproduction and the food that you must provide them at each moment.
  • Have another tank ready: During some phases of the process you will need to separate the male from the female. Therefore, you must prepare at least two aquariums.

How is the process of raising betta fish?

Next, we will divide the procedure into several phases. It is important that you follow the instructions to the letter for it to be completely successful.

1. Choice of fish

You will need a male and a female. But are they all worth it? The answer is no. To choose, it will help you to look at these aspects:

The male should be large and active, with vigorous behavior and healthy appearance.

The female must have a size equal to or less than the male and have reached sufficient maturity.

2. Separation

When you've got the pair, put them in separate fish tanks. In addition to adjusting the temperature (we will see how later), we will double the times we feed them. In this sense, we will prioritize live foods, as well as those that are rich in protein and fat.

3. Observation

When they have been separated for two weeks, you should put them together in the same tank and observe their behaviors to see if they are willing to reproduce.

The male will start to display aggressive behavior towards the female (if you think he is being too rough, put the female to safety). In addition, it will be shown in front of her going back and forth to the nest.

The female will have dark vertical stripes on the underside of her body. Similarly, it will also be more submissive, with its front part tilted forward.

4. Egg laying

Congratulations! You have reached the last step of this breeding process. Now, the father will take care of the eggs that the female has laid. In about two days they will begin to hatch, and soon after they will be able to swim horizontally. When this time has come, you must putl father in another aquarium again.

What food do betta fish need?

Generally, there are two different types of food. Each one aims to meet their nutritional needs, so the choice is up to you.

Combined feeding

This first method of nutrition requires combining three different foods:

  • Vegetables : Here we have to highlight the zooplankton, which you can buy in specialized stores.
  • Scales : It is a food supplement that will help you stay strong and healthy.
  • Products of animal origin: In this fundamental group we find small crustaceans and insects.

Feed based on porridge

This second method is simpler, but it also has the nutritional values you need. You can make this porridge yourself as follows:

  1. Mix products of animal origin, vegetables and scales: The first one has to make up the majority of the porridge, but try to make it more or less balanced.
  2. Crush everything until there is a paste that still has consistency.

To prepare this recipe, it will be worth it with the foods that we have included in the first option.

How should I prepare the fish tank?

It is very important that you take care of the temperature of the water, since it is vital to facilitate reproduction. As a general rule, it is recommended that it be between 22 and 32 ?C, with a preference for intermediate values. If you live in a cold place, don't worry, because you can always buy an air conditioner .

On the other hand, when you want to prepare your fish for breeding, you will need to keep the water at 28?C, as this predisposes them physically and psychologically. In addition, it favors the rest of the female, who will dedicate herself to creating eggs.

You already know how to breed betta fish and you have discovered that it is not that difficult. Why not? Now all you have to do is find a good pair of fish and start the process. Remember that on our website you can obtain the products you need and receive more information about the fascinating animal world. Ask us!

Taking care of an animal requires having certain basic knowledge about nutrition, pathologies and the most common parasites. This is the reason why, on other occasions, we have talked to you about, for example, the feeding of rabbits and the hydration of cats . However, now is the time to pay attention to a very particular procedure, the one that refers to how to remove a tick from a dog.

Since ticks are much more common than you might think, and since they can cause serious illness if not removed properly, we believe this information will be of great interest to you.

Go for it!

How to safely remove a tick from a dog?

Before wondering how to remove the head of a tick from a dog , it is convenient to start with a set of basic and general knowledge about these parasites.

What is a tick?

The tick is a large mite that acts as a parasite on other animals . Normally, they can be found on the surface of the skin of some dogs, as they put their heads under it and feed on blood.

Although they are small, they can be detected in the animal's body because they have the appearance of a black grain of rice that, in addition, grows as time goes by and feeds at the expense of the dog. It usually causes redness around the hook area, as well as itching and an urge to scratch the affected animal.

They are very common and can be found in all countries and in very diverse environments, although the typical form of contagion is having had contact with another dog that already had an infestation.

What can happen if it is not removed properly?

The problem with ticks is not just the fact that they are parasites that feed on the dog's blood and live at its expense. The real issue lies in the fact that they transmit serious diseases . This is why we are paying so much attention to the withdrawal process, which must be applied as soon as possible from the moment it is detected.to.

However, such removal must be carried out safely and without haste, since what must be achieved is that the parasite does not regurgitate its dangerous juices full of bacteria into the animal's bloodstream. Thus, the traditional methods that drown the tick (use of alcohol, nail polish remover, oil, Vaseline...) must be discharged, as well as cutting, crushing or burning it. All this favors the transmission of infections to the dog.

If this is not done, it can transmit diseases such as :

  • Lyme's desease
  • tularemia
  • Typhus
  • Louping ill
  • Rocky Mountain Fever
  • tick-borne encephalitis
  • canine hepatozoonosis
  • Tick meningoencephalitis
  • Kyasanur disease
  • babesiosis
  • Colorado tick fever
  • Bovine fever due to ticks
  • relapsing fever
  • Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever
  • Mediterranean boutonneuse fever

How to remove a tick from a dog step by step

No matter how hard we try to keep our dog in clean and tick-free areas, sometimes it is very difficult to completely eliminate the risk . Thus, it can be stated that, in reality, every animal is exposed to the possibility of coming into contact with tick larvae or eggs and that, therefore, every dog may need them removed, even if they are perfectly cared for and cared for. by its owner.

For that reason we are going to try to summarize here the fundamental steps to be able to carry it out definitively:

  1. First, position your animal so that it is comfortable and secure, while keeping it still and having good access to the area where the tick is hooked. If you need someone else's help, ask for it.
  2. Then, check which direction the tick has attached to the dog's skin. This is very important, as you should always pull yourself at the same angle that the tick entered.
  3. It is now time to use some small tweezers . The ideal is to opt for a specific tick remover tweezers , as this type of cheap product makes the task enormously easier, so it is always convenient to have some emergency anti-tick tweezers. In any case, if you do not have one of them, you can take a tweezers suitable for people, such as those used to remove hairs or thorns.
  4. With the tweezers you have tox-sizing: border-box; font-weight: bold;"> grab the tick solidly and try to place the tweezers as close as possible to the animal's body. At that moment you have to pull forcefully, because you have to avoid at all costs that the head is under the dog's skin.In this sense, try to do it with patience and care, taking your time (it usually takes almost a minute of continuous extraction).
  5. Once the tick has been removed, the ideal is for it to be alive and complete, as it means that it has been a clean and complete removal. In this sense, therefore, it is time to kill it as long as it does not return to the dog, creating the problem again.
  6. Finally, the small wound that the tick will have left on your dog must be disinfected and healed . For that, it will only be necessary to use a sterile gauze and a little betadine or an over-the-counter antiseptic.

In conclusion, it can already be said that you know how to remove a tick from a dog . You have been able to understand the importance of using safe procedures and the complications that can arise from a tick infestation. In any case, the ideal is always to prevent rather than cure. Thus, using products such as flea and tick shampoo or a tick medal will always be the most convenient. If you care about the welfare of your animal, dare to acquire any of them.

Feeding is one of the main points of animal welfare. In other words, if a pet's diet is neglected, it will most certainly not be in a suitable state of health. For this same reason, in other parts of our blog we have already talked about what birds eat or what reptiles eat . However, this time we are going to talk about a different aspect, specifically the foods that are prohibited for rabbits .

In other words, throughout this article you will learn about some of the foods that, although they are fully valid for human consumption and even for the consumption of other rodents, should be avoided at all costs in the case of rabbits.

7 forbidden foods for rabbits

Before referring directly to the prohibited foods for rabbits , we consider it convenient that you know what are the reasons why, in general, they should be avoided.

Thus, although each food causes effects that can vary between them, the truth is that they usually have the following in common:

  • They cause overweight or obesity in the animal.
  • They generate a fatty liver, a condition that can be fatal.
  • They give rise to dermatological problems of various kinds, such as hair loss.

In this way, for these and other reasons, it is convenient to avoid at all costs the foods that we are going to present to you on this list .

The cereals

Although it is possible that other rodents can tolerate cereals, the truth is that rabbits cannot. Muesli, human breakfast cereals, corn, seeds, and other cereals can cause serious intestinal problems for your rabbit .

color: #455359; font-family: open_sans, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; background-color: #ffffff;">In addition, since they are not designed to feed on this, your animal's teeth also suffer severely, which could lead to serious health problems.

iceberg lettuce

The fact of including this species of lettuce in the list can be a real shock for some rabbit owners. However, it is completely true that light-colored leaf lettuces can be very harmful to a rabbit .

In fact, these lettuces often contain lactucarium, a chemical substance that is potentially harmful to the health of rabbits if they ingest it.

In addition, it should not be forgotten that this lettuce usually contains mainly water, which means that it practically lacks all kinds of nutrients, and it is not at all problematic to completely remove it from your rabbit's diet.

silver beet

Like the previous food, this one is also often surprising when it is stated that it is harmful. However, the truth is that it is, and a lot. According to veterinary scientists who study the digestive system of rodents, silver beets can cause several problems in rabbits.

These include colic and bloating . For this reason, this type of vegetables should be conveniently replaced by others such as vegetables, fruits and herbs rich in fiber. Good examples are radishes, alfalfa, and rosemary.


Although chocolate is loved by most humans, it should be completely avoided in the case of rabbits. In fact, it can be said that it is one of the most dangerous foods for rodents .

While for a human being it is still a delicious treat, for a rabbit it is an absolute poison. It directly and immediately affects the central nervous system of the animal, so it is not limited to causing digestive problems (also).

in shortWow, you shouldn't think for a second about whether or not to give your rabbit chocolate.


Although potatoes do not always and in any case poison and cause negative effects in rabbits (unlike chocolate), the truth is that they are potentially dangerous .

The main reason lies in the fact that they have a high amount of carbohydrates and starch. Such substances, consumed excessively, are the ones that can cause digestive problems in your rabbit.

They are especially dangerous when it comes to obesity and weight problems, which can potentially be fatal for a rodent such as the rabbit.


Unlike other foods of its kind, nuts are not high in fiber, but in fat . That is to say, they are an extraordinarily fatty food, which gives rise to a difficult digestion.


Although oatmeal is not overly dangerous, it can cause some harm to your rabbit. From this point of view it is not, by far, an ideal food for rodents due to its composition.

Abundant vegetables are much better foods, since oats do not provide the nutrients that a rabbit needs to be healthy.


Cauliflower is a vegetable. This being so, you would expect, at first, that it would be a perfect snack for your rabbit, right? Nothing more far from reality.

And it is that, although in principle it can be said that it contains fiber, vitamins and other nutrients that come in handy in the case of rabbits, the truth is that they are not limited to that. Although surprising, cauliflower causes rabbits to bloat and become gassy , so its consumption should be avoided at all costs.

<pstyle="box-sizing: border-box; margin: 0px 0px 10px; line-height: 1.5; color: #455359; font-family: open_sans, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; background- color: #ffffff;">In conclusion, you have already been able to know what are some of the

prohibited foods for rabbits

. You have learned how chocolate, potatoes or silver beets, among others, are capable of very negatively affecting the intestinal health of your pet. Keep in mind, by the way, that neglecting your rabbit's diet could lead to its death. Don't waste any more time and find

How does your dog sleep? We are sure that the ingenious positions he takes when he feels really comfortable will make you smile more than once. But let's be more precise: what does your dog sleep on? In this article we are going to show you the best whim you can give it. Discover here a guide to the best dog beds .

Is there a better whim?

If we were to make a list of the things that our four-legged friends love, food and cuddles would be at the top. And what about the beds? In fact, it is where they tend to spend the most time, especially during the cold months. Therefore, the time has come to give her a gift .

But is any dog bed okay? Of course yes! Puppies are not excessively capricious, and they do not care about one surface than another. However, it is up to you, as the owner, to carefully observe the specifications of each one to choose the one that best suits him. Don't worry, we've done the work for you. Let's go there!

What is the best bed for my dog?

In this section we are going to propose several models . We have made a very varied selection, so you will find them for any breed and size.

Technivet Thermo-Dry Hypoallergenic Rug

Let's start with the simplest. If your pet isn't used to bedding and you're afraid he might break it, it's best to start by giving him a rug . However, this model is much more than that, since it keeps it perfectly insulated from the ground and is ideal for maintaining a comfortable temperature. You can also put it on the couch or car seat.

Waterproof cushion for dogs

This option is ideal for small breeds, such as Yorkshires or Chihuahuas. It is a soft cushion that allows them to rise on an incredibly comfortable surface. They will spend hours sleeping! It has the advantage that you can also put it onn the patio or terrace, since it is waterproof.

Trixie Lian pet bed

Nothing better than a crib to make him feel like a baby! It is made of lightweight materials (polyester) but has been reinforced to last a long time . As it has raised sides, it is ideal for your dog to protect himself from the cold. In addition, it presents a very striking design for the most flirtatious animals.

LeiKa Plush Bed for Dogs and Cats

We have to confess that we have loved this option. If your pet is a few months old or is of a small or medium breed, consider this option. It is full of hairs to make it even softer and it also has an independent cushion. Your pet will love getting inside!

Basic blanket blanket 150cm

This option can serve you throughout the year either as a bed or as a complement. During the summer, leave it on the ground so your puppy can cool off on a comfortable surface. In winter, put it on the couch or on another bed to cover them (we already anticipate that it will end up getting under itself).

Set Blanket, 2 toys and Celeste towel

We have included this set because it has almost everything your pet likes. It only lacks food to be perfect! It includes a light blue blanket so they can lie down and a towel for after the bath. It also includes two toys to keep them entertained while they watch you from their new bed.

Trixie Mandala brown sofa for dogs

We began this article by explaining that dogs are not very capricious, but on second thought, they can be. Just when we realized this reality, we decided to include the "no more" of dog beds: a designer sofa. Not only will they feel comfortable, but it will boost their ego . And they love that!

margin: 5px 0px 15px; font-size: 14px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; background-color: #ffffff;">Oxford Bed

This model has a much more classic look, although its commitment to comfort is equally interesting. If your pet is very active or tends to play with the beds, we advise you to purchase this model. Being reinforced, it is much more resistant than other fabric or polyester beds.

Cave Bed Minou Dogs Large

What if instead of a bed you buy an igloo? If you think about it, what they usually like most about beds is that they have raised sides. So what's better than buying him a fully enclosed bed? In this igloo with a plush cover and a soft interior you can have your best dreams.

sweet strawberry bed

This option is, without a doubt, the cutest of the entire list. A small portion of strawberry candy shapes this bed in which your pet can take refuge. Made of polyester, it has a soft interior ideal for small pets. It also incorporates several zippers so you can easily remove it .

Cool Mat Footprints Drops Refreshing Mat

For the warmer months of the year, we offer you this option that combines maximum comfort with cooling technology. It does not need water or electricity, since it cools itself. At the same time, it is suitable for small and large dogs and, as if that were not enough, it is also anti-mosquito.

Cool Mat Nayeco Refreshing Mat for Dogs

In this case we have opted for something simpler. And it is that this mat keeps them cool by regulating their body temperature and can be easily washed. Thanks to its self-refreshing function, it can regulate your pet's body temperature for several hours.

Now that you know some of the best dog beds , why not give it the treat it deserves? Without a doubt, your pet will thank you. We do not assure you that he will start behaving well or stop barking when he sees a stranger, but he will love you even more.: pointer;">Visit our website!

Every animal lover must have their well-being as their main priority. In this context, food is one of the points that most influences in this regard. It is for this reason that we have already told you about what reptiles eat , and why, in this case, we are going to refer to what rabbits eat .

In this way, if you yourself are an animal lover and, in turn, have one or more rabbits under your care, we recommend that you continue reading. You will surely end up learning some key points , even if you think you already know everything about feeding these adorable rodents.

What do rabbits eat from a general point of view

Usually, when we talk about what rabbits eat , we are essentially referring to a herbivorous diet typical of all rodents. Thus, if we had to develop some kind of mathematical formula that summarized this question, we could talk about the following percentages :

  • 80% hay.
  • 15% vegetable leaves.
  • 5% pellets .

In this way, the ideal would be to prepare the rodent a diet that, as far as possible, respects such percentages.

Now, we know that this is not always easy. That is why we consider so-called "complete foods" so important, as is the case with Oxbow Essentials Adults .

It is a ready-made food that perfectly respects the needs of rabbits (because it has been developed by expert veterinarians), and that is ready to be served directly to the animal. Undoubtedly, if you are looking for an easy solution, but fully valid and with a guarantee of maximum well-being for your rabbit, acquiring one of these complete foods will be the best option.

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Beyond what was said in the previous section, the truth is that feeding rabbits can become somewhat more complex. And it is that, in addition to the complete foods already prepared to which we have made reference (and which, in principle, are sufficient by themselves to guarantee the good health of the rabbit), there are other products and foods that can be considered as truly "super " .

They are considered as such because they have a set of properties that maximize the gastrointestinal health of the animal, as well as its well-being and nutrition. Let's see some of them.

mineral creams

Although at first it may seem surprising that we start a list of foods referring to something that is not in the strict sense, the truth is that we cannot stop doing it. And it is that the Anibio mineral cream has so many benefits that it is necessary to mention it in a list made with the intention of increasing the well-being of rabbits.

It is a cream that, in a certain way, nourishes the animal through its skin . It provides you with a series of natural substances that have fungicidal and moisturizing effects. This means that, through its 100% natural ingredients and completely free of alcohols, chemical additives, preservatives and artificial aromas, it is possible to combat dry skin, fungi, sensitive skin and herpes.

Its application is only required on the affected area.

malt paste

Given the above, it is time to refer, this time, to a food in the strict sense. It is the multifruit malt paste . AgainIt is a product of 100% natural and organic origin: its ingredients are malt (70%), oils and fats, fruit (apple, orange, strawberry, raspberry, 12%) and fructo-oligosaccharides.

Its main purpose is both to help rabbits expel the uncomfortable balls of hair from their stomach and to complement the main food in their diet and serve as a reward during an education process. In the same way, it keeps the animal's intestinal flora in good shape.

There are so many benefits that nothing else can be done other than to say that it is a full-fledged "superfood".

Vegetables, vegetables and fresh fruits

Now, we cannot close this list without making a direct reference to the fresh foods par excellence, which are ideal in the diet of every rabbit.

Cilantro, cabbage, parsley, tangerines, strawberries, pears, Swiss chard, artichokes, watercress, green and purple cabbage, dandelions, celery, dill, arugula, oranges, spinach, carrots, cucumber, cherries, escarole, endives, green beans, fresh alfalfa... All these foods are valid, because, in addition to delighting your rabbit, they will ensure that they have sufficient nutritional levels , as well as vitamins, fiber and protein.

What can't rabbits eat?

While up to this point we have essentially focused on what rabbits can eat, it is no less important to know what they cannot eat.

Thus, it is enough to know, in essence, the following warnings:

  • Avoid high-fat foods at all costs, such as dried fruits, seeds and nuts.
  • Never offer crackers, salty or sugary foods, human-grade cereals, or high-starch foods.

These foods cause obesity, intestinal problems and damage to the rabbit's liver .

In conclusion, you can already say that you know the most relevant points regarding: bold;">what do rabbits eat. In this way, not only do you have a general idea of their diet, but you have also learned which products and elements can be considered true "superfoods" for them. With some brushstrokes about what rabbits should never eat, it is up to you to apply what you have learned and ensure that your own pet enjoys the highest possible quality of life .

If you are an animal lover, nothing better than an aquarium to enjoy them and also serve as decoration at home. The filter is a key element in it, you can not forget to include it. But do you know what a fish tank filter is for?

What is fish tank filter?

This device is installed in most fish tanks and its task is to keep the water in perfect condition, an essential element to have a semi-autonomous and healthy aquarium. Without it, fish and plants are not able to survive very long.

What is a fish tank filter used for?

The filter ensures that the water circulates, filtering the toxic elements that accumulate due to the normal activity of the plants and fish that live inside it. Another function is to retain solid particles, such as food remains, pieces that come off plants or medicines that we give to fish.

Thanks to the filter, the water in the fish tank works like that of a river or a lake, since it facilitates its recirculation, avoiding the accumulation of biological waste.

Choose the right filter

One of the most important steps is to choose the right filter for our aquarium, since there are different types with different characteristics on the market. For example, among the internal filters we find sponge, box or plate filters, while the external ones are divided into waterfall or canister filters. Before deciding on one, consult an expert to advise you.

filter maintenance

For it to work perfectly, we must carry out a simple maintenance on a regular basis (better if it is weekly). The first step is to check that you have no fugas or unusual noises, as well as check that the water flow has not lost strength. It will also have to be cleaned with aquarium water to prevent the filter bacteria from dying, following the manufacturer's instructions.

We hope that with these simple lines you have understood what a fish tank filter is for and its importance when it comes to maintaining it in the best possible way.

If you have any doubts, you can contact Mascotaplanet and we will gladly advise you.

Even though reptiles are exotic household pets, more and more people are choosing to keep them as pets. It is essential to know in detail what their needs are and what reptiles feed on before adopting them. As with any other pet, reptiles' diet plays an essential role in their well-being and quality of life.

Snakes typically feed on frogs, toads, eggs, birds, and rodents. Some species can eat other snakes and other reptiles; and the largest ones can eat mammals such as buffalo.

What do reptiles eat: the importance of good nutrition

One of the first things to keep in mind when adopting a reptile is that these types of animals need the ambient temperature to regulate their own body temperature. The quantity and quality of food are very important because, if the reptiles are hypothermic, their metabolism slows down and with it their need to eat and drink also decreases. Poor nutrition increases the risk of suffering from different diseases.

What is the type of food for each reptile?

In the case of carnivorous reptiles, some species eat live or frozen food (for example, mice or chickens) and others you can offer minced meat. There are also insectivorous reptiles , including some snakes, as well as lizards that devour insects. As its name suggests, the main source of food for insectivorous reptiles are insects.

Herbivorous reptiles are not too numerous and feed only on food of plant origin. These animals have some problems digesting plant foods, so many swallow stones to make it easier for their digestive system to break down plant matter. This group includes land turtles and iguanas, among others.

Finally, omnivorous reptiles eat everything. Examples of this type are water turtles, which eat vegetables as well as fish and meat.

t: bold;">What do reptiles eat? As you can see, it all depends on the species. They can eat plants, animals or both.

When temperatures rise, one of the problems that can affect your pet cat is insufficient water intake. The causes of a dehydration of your pussy can be many. What is essential, however, is how to identify a dehydrated cat in order to treat it immediately and prevent further consequences .

If you have a cat and its health matters to you, this is the right place. We tell you all about this problem and how to prevent it.

What are the symptoms of a dehydrated cat

Luckily for owners, dehydration has enough or obvious symptoms. Unlike other phantom pathologies that do not manifest themselves, this circumstance is noticeable. You just have to be attentive to recognize these unequivocal symptoms to be able to act immediately.

The most common symptoms of a dehydrated cat are:

- Diarrhea and vomiting : Sometimes the two symptoms do not appear at the same time.

- Fever :?If you notice that the temperature of the animal is not normal, make sure of it. One way to tell if he has a fever is to check if the paws are colder than normal. The dry nose also indicates feverish conditions in animals in general and in cats in particular.

- Sunken and dry eyes .

- Alteration in heart rate .

- Loss of skin elasticity :?To verify this circumstance, it is enough to gently pinch the skin of the animal. If it cannot be picked up gently, then the loss is manifest.sta

- Decrease in your daily activity .

- Dry gums .

- Increased panting .

- ?Obvious loss of appetite .

Dehydration in cats, according to the number of searches for " dehydrated cat symptoms ", is a matter of concern. A more common theme than desired, because the reason for this circumstance is explained by the fact that the ability of a cat to fall into this state is immediate; that is, you can experience a very rapid drop in electrolytes when you do not consume enough water.

A cat shunning water is nothing new. That there are situations where they don't even want to drink per se can be surprising. The reasons why your pet can reduce the water it drinks or even stop drinking are multiple. In fact, there are systems or liquid dispensers that allow you to anticipate. And also drinkers with which you can more easily control the amount of water that a pet drinks.

What to do with a dehydrated cat?

Suppose that we have been aware of the water that our pet drinks, but even so it shows symptoms that it may be dehydrated. It's time to know what to do without having to search the Internet for " dehydrated cat remedies ".

height: 1.5; Colour: #455359; font-family: open_sans, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; background-color: #ffffff;">As always when an anomaly appears in a pet, be it a cat or another species, the first and main advice is

to take it to a veterinarian

as soon as possible. It will be the specialist who determines if we are right and know

what to do with a dehydrated cat

Do not forget that this situation can lead to disastrous and even lethal conditions.

Through a blood and urine analysis, the real situation of the pet will be determined. Once the electrolyte levels of the animal have been stabilized and optimized, a treatment prescription will be prescribed that will depend on each case.

Thus, when you realize that your animal is in a state of dehydration, or may be, you must carry out a series of first aid . It is about putting into practice some emergency measures while going to the veterinarian in order to stabilize the feline in the first instance. Thus, it will be necessary to place it in a place with shade and cool temperature. We will also try to ingest small amounts of water with the help of a syringe, for example, as long as the animal allows it.

Another way to treat mild dehydration in the first place is to make homemade serum and offer it to your pet. To do this you will need to boil a liter of water, to which you will add a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of baking soda, three tablespoons of sugar and the juice of half a lemon.

If, when you realize it, the animal is already in a situation of loss of consciousness , there is no time to lose. You must go immediately and without delay to a veterinarian.

Prevent dehydration, the best option

One of the issues related to this matter is prevention . Preventing pictures of this type in your pet is the best way to avoid frights and even greater evils. A prevention that goes through a few small attentions.

Emphasis should be placed on nutrition

In addition to trying to control a correct water intake , it is important that you make sure that your cat is fed properly. Although we always take this for granted, it is inhe hottest months when you have to be more vigilant. Wet foods are the best option to avoid cases of evident loss of electrolytes. It is a way to counteract the little water that cats drink.

Also, knowing that water alone does not provide the electrolytes that your feline needs, it is advisable to include isotonic drinks in its diet. They are liquid food supplements that will provide extra hydration and keep you safe.

Proper hydration will not only prevent dehydration, but will also help your pet maintain its kidney functions in perfect condition, strengthen its immune system and improve its digestion, among other benefits. The dehydration of an animal is synonymous with a?serious risk in general terms . Cats, in particular, need to maintain a fluid balance in their body. Otherwise, they would not be able to regulate their body temperature, eliminate waste or have adequate blood circulation.

You must be careful in the summer season due to heat stroke in dogs . Recognizing the symptoms in your pet is essential, although it is better to take all preventive measures to avoid a serious health problem. Hydration is very important, as well as trying to go outside at times with lower temperatures.

Symptoms of heat stroke in dogs

The symptoms of heat stroke in dogs are very relevant to offer your pet quick assistance, which can save his life.

Keep in mind that your best friend's average body temperature is 38 or 39 degrees Celsius . Dogs, unlike humans, don't expel sweat from as many places. They regulate their temperature through their paw pads, their tongue, and even their belly, if they don't have much fur.

It can be said that 42 degrees Celsius is too much for your four-legged friend. So, if he's going through a lot of heat, you're going to see him panting a lot. It is possible that you leave your footprints where you walk, by expelling sweat through them.

Symptoms indicating severity

You should watch for these serious symptoms in your dog. Before its appearance, immediate veterinary attention is necessary, since every minute counts.

On the one hand, vomiting and diarrhea in a hot environment is an obvious effect of heat stroke. These symptoms can be the beginning of worse ones, which could put your pet's life at risk.

Other evidence is the trembling of his limbs , as well as an unusual weakness that can make him take unsteady steps and even fall. In the event of a fall, it will be necessary to analyze a possible dizziness of the pet, derived from the imbalance produced by excessive heat.

Since heat stroke is often accompaniedof dehydration , you must take into account a deficiency of its oxygenation . In this case, a very common symptom will be the bluish appearance of your gums and mucous membranes.

The dog's body tends to experience a disorder that is complicated to balance, by increasing the acidity of its metabolism , creating edema in the brain and possible strokes or hemorrhages that can occur in any area of its body.

This would be followed by a multiorgan failure or, where appropriate, of several organs that, if they could be treated in time, could leave serious lifelong sequelae in your pet.

It is not easy to act quickly or know what to do at the first symptoms. Everything can be a scare, especially if the mildest symptoms occur, but a heat stroke could be fatal for your furry friend in just a few minutes. Therefore, it is best to know how to prevent this situation.

Heat stroke in dogs and its prevention

Taking into account heat stroke in dogs and its prevention is essential. Before facing such a situation, it is better that you put all the necessary measures so that your pet is protected.

A dog will follow you wherever you go, because he trusts you . Therefore, you cannot fail him and you must be aware of his needs, remembering that he must drink water, as well as avoid exposure to the sun at certain times, especially in summer.

keep it well hydrated

Panting often tells you that he's thirsty, but you should also remember if he's recently urinated, because he may need to drink water to replace lost fluids. You should watch this, especially in the hottest seasons.

If you're going out for a walk with your best friend, don't forget to get him a bottle of water . There are many options to make it easier for the dog to eat.

lvetica, Arial, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; background-color: #ffffff;">You will also need

to wet him from time to time

, especially if he is outdoors. Use seasonal water, since too sudden changes are not good for his health. the temperature to which it is exposed is very high.

Cut his hair and avoid the sun

Perhaps you have a breed of dog with long hair . You can get ahead of the high temperatures and take him to the beautician to have his hair cut. In this way, you prevent it from getting too hot in summer.

By avoiding going out between 12 pm and 8 pm , you are protecting yourself from the hottest hours of the summer. You may have gotten your pet used to going out at a certain time. If you have to take it outside, avoid exposing it to the sun. Take it through the shade . He will also thank you, since his legs will not suffer from the heat accumulated on the asphalt.

Get the best products to lower your body temperature

You have a number of products that allow your best friend to regulate their body temperature . For example, installing a plastic Splash Time pool in the backyard of your house can become a unique experience for him, as well as refreshing.

Toys are special for any dog. If we add refreshing characteristics to these, especially in summer, they will love them. This is why dumbbells have such a positive effect on your furry friends. Without a doubt, this artifact will lower your temperature while entertaining you.

If your dog is older and prefers to rest , the Pet Cooling Mat will be his best ally forlower those degrees of more that cause the summer.

Another option for this summer is the Fresk Cooling dog bandana . Its effects can last up to 50 minutes . By previously leaving it in the freezer for 20 minutes, it works as a fresh collar for your pet.

Learn how to identify heat stroke in dogs so you can protect your best friend. Prevention is best, so hydrate it properly and don't expose it to excessively high temperatures.

At Mascota Planet we know the importance of caring for birds , which is why we explain how to protect a birdcage outside . The following recommendations will protect your animals from inclement weather, among other types of risks and dangers.

Why protect a bird cage outside?

If you have birds in cages and place them outside, you have to know that in certain situations it is not the ideal location for these animals.

Outside, they will always be exposed to all kinds of inclement weather (rain, cold, hail, high and low temperatures, etc.). These cases can put at risk the physical integrity, also the life of the animal, hence the importance of protecting it with the maximum security measures.

On the other hand, if you live on a farm, or even in a house, protecting the cages will keep the birds safe from predators (dogs, cats, etc.). The protection of these structures will also ensure that your animals are safe and, therefore, safe and calm. Cats and dogs can cause the bird to become stressed and therefore lose strength and vitality.

How to protect a bird cage outside?

Cages can be reinforced with security measures to avoid the problems we have described above. However, you can also buy models of cages that provide the bird with a safer stay.

In the market you can buy flying cages . They are larger, so they allow the bird to be safer from its predators, since the animal acts more freely and, in addition, it can perch in different areas of the cage. Based on this, it is more complicated for a cat or a dog to end up harming the animal, and even for them to force entry into the cage.

Instead,If you want to protect your birds from the cold, rain or wind, you can also buy covers or covers that protect them, or thermal blankets for the cage. They are available in all kinds of sizes and colors on the market.

Taking care of what birds eat is as essential as taking care of their cages . There are many foods that we can give these animals, but others, on the other hand, are totally prohibitive, since they can cause serious alterations in their organisms, even reaching the point of causing death.

Depending on the season of the year in which we are and the type of bird in particular, some of them can perfectly eat all kinds of seeds , fruits, insects, fish, larvae, nuts, cereals , dead animals and sometimes even garbage .

In the spring and summer months, the vast majority of birds eat insects and spiders . These insects are very easy to find and are a very healthy food source for birds. As for autumn and winter, these animals migrate, so they must eat fruits and seeds to survive.

What do birds eat?

Feeding birds is a lot of fun, you can even use it as a method to attract them home. In urban areas, our recommendation is to form tube-shaped feeders, which should be filled with sunflower seeds. These seeds are very healthy and attract many species of birds.

However, we have to be very careful with certain foods that in no case should be consumed by birds. Below, we detail a list of those that contain substances harmful to these animals.

Forbidden food for birds

Chocolate : Contains caffeine, which can cause hyperactivity and increase the heart rate of birds.

Avocado : this food contains pepsin, a harmful toxin for any type of bird, which can even cause death.

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: in most animals, the toxicity of these foods is very negative, with birds being the most susceptible to them.

The pips of the fruits : although the fruits themselves can be very nutritious, you have to be attentive to their seeds, since they can contain cyanide and cause very negative effects on their organisms.

In short, the feeding of birds is very important as for any other animal. Therefore, you should pay special attention to what birds eat .

To help you with this care, today we present several products that will help you prevent heat stroke, burns or all kinds of parasites.

During the summer the most sensitive areas of your dog (abdomen, ears, snout, pads) can be damaged by UVA and UVB radiation. To prevent injuries and keep these areas hydrated , the best option is Menforsan's factor 30 sun protection cream . Its application is also very useful in dogs with skin dermatitis problems, in post-operative scars and, in general, before and during outdoor activities, especially in the summer months.

It is a really refreshing mattress for your pet, it self-cools itself and provides high comfort for your dog. This mattress is anti-mosquito and also does not need electricity to cool down. It is activated with the pressure of our pet . You will also keep your pet well protected from mosquitoes as it repels mosquitoes.

nt-family: Calibri; mso-bidi-theme-font: minor-latin;"> Cooling Collar

This collar is designed for those days of intense heat or walks in the hottest hours, also ideal for going to the beach with our pets, with this simple gesture we will avoid heat strokes so frequent in summer times. The refreshing collar for dogs includes a plastic tube filled with a gel, you just have to put it in the freezer and in 20 minutes you will have the tube ready for use, its freshness usually lasts about 30-50 minutes depending on the ambient temperature and the activity level of the dog.

The perfect accessory for summer and the hottest months of the year. Helps the thermoregulation of the pet when doing sports, training and competitions. It is also very useful in older and senior dogs due to the difficulty they have in correctly regulating their temperature. It is a accessory that cools by evaporation , is reusable, has a closing tape and is made of highly absorbent PVA.

This life jacket will be your pet's best friend on the high seas, for you to be calm while your dog bathes in the pool or on a boat ride. It is the only lifesaver that keeps your dogs head afloat thanks to a float under the chin. Easily adjusts with your belt.

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The Artic Freeze Dumbbell refreshing toy is an innovative range of toys to refresh our dogs in the hottest summers and chew toys that contain 100% purified water and have been designed to be frozen.

They are soft in the mouth, but resistant and strong, which provides a sensation of freshness to our pets. The range is ideal for indoor and outdoor play with no leaks and no staining. Each toy has an area to place the favorite treats of our pets and add a plus to the interest of your pet.

Launch it much further and into the water. Special for The best way to entertain your dog and strengthen its jaws, ?hunt-capture-chew?. They bounce in unpredictable directions (simulating hunting) they have an elastic texture that simulates the bite of the prey (chewing).


Do you already know what your dog is going to want this summer? Surely yes! Make the shopping list and stop by our Mascota Planet stores or go to https://www.mascotaplanet.com/es/ and you will help them stay cool.

Parasites are those beings or "bugs" that stay in our dogs and feed on them, causing skin lesions or digestive disorders, and even delays in their development. There are two types of parasites: external parasites and internal parasites .


They are the ones we see, because they are the ones who live abroad . There are many external parasites, but the most common are fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes .

Fleas are small brown or brown insects that feed on the blood of our dogs , but they also feed on people. The symptoms of flea infection are: skin rashes, caused by bites that cause itching or pruritus , so the animal will not stop scratching. This also causes changes in their behavior, such as nervousness .

Ticks can infect both dogs and people. They are dangerous because they carry diseases . They feed on blood . The symptoms that our dog usually has are itching or itching due to the presence of the tick and they are quite easy to see if we check our animal frequently.

Mosquitoes are very dangerous, since they transmit serious diseases such as Leishmaniasis and Filariosis . A mosquito bite is more difficult to detect, especially if we notice changes in the behavior of our animal, such as tiredness, sadness or lack of appetite, we should go to a specialist. These insects usually appear with good weather, being present from spring to winter and are abundant in humid areas .


They live inside the body of our dog . They are called "worms" and there are two types: flat and round .

    • The most common flat or basket worms are Dipylidum caninum and Taenia hydatigena among others. These usually affect the gastrointestinal system.

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The most common roundworms or nematodes are Trichuris, Ascaris and Toxocara, but there are many more. This type of parasite can produce perceptible symptoms or not, such as diarrhoea, nervous attitude or tiredness. They usually affect the gastrointestinal system, the lungs and the heart. This type of parasite is spread through feces.


Knowing the types of parasites that exist, we are going to talk about deworming, which would be to eliminate parasites , but in this case it also implies their prevention. Internal deworming is what we know as deworming, and depends on the age of the animal, while external deworming is preventive.


This type is the one that affects internal and external parasites. They usually come in the form of antiparasitic or injectable tablets . To refer to this, we will take as a reference the weight of our. At Mascota Planet we have several internal antiparasitics, such as:

Beaphar Solution , to promote the elimination of intestinal parasites. It has indications of use according to the weight of the animal.

Anibio Limbril?n , to promote intestinal cleansing. It has indications of use according to the but of the animal.


This type is the one that only affects external parasites . It is a very important factor for the health of the dog and for that of those around him . This type of antiparasitic method is recommended to be used from the age of two months of the puppy . Preventives should be used year-round, but attention is recommended during the spring and fall . There are several products that exist, but mainly antiparasitic pipettes, collars and sprays are used.

As for pipettes, they should be used according to the weight of the dog. At Mascota Planet we have several brands of pipettes associated with the but of the animal, such asFor example, the Effitix 1.5-4 kg , Effitix d4-10 kg , Effitix 10-20 kg , Effitix 20-40 kg and Effitix 40-60 kg pipettes .

If we talk about collars, it should be used according to the size and measurement of the dog. One of the antiparasitic collars that we have at Mascota Planet is the Prevendog brand, which has various sizes of collars.

Finally, we are talking about antiparasitic sprays, made up of natural ingredients and dermatologically tested, such as the Anibio Repellent Spray , a substance that protects and cares for the animal's skin while acting as a repellent for several hours.

We must remember that with good hygiene in our animal, we can prevent infections .

From Masctoca Planet we will talk to you about the different types of cat litters and which one is ideal for your lifestyle and that of your cat.


The most important factors to consider before choosing the sand are the following:

  • Number of cats you live with : Depending on the number of cats you have in your house, the choice of your litter will vary. In these cases, the most convenient litters are synthetic absorbent litters or ecological litters, due to their rapid maintenance and odor absorption.

  • Free time : The amount of time you dedicate to the maintenance of the sandbox is essential to choose one or another sand. In the event that you do not have much, it is best to use absorbent sands such as synthetic ones.

  • Layout of your home : Taking into account the size of your house, you can place different sandboxes in different places in your house to avoid strong odors and where it does not bother until you can clean it. If you do not have space for this, you will have to opt for an odorless and more durable litter.


Absorbent cat litter is one of the cheapest and most established on the market, due to its long history and functionality. It stands out for having a great absorption. Among its drawbacks we find that it is not clumping, so it requires high maintenance to keep it clean.

Advantages : Its great advantage is its cheap price and its great absorption.
Disadvantages : High maintenance, so it is generally advisable to change the entire litter box once a week.

Clumping cat litter is similar to sepiolite litter but, in addition to absorbing, it has the ability to create a kind of ball with all the collected urine when liquids come into contact.
Appearance that greatly facilitates daily cleaning of both liquid and solid waste, without changing the entire litter box. Although in any case, it is necessary to disinfect the tray once a month.

Advantages : Its great advantage is the ease of cleaning.
Disadvantages : On some occasions, because it is so fine, it can generate a lot of dust that can stick to our kitten's paws.

This is a relatively new product made from silicon dioxide, a very porous and highly absorbent synthetic material. The gel absorbs the urine and dehydrates the solid remains, trapping the odour. Being a synthetic and artificial material, it can generate rejection in some cats.

Advantages : Odourless, hygienic, dust-free and durable.
Disadvantages : Some cats reject this sand because it is artificial.

It is the most ecological variant that protects the environment, it works the same as clumping litters with the advantage that it is faster and absorbs odour. To dispose of them in some cases we can remove them through the toilet.
It is the most expensive of all the options but, nevertheless, we are contributing to the environment with biodegradable materials.

Advantages : With this type of cat litter we take care of the environment without neglecting our cat's hygiene. As it is biodegradable, it can be flushed down the toilet.
Disadvantages : Cats have a tendency to spread it more than normal and you will have to be careful to sweep around the litter box.

In conclusion, your cat has the final decision, because it is he who has to be comfortable to perform his needs.

And remember! At Mascota Planet you can find all the products for animal welfare!

From Mascota Planet we help the felines during this process.

What is shedding in cats?

Molting is the renewal of the covering that surrounds the skin of an animal. In cats, shedding consists of the renewal of their fur to make way for the new one that is growing internally.

This is a normal and necessary process. If they do not do it, it would be a problem, and if they do it excessively and even areas devoid of hair appear, it could indicate that the cat has a dermatological, behavioral or feeding problem that requires veterinary attention.

Shedding time in cats

Cats lose hair throughout the year, but it is true that there are certain times when this renewal is accentuated, being the months of spring and autumn, as their body prepares for changes in temperature and hours of light . The shedding of hair in cats in these times is carried out in the following ways:

  • In spring, the moult is much more intense, because they shed a large part of their hair to change it for a finer one, in order to better withstand the heat.

  • In autumn the opposite happens, the molt is done by shedding those fine hairs and changing them for thicker hairs to prepare to resist the coldest months of the year.

First shedding in cats

Baby cats have softer, finer, fluffier and shorter hair than when they are adults. That first hair will accompany him during his first 5-8 months of age. From there, they begin to shed their hair. Only the appearance of the coat changes, not its color, although in some cats the coat may darken a bit as adults.

In this first molt we will have the hairs of our feline throughout the house and it is important that we start with the hygiene habits of the fur, getting it used to brushing and even bathing.

Risks of shedding in cats

A natural and healthy change should not cause problems. The problem that can cause a high change of hair in a cat is from its grooming.

We all see how our cat grooms itself more than once a day, during this process its tongue picks up loose hairs that are changing, along with others that it pulls out due to the characteristics of its tongue papillae. That is when, after several groomings, it can swallow a lot of hair that will end up in its digestive system.

After passing through the stomach, it will reach the intestine where it can accumulate and form hairballs. This problem is much more frequent even if the cat has long or semi-long hair because the hair fibers take up more space and with less quantity the intestine can be obstructed.

These hairballs can partially or totally obstruct intestinal transit, which will cause clinical signs of a foreign body in the feline, such as vomiting and loss of appetite or anorexia.

What to do when a cat sheds its hair?

Due to the problem of hairballs, it is important that we maintain frequent care of our cats' hair. During the moulting season, this care should be carried out even more frequently and will consist of doing the following:

  • Brushing : during the year they should be brushed frequently with a special cat brush, a minimum of twice a week for short-haired cats and twice a week for long-haired cats. In the moulting season, it should be done at least every two days in the short-haired ones and every day in the long-haired ones. This, in addition to promoting blood circulation that will make hair come out stronger and healthier and will strengthen the connection with your cat, will drag dead hairs and prevent the cat from ingesting them.

  • Bathed : during the washing of the cat many dead hairs will be dragged very effectively, which will later be removed by brushing. The ideal is to get a kitten used to it from a young age so that it is not a very stressful or traumatic moment.

  • Malt ? Giving this product at least once or twice a day during this time can help prevent hairballs from forming. To encourage their ingestion if they don't like it very much, you can put a little on one of their front legs or on their nose, as this will make them lick the area to clean themselves and ingest it.

  • Catnip ? There are cats that find this herb very attractive and ingest it to purge themselves. If this is the case with your cat, you can try putting it on during this time and improve its intestinal transit by regurgitating accumulated hair that can form a hairball.

Valentine's Day is almost here! February 14 is the day to show our affection to our loved ones.

That includes, of course, beloved pets, be they dogs, cats, birds, rodents, reptiles... After all, their loyalty and adoration lights up life every day of the year.

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In addition, with the 24-48 hour delivery options available at Mascota Planet, orders are guaranteed to arrive on time for all those users who place their Valentine's orders.

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To determine if a cat is bored , we must pay attention to its behavior. This is so because there are certain attitudes that appear in cats when boredom takes over.


cats may also start to eat more if they feel bored. The good thing about this is that since we are the ones who provide the food, we can control it.


The cat changes its attitude towards you and becomes much more passive than before. Also, if you live with other pets at home, it can happen that the relationship between them is complicated. The bored cat may begin to annoy the other animal more than usual to break his boredom.


What they seek is to put into practice their hunting instinct. And of course, when your feet are on the move, it's quite an adventure for them.


Cats quite sleepy by nature. The total of their hours of rest is on an average of 12-16 hours. The time varies according to age and lifestyle, but also, due to boredom, they could add even more hours of sleep.


In the case of a bored cat, grooming becomes somewhat compulsive , which can affect the health of its fur and skin. Bald spots, lesions of the dermis, in addition to the hairballs that end up in your stomach may appear.


Destroying furniture, biting walls, breaking decorative elements... It is true that cats always carry out some of these evil things, but when boredom causes them, these behaviors are much more frequent.



  • st-font-family: 'Times New Roman'; mso-bidi-font-family: 'Times New Roman'; mso-fareast-language: ES-TRAD;">REGISTRATION OF TOYS

Cats need to have toys within their reach that help them exercise their mind and body.

Among the essentials, are the scratchers and those that favor their hunting instinct, such asreeds .


Cats need to interact from a young age. Not only is it necessary for them to have contact with others of the same species, but also with humans and other animals.


It is not only necessary for cats to have toys within their reach. It is also essential that you play with your cat, that you vary its exercises, that you challenge it.



Dedicate some time every day to play with your cat.


With catnip they are happy when you give it to them, which will make them forget about boredom.


If you have windows facing the street in your house, allow your cat to always reach it safely (closed).


In addition to playing with him, you must give him affection , say nice words to him, let him get close to you and reciprocate with love.

  • t-family: Symbol; mso-fareast-font-family: Symbol; mso-bidi-font-family: Symbol;"> CONSULT A VETERINARY

If you consider that the symptoms of boredom are excessive and that it may be a disease, do not hesitate to go to a veterinary center with him.

We are specialists in products for all types of pets. More than a decade of experience offering feed, accessories and hygiene and health products so that petlovers can have the best quality for their pets.


At Mascota Planet you can find products and accessories of all kinds and for all animals: I think for dogs and cats, accessories for dogs, cats, turtles, birds, rodents... Everything you can imagine, from food and clothing to kennels, hygiene, walking accessories, food or health products.


From Mascota Planet we make the following recommendations for star Christmas products with promotions for your dogs and cats:




This feed is high in protein and low in carbohydrates to fit the dog's natural diet. Contains premium meat ingredients, free-range chicken and salmon, all delivered fresh.

This is a complete grain-free food, perfect for adult dogs of all breeds. She doesn't have a jacket. These foods are ideal for adult dogs of all breeds, but specifically with diseases such as epilepsy.psia, pancreas and inflammatory joint diseases.

This snack in the shape of small bones, made from chicken meat, is the ideal treat as a daily reward for your pet. Provides energy, contains fewer fats and provides greater resistance in puppies.

This is the favorite toy of our furry friends, and we can put snacks or even canine toothpaste inside it to clean their teeth. It has a lot of strength and durability.


A high-end food, indicated for sterilized cats with hairball formation problems that helps prevent obesity and urinary problems.

amily: 'Calibri', sans-serif; mso-ascii-theme-font: minor-latin; mso-hansi-theme-font: minor-latin; mso-bidi-theme-font: minor-latin;">This food is of the highest quality, made with selected ingredients that take care of your cat's health. They are very nutritious recipes with 100% natural ingredients.

It is a light and creamy snack that all cats love. Available flavors are salmon and chicken.

It is a multicolored glove with 4 stuffed mice hanging, which can be separated, although they remain attached to the glove. These types of toys create a special bond between you and your cat.




Enjoy Christmas with your furry friends with all these products. Find them at Pet Planet .

There are many people who think that dogs do not get cold, especially if they are furry. However, they also need some care for the winter. From Mascota Planet, we give you some advice:

How do I know if my dog is cold?

We just have to pay close attention to our dog's behavior when he is outside, since that is when he is most exposed to the cold. The signs to know if your dog is cold are the following:

  • Dry skin : If your nose or your skin itself seems dry, it may be because your body is not tolerating the temperature well.
  • Drowsiness : If our dog is cold, it is very likely that he may be more tired or sleep a lot.
  • Tremors : This happens when you go outside and the dog trembles, that's because it's cold.
  • Slow mobility : If we see that our dog's movements are slower than normal, and his body is stiff, it is because his muscles tense to try to maintain temperature.
  • Slow breathing : When our dog is cold, he tends to breathe more slowly.

How do I protect my dog from the cold?

The most obvious and most important thing to stop our dog from being cold is to cover it up. In the coldest months, it is advisable to take it outside at the times of the day when the sun is hottest, although many days it will not be possible, we must try to reduce the length of the walk. If it is not possible, put a coat or raincoat on our dog in case it is very cold or if it rains.

At Pet Planet we can find a wide variety of coats and raincoats for our dog:

Reflective Waterproof Dog VestAvallon Waterproof CoatLight Brown Sander JumperRudolph Christmas Sweater for Dog

We should not leave our dog on the terrace or in the patio. In the event that it cannot be kept inside the house , a house suitable for low temperatures should be purchased to protect it from the cold.

Mascota Planet has a wide catalog of houses to choose from:

https://www.mascotaplanet.com/comprar-casa-para-perros-gatos-royal.html#/18839-medium-sizeHouse for Dogs and Cats Royal

Both inside and outside the house, we have to leave a blanket within his reach so that he can warm up. In addition, they themselves will approach a stove or radiator to keep warm. Another option for our dog when he goes for a walk is to put a coat or sweater on him.

Pet Planet has a wide catalog of blankets to choose from:

Set Blanket, 2 toys and Celeste towelros-mascota-planet.jpg" alt="Laslo Plush Blanket for Dogs and Cats" width="98" height="98" />

To protect our dog from the cold, we must take care of his ears. Many breeds of dogs have very sensitive ears, so you have to dry their ears very well so that they do not catch otitis. In addition, dogs that run through the snow or in the fields have their paw pads cracked due to the cold, which causes them to be in a lot of pain. To solve this problem, we recommend using a cream to moisturize our dog's legs or booties to protect them from the cold and snow.

Mascota Planet has a wide catalog of products to choose from:

Anibio Planti-Pro Regenerator PadsCurtiVet Plantar Lotion Spray for PadsNeewa Trekking BootsWalker Active Protective Boots

We must be careful, since the cold can cause serious consequences in our dog, such as cold, laryngitis, pneumonia, bronchitis and pharyngitis.

?In conclusion, we must take into account the following:

  • We must keep our house warm.
  • We must put a blanket within reach of our dog so that it lies down on it.
  • We can place your bed near the heater.
  • We should not leave our dog outside the house at night.
  • We should not cut his hair in winter, because the fur is his best coat.
  • We have to get a sweater or coat for when we go out for a walk.
  • Take our dog for a walk avoiding the coldest hours.

These small bites, in addition to being liked for their varied and rich flavors, also contain everything necessary to strengthen the health of the teeth in their different stages.

One of the best ways to pamper your dog is by giving them these snacks: the important thing is to find out very well about the nutritional values of each one and select the ones that best favor the furry ones in the house.

We are going to see next, what is the type of snacks that exists:

  • Chicken snacks : One of the best healthy snacks for dogs are chicken, in the form of cubes, ideal to offer as a reward to your dog, made with totally natural raw chicken. Contains totally natural ingredients. It does not contain dyes or preservatives, in addition to being free of artificial aromas. It is a totally tasty and healthy treat to offer your dog at any time. It contains high-quality chicken meat as the only ingredient and has been prepared through a freeze-drying process that preserves the nutritional properties of the meat.

  • Semi-moist lamb bones : This delicious bone-shaped semi-moist snack is the perfect complement to your pet's balanced diet. With a soft consistency and very appetizing flavor, they are very tempting for your furry friend. Dogs can consume it regardless of their age or size, taking into account not to give the same amount, since each one has a different physical wear. They are very suitable for the training period, although they can be served as a simple reward at any time. These exquisite little bones have a flavor of lamb and rice that your dog will love and won't be able to stop eating.

  • Leather Sticks: Turned Leather Sticks, for dogs of small, medium and large breeds with the shape of a spiral bar. It is a product that is 100% top quality cowhide that has no preservatives or dyes. It is a very good snack for your pet because apart from being able to give it to them as a prize, it entertains them a lot since it lasts because it is not soft. Advantages: helps clean teeth and can be a food supplement.

  • Pig ears : Natural snacks made from extra dehydrated pig ears, 100% natural, without preservatives or dyes. It is ideal as a complement to your pet's diet, it does not contain gluten and contributes to your dog's dental care, keeping its gums and mouth healthy. Thanks to its high collagen content, it takes care of your bones and joints as well as promoting a healthy, lustrous and shiny coat. A 100% natural, handmade and healthy snack that is perfect to reward our dog and has an anti-stress effect on it.

  • Chicken feet: All-natural snack, chicken feet for dogs with a crunchy texture. You can now give your pet natural snacks like these paws, a delight for them. It will provide a good amount of glucosamine, a vital nutrient for joint health, as well as containing proteins and fatty acids to maintain healthy skin and coat. shiny. It acts as a natural toothbrush, acting as a daily cleanser.

  • Deer Antlers ? 100% natural, contains many nutrients and minerals, helps clean teeth and does not splinter. Internally, the bone marrow is splintered but it never splinters. I'm alson practically odorless and extremely durable (several days depending on the dog from 5 to 15 days). In addition to their delicious taste, they contain minerals and calcium. It is a completely natural food that helps strengthen the dog's teeth.

  • Veal tendons: Delicious large 100% natural veal tendon, low in fat and with a high protein content, for medium and large breed dogs. These snacks for dogs are made in Spain, with high quality raw materials, without preservatives, colorings, flavorings, added sugars, bone meal, or Gluten.

  • Strips of venison : Delicious strips of dried deer meat (deer venison) for dogs, made by Pet Munchies. Gluten-free snack, perfect for dogs intolerant or allergic to gluten. The continuous use of dry and slightly hard snacks helps keep teeth clean and free of tartar.

Older dogs and some certain breeds of dogs suffer from kidney, urinary, digestive, obesity problems... Therefore, it is important to provide your pet with adequate food for their needs and thus be able to avoid complications such as urinary infections or kidney stones. . In this section you will find a selection of special products for your dog.

Gastrointestinal Problems : Digestive problems are common in dogs. Many times, the main cause is an inappropriate diet, so it is useful to know how to detect them in order to change the diet in time. The main symptoms are the appearance of vomiting or diarrhoea, but also weight loss, changes in appetite, flatulence, stomach rumbling or the dog's inactivity, which appears suddenly. Suitable feed:

Gastrointestinal MonkGastrointestinal Purine Gastrointestinal Advance

Gastrointestinal Farmin Farmina gastrointestinal puppy

Kidney Problems : Kidney failure in dogs is a fairly common disease. The kidneys are responsible for many vital functions, and kidney failure in dogs occurs when the kidneys are unable to carry out some or all of their functions. Suitable feed:

Kidney Monk Renal Purine Renal Advance Kidney Farmin

Obesity : Obesity in dogs is very common due to poor nutrition, it can affect the dog's legs or his spine. Suitable feed:

monk obesity purine obesity advance obesity=fs">

Hypoallergenic : Food allergies are the third leading cause of allergic reactions in dogs . They can develop towards different types of food: meat, milk, eggs, fish, cereals, potatoes, soy or additives. Suitable feed:

hypoallergenic purineAdvance hyoallergenic Legend allergies farmina allergies

Mobility : Many dogs suffer from joint problems. Osteoarthritis is the cause of much chronic pain in dogs. The most affected dogs are older dogs, and young large breed dogs. Therefore, it is important to provide your pet with adequate nutrition to prevent and combat joint pain. Suitable feed:

mobility monk purine mobility Lenda mobility

Diabetes : Some dogs suffer from diabetes, which means that their blood glucose level rises due to the cells in their bodies being unable to respond to insulin or the pancreas not producing enough insulin. It is very important to take your dog to the vet and give him a food adapted to his needs. Suitable feed:

diabetes monk advance diabetes diabetic farmina

Urinary problems : Dogs with a condition in the urinary tract should be treated with a diet that helps restore the health of the animal's urinary system. Veterinary feeds specially designed for urinary problems help in the treatment of urinary diseases such as the elimination of struvite crystals or the re-establishment of the pH of the urine. Suitable feed:

io.jpg" alt="purina urinal" width="150" height="150" /> urinal

Dermatosis : Dogs often suffer from skin and coat problems, these disorders are characterized by itching, dull hair or skin irritation. For this, your dog needs special care from the veterinarian and a specific diet. In this section you will find a complete range of special products for your dog. Suitable feed:

dermatosis monk advance dermatosis

Heart problems : A special diet adapted to the needs of dogs with heart disease is ideal to combat this type of disease. Here you will find the best veterinary diets for dogs adapted to heart disease. Suitable feed:

cardiac monk

Liver problems : Dogs suffering from liver diseases, such as chronic liver failure, require a specialized diet with an adapted supply of nutrients to help reduce the load on the liver. Suitable feed:

hepatic monk hepatic farmin

Dogs with leishmaniasis : Leishmaniasis is a disease caused by a parasite called Leishmania, which is commonly transmitted through the bite of mosquitoes. Leishmaniasis can be of two types, cutaneous or visceral, and is chronic in nature. For this reason, after consulting your veterinarian and applying the necessary treatment to your dog, it is especially important that you take care of its diet with a product that helps it have a good quality of life.

advance laishmaniasis

Tips for cleaning bird cages

Without a doubt, cleaning the bird cage is one of the most important factors for its health, and even for the family that lives with it. At Mascota Planet we want both you and your pet to enjoy impeccable health, which is why today we are giving you a series of tips for cleaning bird cages .

The importance of having a clean bird cage lies in the hygienic aspect, odors and the health of the animal, since if it is not cleaned regularly and correctly, the bird inside can begin to suffer from different diseases. due to lack of hygiene.

Steps for cleaning the cage

We told you before that it is very important to keep your bird's cage clean to-space: pre-wrap;"> prevent them from contracting any disease and, at the same time, maintain hygiene at all times. To do this, you will need to remove the bird's droppings daily and wash the drinker, as well as the feeders and accessories several times a week.

tray change

One of the most tedious steps is to clean the cage tray daily . This step is important, since bird droppings, food, feathers and other dirt fall into it.

A recommendation so that this step is not so annoying is to place newspaper or other similar material on the tray . That way, all you have to do is change the paper every day. This trick makes cleaning easier, it's practical and it doesn't take much time.

In addition, from Pet Planetle: normal; font-variant: normal; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;"> we recommend that at least once a week, you wash the tray with disinfectant before placing the clean newspaper.

Cage sides

For the hygiene of the cage to be complete, it is necessary to clean the sides and roof , first the bird must be placed in another temporary cage and proceed to remove the tray.

In the specific cleaning of the bars, it is advisable to use a damp cloth with disinfectant and not directly wet the cage. Then, it should be dried very well with a cloth and left in a ventilated area for several minutes.

Feeders and drinkers

Feeders and drinkers should be cleaned regularly , otherwise they can become a source of bacteria, fungus and disease for the birds.

Cleaning them is very simple, since both elements can removetear easily. Both the drinkers and the feeders must be thoroughly cleaned with the cleaning disinfectant and make sure to remove all product residue before putting them back.


It is common to buy toys for the birds , such as swings and other items. And it is also important to clean these elements thoroughly and regularly , just like the rest of the cage. Therefore, it is advisable to remove them and clean them very well with the disinfectant.

In general, cleaning the cage is quite simple , and even more so if it is done regularly. The most important thing is that you must remember to rinse the entire cage and other elements with plenty of water to ensure that there is no trace of disinfectant left when you put the birds in.

The best products to clean your bird's cage at Pet Planet

As we have said before, from Mascota Planetvariant: normal; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: baseline; white-space: pre-wrap;"> we want both you and your bird to be in good health. That's why we recommend you always clean your pet's cage with the best products.

To maintain hygiene in your bird's cage, at Mascota Planet we recommend an optimal product for cleaning the cage and all the elements inside it, the bird cage disinfectant and cleaner . ?

Remember that you can visit our extensive catalog of cleaning products to find everything you need to clean your bird's cage. Contact us if you have any questions, we will be happy to assist you.

As with humans, animals have many ways of expressing discomfort or ailments through actions, irregular behavior and even looks, which can arise due to different factors and have different levels of severity, but there is one that is a clear warning signal, and that is to press the head against the wall or other objects.

This behavior is clinically called "head pressure" due to the action that the animal performs of pressing its head strongly against an object, sometimes sliding it or staying in that position for long periods of time. This is a serious sign that there is a problem with the animal's health, especially related to the nervous system, diseases of the forebrain, poisoning, trauma, among others.

What causes this behavior?

As mentioned above, pressing the head against a stationary object is a sign by the pet that there is some damage or severe pain in the head, as well as other conditions that affect the functioning of the body. .

The main causes are the following:

  • Damage to the brain and nervous system: from stroke, traumatic brain injury, forebrain disease, encephalitis, rabies, brain tumor, etc. All these conditions are caused by severe damage to both the brain and the nervous system, being the main causes of the appearance of this behavior. Many of them can be caused by accidents, strong blows or acquisition, a clear example being rabies, which is an acute viral infection that affects the central nervous system.
  • Others: These include hepatic or renal encephalopathy, metabolic or glandular disorders, fungal infection, exposure to toxins, and liver shunt.

Additional symptoms.

In general, this behavior does not usually appear alone, but is accompanied by some other symptoms directly related to the condition suffered by the animal. The most common are loss of reflexes and balance, disorientation, vision and hearing problems, behavioral changes, head injuries , seizures, compulsive walking and circling, loss of mobility, and abnormal vocalization.

Some of these symptoms can cause external damage to the animal, such as injuries due to the pressure of the head against something or falls due to loss of balance. Seizures can also result in further damage to the brain.

Diagnosis and treatment.

In order to discover what is causing all these symptoms, it is absolutely necessary to go to a trusted veterinarian, since he is the only one who, through tests and analysis, can find the true cause of the problem. In the same way, the treatment must be assigned depending on the condition, treating a tumor is not the same as treating a fungal infection.

To achieve this, several discard tests are usually carried out, from the cheapest to the most expensive, which are usually computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. All these tests are important to be able to find the origin of the problem and be able to treat it before it is too late, which is why all the possibilities must be analyzed, which makes it a complicated procedure.

The animal should not be medicated without a doctor's order, as this could only make the situation more difficult. If you do not trust the veterinarian's diagnosis, you can try to consult with another and seek extra help from people specialized in the subject, such as neurologists. veterinarians.

Do not confuse " head pressure " with some displays of pet affection, such as the well-known cat rubbing against the legs of their human companions. The latter is normal behavior in cats and dogs, but can sometimes cause some confusion due tohead pressing.

Remember, if your pet exhibits any of the symptoms listed above, get them to a vet you trust as quickly as possible.

Image courtesy of (www.vetplan.es), all rights reserved.


Living with a cat brings unique and incomparable experiences, moments of fun and joy, although occasionally accompanied by the occasional scratch, but that is what makes them be them. It is precisely that cat essence that wins the hearts of many people, who decide to spend the rest of their days with them, but that same "infatuation" can bring problems in the future if it is not known and begins to raise the cat properly. once you get home.

There are some mistakes that are made quite frequently in the upbringing of cats , an issue that can lead to problems of coexistence in the future, and even have a negative impact on the health of the animal. That is why people who are thinking of adopting a cat should find out about them in order to solve all these problems in time and lead a peaceful life with their kitty.

The 8 most common mistakes when raising a cat

Owners, especially first-time owners, often make certain mistakes that cause behavioral and health problems, both physical and psychological, that can noticeably affect the lives of both. Some of the most common mistakes when raising a cat are the following:


  1. ?????? Adopt them too young: like all animals, cats need to spend some time with their mothers before being adopted, following their natural cycle is crucial for their correct psychological and physical development, since they are the ones who give and teach them everything they need to be able to survive. Of course there are exceptions, as is the case of abandoned kittens, where the person who adopts them will play a key role in the life of the kitten.
  2. ?????? Do not create a bond of trust: cats are usually quite complicated, especially when it comes to training and coexistence, this is where gaining their trust becomes essential, since cats will very rarely feel comfortable with someone with whom they do not they have a bond, much less will they obey your commands.
  3. ?????? Neglecting their health: in order to ensure the well-being of the cat, all their needs must be covered, as well as vaccinated and dewormed to avoid diseases that could put their lives at risk. Neglecting their diet, hygiene, among other care, will only cause the kitten to get sick or even decide to run away from home.
  4. ?????? Overfeeding: a very common mistake that usually brings serious complications to the animal's health, such as being overweight or having diabetes. Many people believe that the more food the better, but this is not only something that can have a negative impact on their behavior, but it is also capable of leaving consequences for their health, often shortening their lifespan.
  5. ?????? Not educating him: despite the fact that his training is usually much more difficult than that of a dog, cats have an impressive learning capacity, which if used can greatly improve the relationship between human and cat. As independent as they are, cats need to learn certain guidelines to be able to live correctly with other animals and people, which is why neglecting this area of their lives is a big mistake.
  6. ?????? Treating it aggressively: treating it aggressively could only cause fear and rejection on the part of the feline, a situation that would not allow a stable relationship with it, and this applies in all areas. In order to have a good relationship, it is essential that there is trust and harmony, without mistreatment that can only end in something harmful.
  7. ?????? Overprotecting it: the cat is not a defenseless animal, it is a hunter by nature that has great abilities, overprotecting it could nullify its abilities and its interaction with its environment, which would bring it unhappiness and problemswith its correct development.
  8. ?????? Not giving him the necessary stimuli: a cat needs games and a certain exercise routine to stay in his best condition, as well as to have his mood stable. Not stimulating him with any type of activity could affect important areas of his life, as well as make him more prone to being overweight and stressed.


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Reptiles generally have greater external protection than other animals, despite this, they can be seriously affected by burns or other injuries to the skin, which if not treated properly, could become a huge risk for his life. This happens especially when the affected area is exposed to bacteria that otherwise could not enter the body.

Preventing and treating this type of injury in reptiles can sometimes be somewhat complicated, especially because it is not always possible to have absolute vigilance over them, which makes the care of the terrarium and the way in which certain elements have been placed extremely important. elements, being in this case the light bulbs and some heating devices the main antagonists. Making sure that all temperature and lighting devices are well protected and far away, as well as the correct environment for the reptile in question, will be the key to avoiding any damage to its health.


The most common causes of burns

Reptile burns are mainly caused by:

  1. ?????? Improper placement of heat sources and UVB light.
  2. ?????? Use of defective or poor quality products required to provide extra heat to the reptile
  3. ?????? Overexposure to sunlight or radiation lamps
  4. ?????? In some cases, excess heat, beyond that indicated for the animal, may be another cause, both due to the temperature in the water (in the case of aquatic turtles) and that of the environment.


Care that should be provided to the reptile in case of having suffered a burn.

The first thing to note is that you shouldn't remove any scabs, scales or burned skin, especially not with your bare hands, this could only aggravate the problem. The animal should be picked up carefully and placed in a clean place, then?find a container (bathtub, taper , etc.) to fill with warm water.

The reptile should be immersed in the water for about 15-20 minutes while the wound is gently cleaned, never submerging the reptile's body completely in the water. It is recommended to add Betadine (povidone iodine) to the water until it takes on a tea-like coloration. If the animal manages to defecate inside the container, it must be removed, wash the wound again with water, and clean the container, repeating the same procedure later.

?When removing it, the wound is washed again with Betadine diluted in a proportion of 1/5 part for every 4/5 part of water. This last step must be repeated with some continuity to avoid infections.


After this, an antibiotic ointment should be applied for burns such as Silvederma, Positon or Furacin, for a week to prevent the entry of bacteria, the use of rosehip oil is also recommended to keep the affected area hydrated and help with the healing, alternating it with other similar products. If possible, you should buy a new product and use it only for this purpose.

It is recommended not to administer the antibiotic ointment?when the burn is recent, so you should wait at least an hour for the wound to "go down". It is advisable to apply the ointment when the animal is going to rest, in order to prevent it from being removed. In the case of aquatic turtles or reptiles that have easy access to water, it is recommended to keep them away from it, as this reduces the effectiveness of the antibiotic or moisturizing cream, as well as lengthens the regeneration process.

You must keep the affected area hydrated and well protected from bacteria, it will be crucial for the recovery of the animal, for this you can use moisturizing creams and sterilized gauze, thus avoiding any external damage.no.

Good hygiene in the terrarium is essential, as well as feeding and making sure that it is drinking water. Special care with the temperature and the excessive manipulation of the reptile! If the burn does not show signs of wanting to improve or presents necrosis, it should be taken immediately to the veterinarian.

This type of injury takes time to recover, so you have to be attentive to any irregularity or strange symptom in the reptile in order to avoid any other type of complication. If the reptile's health has not improved, brumation (the reptilian equivalent of hibernation) should be discontinued until fully healed.

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Dogs have some very curious customs that are more functional than they seem. A perfect example of this is when they lick the ground, an action that has several meanings behind it, and depending on other factors, it can be an alert for the owner or just a natural behavior in the dog.

Dogs licking the floor can cause some concern to the owner who does not know what to do or what are the real reasons behind this act. Therefore, before making a decision regarding this behavior, you must first know what are the reasons why they carry it out.


4 reasons why dogs lick the floor.


  1. Stomach problems, parasites, among others: the dog licks the ground as an instinctive act to vomit when he feels too full, something has gone wrong or gastrointestinal problems, reasons that lead him to lick insistently until he achieves his goal. On some occasions, it could even lick other objects such as furniture or shoes to enhance this effect. Some other symptoms that also accompany these cases are excessive licking of their own lips and non-stop swallowing, which are signs of nausea in the dog.
  1. Anxiety, stress or boredom: It is not uncommon for dogs to develop this behavior as a way to release tension, which can be caused by sudden changes, loneliness or excess energy that they have not been able to redirect properly. The latter is seen a lot in highly energetic or particularly nervous dogs, making them more prone to licking floors and other surfaces. Another closely related reason is that they do it as a wake-up call, because they have realized that when doing it, the owners notice them, even if it is in a negative way.
  1. Lack of minerals: when the dog's diet is not appropriate or lacks certain nutrients, it looks for the missing ones in various places, the most common being the soil, places with soil or with high levels of minerals, and once it finds them , is dedicated to licking them to be able to absorb them. What differentiates this cause from those mentioned above is that in this case the dog does not do it in a desperate and insistent way, but in an occasional and relaxed way.
  1. Smells: dogs are very curious animals that love to explore, it is in these same explorations that they get smells that are striking to them, these can come from food, from other animals or from a particular product. When the smell interests them too much, they lick it in order to better decipher it or access the source, especially if it is food.


Precautions to take into account.


Although this behavior can become natural in many cases, it should not be forgotten that it can be a sign of illness or discomfort in the dog, as well as a possible source of acquisition of parasites and bacteria if care is not taken. Paying attention to exactly what you are licking is important to avoid any risk to your health. It is recommended that you stop using chemical products if the dog licks the floor , even occasionally, since the residues that remain could cause poisoning. Nor should it be allowed to lick things on the street or in the yard.

?More than being effective, punishments and scoldings could increase the intensity of said behavior, as well as generate stress for the dog by not being able to understand what it is doing wrong. It is best to try to redirect their attention with some activity while using positive reinforcement. If the problem is related to diet, it is advisable to change or vary your diet to make sure you are getting the right nutrients and minerals.

?If the dog comes to manifest this behavior for no apparent reason and compulsively, it is best to take it quickly witha veterinarian.

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Cats enjoy a wide variety of peculiarities, which make life next to these felines something so fun and curious. However, among them there are also some unusual behaviors that can cause some confusion and concern in their human companions, the most doubtful being that they start running like crazy for no apparent reason.


In this situation, cats usually jump from furniture to furniture, make sudden jumps and run around the house, something that in itself does not seem dangerous, but in some cases it could transmit more information than what is seen to plain sight.


The first thing to know about this is that there is no definitive reason behind this behavior, the causes are varied and can depend a lot on the environment, the diet, the species of the animal, among many others. In the same way, there are many hypotheses and theories that try to give a concrete answer, something that has not been achieved, so to know what causes these sudden runs in cats, the best option is to observe them and look at your daily routine.


The 5 most common reasons for this behavior.


Among all the factors mentioned above, the most common causes are usually the following:


  • ? Due to excess energy: this is one of the most common causes in domestic cats, who lead a less active life than stray cats. This is mainly due to the lack of daily activity and stimulation, which does not allow the feline's energy reserves to be channeled, causing it to be forced to run or perform another activity at some point during the day to stabilize levels. of accumulated energy. This happens especially with young cats or those that live in small places like an apartment.


  • ? Due to feline hyperesthesia and other diseases: these sudden outbursts can sometimes be a sign that there is a problem with the animal, especially if it had not happened before and is accompanied by other symptoms, such as extreme nervousness, physical discomfort, etc. This is something that is often seen in cats suffering from hyperesthesia, which, among other things, gives them the feeling that they are being persecuted or attacked by something.


  • ? To escape potential predators: In the wild, cats must maintain constant vigilance, especially to avoid potential predators. This is something that becomes complicated when they have to relieve themselves, not only because they are exposed, but because the smell can attract a hostile animal towards them, which is why their instinct makes them run away after defecating, whether it was outdoors like in his litter box.


  • ? For digestive problems: some animals use this method to appease existing ailments, including digestive problems and allergies, discomforts that can lead some cats to run to try to relieve themselves.


  • ? Due to fleas, parasites or skin infections: the discomfort or pain that can be caused by skin infections or even the fleas themselves, can make cats desperate, causing them to run in an attempt to escape this nuisance and calm the pain .


What should be done in these cases?


If it is suspected that this behavior may be caused by an external or internal problem, it is best to check the cat and take it to a veterinarian to rule out any condition. If, on the other hand, it is something instinctive or a way to drain energy, it is best to let them be,and in the case of the latter, find a way to increase their activity through games and exercises in order to channel their energy.


This is usually not something that causes problems in the home, so trying to make this behavior disappear, and more aggressively, will only have a negative impact on the animal.


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It is quite common to find pets doing strange things, strange poses or chewing on someone's left shoe, but on some occasions they can present behaviors that, although they are fun at first, can become a constant concern for the owner. .

Among the wide range of behavioral problems, diseases and obsessive-compulsive disorders, is the pica syndrome , a condition characterized by the uncontrollable desire to ingest non-edible substances or objects, and which often turn out to be toxic to pet health. . The causes of this syndrome are varied and depend a lot on the environment, the diet and the psychological health of the animal.

Something important to note is that the act of chewing or licking unusual objects is usually quite normal in puppies and mothers, in the same way that it can occasionally occur in adult animals that are playing. The real problem lies when said behavior is repeated over and over again, going from playing with the object to compulsively eating it.


Main causes of pica syndrome.

The causes behind pica in animals can vary greatly from individual to individual, but the main ones are:

  • ? Poor diet and lack of nutrients: although it may seem strange, especially since in most cases they eat things that have no apparent nutritional value, one of the main causes of pica is problems with food. This may be because they are not eating properly, one of the most common being that they are not able to process it correctly and are forced to look elsewhere for what they need.
  • ? Due to diseases: many times the appearance of the pica syndrome can be a sign that something is not right with the animal, the consequences of a previous illness or some current ailment are the main protagonists in these cases, and even also due to certain gastrointestinal parasites .
  • ? Stress problems and lack of activity: a chaotic environment or unexpected situations for the pet can make it more vulnerable to stress and anxiety, factors that can lead it to impulsively consume foreign objects . This can also happen if he is not given a good dose of daily activity.
  • ? Genetic causes: in some species there may be a genetic predisposition towards sucking, which makes them more likely to suffer from pica if they are exposed to the factors mentioned above. An example of these cases are Siamese cats.



Detection and treatment of pica.

It is important to emphasize the analysis of the animal when it is suspected that it suffers from pica, since before a diagnosis can be made, the source of the problem must be found.

Depending on its origin, pica may have a different treatment and will need to be treated by a specialist. Cases caused mainly by behavior problems or external pressure, are usually treated by ethologists specialized in the animal species, and when the cause is due to diseases or feeding problems, it is usual to see a veterinarian. However, to rule out all possibilities, it is best to go to a veterinarian first, who will refer the pet to a behavioral specialist if necessary.

Using punishment methods to repress this behavior is not correct, as is treating them with medicines not indicated by a doctor and less if you have no knowledge about it.

Attempting to treat them without diagnosis could increase the risk to the pet's health and should be taken as seriously as possible. Looking at and analyzing everything that surrounds the pet's day-to-day life is essential to realize any existing problem,But don't jump to conclusions.

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In the animal kingdom there are many behaviors that generally leave humans confused, either because for them it is something completely immoral or because it is so unusual in their daily lives that they are not able to process it. One of the best known is that some mothers eat their young shortly after birth, a fact that usually brings a lot of hatred and contempt on the part of the owners to their pets.


This is something that from the "civilized" point of view is incomprehensible, however in nature it is normal behavior, which has no trace of evil in itself and which is justified by millions of years of evolution, however rare what it may seem. The reasons for mothers to eat their young are often based on instinct and natural selection, in addition to other causes such as stress and anxiety, reasons why it is not right to demonize them, much less attack them if this happens , but to understand it, one must first understand more deeply the why behind this action.


4 reasons why some mothers eat their young.


As mentioned above, the reasons for this act are mainly driven by instinct, external pressures or health problems, the most common are the following:


  • ? "Natural selection": in many cases, especially when it comes to large litters, it may happen that a sick pup is born or is much weaker than its siblings, a fact that may cost it its life in the future as it will not be able to face it itself the difficulties of nature. This leads the mother on some occasions to eat her pup, to prevent it from contaminating the other pups, in addition to giving them more chances of surviving.


  • ? Stress and nervousness: if the mother is constantly surrounded by noise and beings that she may consider a threat to both her and her young, she could eat them due to the pressure. This happens especially in new mothers and in those who do not have a quiet place to give birth, causing much more stress than they can bear.


  • ? Mastitis and similar diseases: diseases such as mastitis are a real ordeal for mothers, since it causes terrible discomfort due to the inflammation of the mammary glands, and if it is not treated in time, it can progress to become something much worse. This disease can be caused both by the puppies' own sucking, and for other reasons.


  • ? Not recognizing their babies and lack of maternal instinct: both the lack of interest and not recognizing the babies is very common in some first-time mothers or those who have needed a cesarean section. In these cases, the mother does not have or does not recognize the bond with her young, which can cause her to confuse them with prey or with a threat. When it comes to mothers who have had caesarean sections, it is often due to the fact that the hormones related to motherhood are not produced, which are usually activated at the time of delivery.


What can be done in these cases?

The first thing is to understand that this does not happen, nor will it happen with all mothers, it is something that depends on many factors and that can mostly be avoided with good health care. However, if the animal in question shows signs of stress or some unusual behavior in it, it is best to keep it under surveillance but give it its space. In the event that the pet is suffering from mastitis or another disease, it will be necessary to take it to the veterinarian as quickly as possible to avoid major complications.

There will be times when the owner will have to take care of raising the puppies, especially if the mother is disabled or resentful.It is a threat to its young. In these cases, the most recommended thing is to document the needs and care they require in order to keep them healthy and strong.

Never forget that they do not do it out of evil and that they need understanding, do not harm or reject your pet for this, continue to love and accept her as she does with you.

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Among the problems that can affect the health of pets is poor digestion , which is one of the main causes of visits to the veterinarian. And although on many occasions stomach discomfort does not become a major problem, the truth is that if the appropriate precautions are not taken, it could put the animal's health at risk.

The danger of poor digestion lies in the fact that it is not usually given the importance it deserves, which can turn an oversight into a serious health problem that affects the daily life of the pet. The digestive process and everything that goes with it are essential for the functioning of the body, so making sure that everything is going as it should is one of the main tasks of the owner, but this is not always so simple, especially for those who they are not yet used to the habits and needs of their furry companions.

The symptoms and ailments that usually accompany poor digestion often cause confusion, since they can be attributed to another cause, which can end up bringing more complications due to inadequate treatment, as can happen with vomiting, which almost always It is related to having ingested poison.

In order to find the real cause and know if the pet really has digestive problems or if it is suffering for another reason, the first thing is to know what the symptoms are, and once identified, find the best possible solution.


The most common symptoms of poor digestion in animals.


The signs of discomfort are quite easy to detect, especially since they can affect the behavior of the pet, as well as have external manifestations. The symptoms can vary depending on the time and severity of the problem, so they would be divided as follows:

In the short term: these are the most common and those that appear when the animal has not liked a meal, cannot digest it, has developed an infection or due to gastrointestinal diseases, such as gastritis. Among them are vomiting, diarrhea, flatulence, abdominal pain, evasive or aggressive behavior, groans or constant noises coming from the stomach.

In the long term: these symptoms usually only appear when the problem has worsened, either because it has worsened or because it was part of a disease that has not been treated. Among them are dehydration, hair loss, weight loss, fever, sudden change in appetite or behavior of the animal. These symptoms can also be accompanied by those mentioned in "short term", which usually brings a greater concern.



Main causes and how to prevent them.


The main causes of poor digestion are diet and food intolerance, in turn, gastrointestinal diseases and parasites also play an important role. However, there are many other reasons why the pet may show any of these symptoms, so taking it to the vet becomes a matter of first necessity, in addition to being the only person who can detect the real cause and administer treatment. if necessary.

The best way to avoid and counteract digestive problems is by taking care of your diet. Watching what you eat and how fast you eat it is very helpful in these cases, especially since they are the main cause.

?They should not be allowed to eat too quickly, nor should they be given foods that are not part of their natural diet or that may be toxic to them. Mixing the feed with other foods such as pasta and rice should also be avoided. This last point is due to the different digestion processes that each one carries out, which would cause the animal to not be able to digest them correctly when mixed.

The most convenient in the case of gastrointestinal diseases and parasites is the check-up with the veterinarian, they are issues thatThey can be handled without the supervision of a professional, so it is best to go to him. Keeping the animal dewormed, as well as maintaining proper hygiene with everything related to the pet, will be very helpful in avoiding the appearance of potentially harmful parasites.

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It is quite usual that we find our fellow dogs taking a dose of sun , often in quite curious positions.

But despite the fact that this is a behavior that we are used to seeing, we often have doubts about the real reason behind this action, and if it could be a symptom of health problems.

As with most living beings, the dog obtains great benefits from the sun that allow it to improve the functioning of its body.

Strengthening your system and even providing you with an effective tool to combat both stress and low temperatures.


5 reasons why dogs and other animals sunbathe.

The sun brings many benefits to every part of our world, but some of the reasons why it is so appreciated by both dogs and most animals are the following:

1. It is your main source of vitamin D.

This vitamin is a fundamental element for the correct functioning of the body, since it favors the absorption of phosphorus and calcium, helping the formation of bones and preventing the appearance of diseases of the bone system, such as osteoporosis. In turn, it favors the nervous and immune systems, also allowing better development of the animal's muscles. The latter is especially beneficial for large breed dogs.

A curious fact on this point is that many animals, contrary to what happens with humans, do not receive vitamin D directly, but rather it is lodged in their fur. This is why after spending a long time in the sun, dogs begin to lick themselves to absorb it.

2. Allows greater production of serotonin

The functions of serotonin as a neurotransmitter are varied, but one of the best known is its role in controlling mood. This is why it is added to the group of happiness hormones, alluding to the fact that, when it is within the appropriate parameters, it transmits a sense of calm and joy.

3. It favors the segregation of melatonin

This hormone is responsible for regulating the sleep cycle, which is vital for health. Exposure to sunlight favors its segregation, increasing the amount of melatonin, which allows for greater rest and recovery in the animal.

4. Provides warmth when facing low temperatures

This point is somewhat obvious, but it is never too much to emphasize how important sunbathing is for animals, especially in winter. The heat emitted by the sun is of great help to countless animals that have problems maintaining their body heat, being one of the main reasons why short-haired or small dogs, such as Chihuahuas, resort to it.

5. Relieves joint pain

Older dogs or those suffering from rheumatic diseases are especially sensitive to changes in the environment, cold being their main enemy. This is why the sun becomes a great ally when it comes to relieving pain in your joints.


Unfortunately, not everything that our sun friend brings us is good, and on many occasions it can become a serious threat to our health. This is why we must keep a certain vigilance over our pets to ensure that they have not been negatively affected.

One of the things we have to avoid is allowing them to spend too much time in the sun . Being exposed to it for a long time could cause heat stroke, dehydration, burns, and even make them more vulnerable to cancer, especially in dogswith very sensitive skin.

We always have to make sure that they have a water source nearby, as well as a shady place in case we cannot take them inside the house. If any symptoms of discomfort are detected after they spend some time in the sun, the best thing to do would be to seek help and go to the veterinarian.

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Taking care of an animal is not an easy task, and even less so if we add the rest of the daily responsibilities to the equation. So it is very common, both in beginners and veterans, that at some point of the day, one of the elements that are an essential part of caring for the animal is neglected.

?One of the elements that is most often affected is that of food. And this does not only refer to whether or not they are given the right food, but to details that, due to "general culture", escape us. Not paying the necessary attention to these details can eventually lead to complications both in the behavior and in the health of the animal. An example of this could be gastrointestinal problems caused by the acquisition of some type of bacteria.

?As they are very common errors that tend to go unnoticed most of the time, the task of finding them becomes somewhat complicated. So to give you a little help, here we share some of the most common mistakes when feeding our pets.


4 mistakes we make when feeding our pets and how we can avoid them:


1.????? Not giving them the right food

This is a mistake that is made quite frequently, usually due to the difficulty of obtaining the necessary food for the proper functioning of your body.

One way to turn around this problem is to document the nutritional needs of our pets, once this is done, look for the most appropriate foods to replace or complement their basic diet. And although this is not a definitive solution, it will help to get out of trouble at certain times.


two.? ? The lack of cleanliness with their dishes and containers

This is something that is seen in many parts of the world, which despite being covered by a blanket of "naturalness", is wrong for many reasons. The lack of hygiene with these elements can cause the appearance of bacteria and parasites that affect the health of the animal.

?The best way to avoid this is to clean your plate daily, at least once a day. Avoiding, as far as possible, the decomposition of food on the plate, and then mixing it with others that the animal may consume.

3.????? Give them food that has been in contact with our mouth

Many times we fall into the temptation of giving them a bite of what we are eating, without realizing that it may have come into contact with our saliva. The problem here lies in the transmission of bacteria, your body is not adapted to deal with the bacteria that we have, and vice versa, so exposure to them could cause serious health problems if not handled carefully.

?Although it is something that is recommended to avoid, both because of the risk to your health and because of the bad habit, in the case of doing it, you should always try to grab a piece that has not been in contact with our mouth or saliva.


Four.???The abuse of the prizes and the food in excess:

Overfeeding can bring many problems to the animal's life, the same goes for overdoing it when it comes to giving them prizes. For the good of our colleagues, we must make sure that we are giving them the appropriate amount, and never overdo it, since we could cause an upset stomach, and even obesity.

This point also affects their behavior, prizes should be given only occasionally, and as its name says, in the form of an award. The positive reinforcement they produce could be diminished, so that in the long run it would cease to be effective.

many of usseen each of these details in our day to day, most of the time without any apparent negative effect. However, the fact that we do not see it does not mean that the problem is not there, so whenever possible, better safe than sorry.

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In the daily coexistence with our pets, many times we have noticed strange behaviors or attitudes, which leave us confused by not understanding why they carry them out, and even knowing the reason, we are shocked by not being used to that type of behavior .


It is important to know that behind every strange behavior there is a reason, some simpler or more crazy than others, but there is always a cause. Whether your pet starts spinning on its axis for no apparent reason, barks at nothing, or eats anything it finds on the ground. Therefore, before reacting abruptly, or attributing their actions to a mental problem, it is advisable to look further and find out what is causing it.


There are many behaviors on the part of other animals that are completely unknown to us, even with today's technological advances, which is why we often attribute them to evolution and instinct that has helped so much in their survival. This is not all bad, since nature is wise in its selection, but this answer does not give everyone peace of mind, causing debates about whether or not a certain procedure is good for the animal's health, or if it is even necessary.

A fairly clear example of this is the doubt that arises when we see our pets eating plants or herbs that they find in the garden. Mainly our cats and dogs. As if that were not enough, the scarcity of scientific research on these issues only brings us more confusion when it comes to investigating, since there is no one hundred percent correct reason, and the only way to find the real cause is by analyzing the individual. , leaving in the air the uncertainty of whether our pet is sick or if it is his way of expressing his boredom.


4 reasons why dogs and cats eat herbs:


As mentioned above, there is no clear reason why they do this, their motives may be totally different. So rather than give you a detailed and specific analysis of your pet, we will mention some of the reasons behind these behaviors. They can be of great help before establishing your action plan.


  • ? As a method to improve your digestion and purge: this is the most common response to such a situation, but that does not make it invalid. Both the ancestors of dogs and cats used this method to get rid of parasites and improve the gastrointestinal process, being extremely effective in dealing with these problems.


  • ? As a supplement for their diet: there will be times when, no matter how hard we try, we will not be able to meet all the nutritional needs of our pets, either because we do not have the resources or because the animal in question has needs that we do not know. Therefore, they will look for other means to get what they need, sometimes consuming herbs, soil or their own feces.


  • ? As a manifestation of anxiety or stress: animals, unable to speak, express their emotions and discomfort through actions, sometimes using their body, as we can see when they wag their tails or show them through interaction with their environment, such as the act of eating plants or herbs.


  • ? Why they like it: Yes, you read that right. Many times it is not a problem of the animal itself, but rather it is due to simple pleasure, either due to the taste or the sensation it produces, something very similar to what happens with us humans.


Both the reasons and the manifestations of problems in our pets cann vary, so we must always be aware of their needs and peculiarities to make sure that there is not a major problem with our dear companions.

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Cats generally have a reputation for being indifferent and independent, rarely showing affection to their human, unless it is for food. And although this opinion can perfectly describe many cats, we must never forget that they also feel affection, that, like dogs and other domestic animals, they show it in various ways.


The ways they use to show us their affection can be a bit unusual for us, there will even be times when we confuse them with some kind of threat or attack towards us. For this reason, it is important to know how to recognize when our cat is comfortable with our presence and when he is alerting us that we are showing ourselves as a threat to him.


One of the most common habits of cats and that usually causes a lot of confusion is that of licking , not when they do it with themselves or towards other cats, but when they do it with us. The texture of their tongue, and the fact that this act is often accompanied by some other bite, makes us think that they are angry. However, this gesture hides behind it a range of meanings, most of which are usually positive.


4 reasons why our cats lick us:


  1. ?????? As a social bond and a way of expressing appreciation: cats often groom each other as a gesture of acceptance and appreciation, a way of saying "you're from my family and I'm comfortable with you." Of course, this is also transferred to humans, but not with anyone, but only with those who share a strong bond. Turning this gesture into one of the most beautiful symbols of appreciation and trust that we can experience.


  1. ?????? As a way to exchange scents and mark their territory: due to the components of their saliva, it is quite common for them to use it to mark and exchange scents, especially among their young or other beings with whom they live, also serving as a form of communication. recognize and track your family members.


  1. ?????? As part of a game: this is usually done more than anything by small cats, but it is also quite seen in adults. It is usually accompanied by small bites during play and is a way of saying "everything is fine".


  1. ?????? To savor you: it is a bit funny to think that our cats are tasting us, but it is usually one of the most frequent causes, especially if we have just handled some type of food or if we carry an aroma that especially attracts their attention.


When should we worry?


Unfortunately, not everything is rosy. There will be times when this gesture may be a sign of a serious problem in our pets, from a manifestation of stress to a potentially dangerous pathology for their health, such as pica syndrome. We notice this when we see that more than a sporadic gesture, they do it compulsively, which if not stopped, can last for hours.

If when you get home you notice your cat licking plastic objects or other non-digestible materials, as well as other animals or you in an intense way, it would be better to give it a checkup to rule out any health problem and notice if there is something in your home that causes stress or anxiety.

Beyond this, if the cat does it spontaneously and not with much recurrence, it is surely one of the reasons explained above, after all we must remember that they are animals that have a complex and still unknown form of communication in its entiretygive for us.

Don't worry either if your cat has never licked you, despite the fact that it is a normal gesture for them, not all of them do it and on many occasions they will be able to show their affection by other means.

And as a final reminder, never snap back if they lick you, they're not doing it meanly, so they won't understand your reaction. If you don't like being licked, you can try to divert their attention with a toy or prize so they don't do it.

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Our pets are by far one of our most loved beings, it is not for nothing that we fill them with pampering and love whenever we can. But life with them is not always so calm, giving us scares to death on more than one occasion. A clear example of this is when we find our pets shaking uncontrollably and out of their minds.

Seizures are a neurological problem, caused by overexcitation in the neurons responsible for carrying electrical impulses, which triggers a lack of control throughout the nervous system. Which usually manifests itself externally with incoordination, jerks, loss of consciousness, among many others.

What can cause them?

There are many reasons that can cause seizures in pets , from problems with parasites to trauma caused by an accident. Recognizing the cause is an important factor in taking your pet to the vet. Among the many reasons are:

  • Parasites: Certain parasites, especially those acquired in an "irregular" way or through the feces of other animals, can cause seizures or other more serious problems.
  • Poisoning and infection: contact with contaminated food or objects, as well as infectious diseases, can leave seizures as sequels. Being also an unconscious way of the body to make known that there is some kind of internal problem.
  • Trauma: car accidents, strong blows or sudden jolts can irreversibly damage the brain, in many cases this damage is manifested through seizures, either at the time or long after what happened.
  • Metabolic: they are one of the most common causes of seizures, especially in dogs. One of the most common diseases is usually hypoglycemia.
  • Congenital: malformations are usually the main cause of problems of this type in puppies. One of the best known is hydrocephalus, which is characterized by an excess of cerebrospinal volume, being a fairly common cause of epilepsy.
  • Tumors: Brain tumors can bring with them a myriad of problems, including various neurological disorders and seizures .

What should be done during a seizure?

Although it is something difficult to do , staying calm is essential so that we can help and provide adequate care to our partner. So before doing anything, make sure you are calm. Going into a state of panic could negatively affect the situation of the animal. Therefore, we recommend following the steps below:

  • Place it in a safe place: the animal must be placed in a safe place, away from any object with which it can hit. It is advisable to place it on a blanket so that the impact against the ground does not damage it. But you should never wrap it up or bring it too close to heat sources.
  • Record it or take notes: it is important to have a record of everything that happens, every detail can be crucial when taking it to the vet.
  • Staying by his side: Whether it's to prevent him from biting his tongue or hurting himself in any other way, company will always be a much-needed natural pain reliever at such times.

It also helps to mute any sound sources and turn off the lights to give you a calmer environment.


Some precautions to keep in mind:

In these times the risk for pets can be much higher, especially if you go out for a walk very often. Not having adequate surveillance could expose our pet to weather problems, or give rise to situations that would be difficult for us to handle. An example of this would be the one who suffered from a convulsive attack far from our reach, being able to inadvertently consume the snow ,suffocating or that the very cold of the place causes hypothermia.

So it is advisable not to take it out of the house much while it is winter and less without proper surveillance. If it has already been diagnosed with a disease that causes seizures, it would be good to put some striking label or badge on it, which in turn has information about its condition and the owner's data.

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Animals tend to have quite unusual behaviors that create confusion for us. A fairly common one is coprophagia, or the voluntary act of consuming one's own feces or that of other animals. This may be a common act in some species such as insects, however when we see our fellow dogs perform this practice, it may be a sign that something is wrong.

It is important to identify the reason for this behavior in our pets, in order to know if it is necessary to take it to a specialist, or if they are problems that can be corrected with training. You must remember that even if you think it is something minor, it is very important to take your pet to the vet as soon as you see any strange behavior, in order to avoid future problems.

4 Reasons why dogs consume their feces

These are some of the most common reasons for? why your dog could consume feces :

  1. Hygiene and curiosity : It is quite normal for certain dogs to eat their feces to keep their area clean, this is something that is seen quite a lot in nursing mothers who try to keep the place clean for their puppies. In turn, these also imitate this behavior when they see their mothers, but it is usually something they stop doing over time.


  1. Seeking Nutrients and Enzymes: A poor or inconsistent diet could lead your dog to seek nutrients and enzymes elsewhere to supplement his diet. This could cause other serious problems, such as the transmission of pathologies or parasites by consuming the excrements of other animals , as they are more attractive and rich in nutrients and enzymes.


  1. Due to stress and lack of attention: dogs are quite sensitive creatures to their environment. When they are exposed to situations that cause high stress or anxiety, they can develop this habit by trying to drain the pressure they feel. It is something that frequently occurs in dogs that spend many hours alone and that do not usually receive much attention from their owners.


  1. Health problems: when eating feces is more of a one-off or sporadic event, it may be due to problems that can be solved with proper training, or a change in routine. However, when this behavior becomes a daily occurrence, and especially in dogs past puppyhood, it can be an unconscious manifestation of their body trying to signal that there is an internal problem that needs attention.


Now that you know a little more about the causes of this behavior, it will be easier for you to decide the correct way to deal with the problem.

How to prevent your dog from eating feces?

If after taking him to the vet , any health problem is ruled out, it would be time to pay a little more attention to some of these daily practices in order to counteract this fact:

  1. ?Keep your home clean: this is more associated with the areas that your pet frequents. Keeping everything tidy and clean will prevent it from coming into contact with feces or anything else that can cause harm to your dog.


  1. Have an active routine: it is important that your dog exercises at least a couple of times a week , as well as having toys at his disposal so that he can play while he is alone. This will help you to be awareEntered and regulate your energy.


  1. Take care of his diet: it is recommended that you be aware of what he eats and make sure that he is eating a balanced diet , preventing him from looking for missing nutrients by other means. You could also offer treats when you see that he intends to consume feces? and thus persuade him not to do so.

?It is certainly something complicated and difficult to understand at first. But it serves as a wake-up call and makes us think if we are neglecting any of our partner's needs.


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Lovebirds are an ideal option to have as pets. They are so affectionate that they are even called the love bird. Regardless of whether they originate in Africa, several species of lovebirds have adapted perfectly as pets around the world. But it is necessary to have the responsibility of knowing what is the way of obtaining it since, being exotic animals, they are victims of? illegal animal trafficking.

Why choose the lovebird as a pet?

They are very social animals. In the wild they live in herds and maintain a lifelong bond with the pair,?so it is advisable to adopt them in pairs when you take them as a pet, they are very showy, cheerful, colorful birds, also because they are very sociable they have no difficulty living with humans and with other lovebirds. They are capable of learning and repeating music or sounds, so you can play music repetitively and they will learn some musical tunes that you will later enjoy with their singing.

When adopted as a pet, it is convenient to offer them the comfort of living in a large space where they have some freedom to flutter and exercise, for this it is advisable to place them in a cage, preferably metal, with minimum dimensions of 1.25 meters long X 75 cm wide X 75 cm high. Additionally it is necessary that you have your feeder and drinker. It is advisable to introduce some kind of brightly colored toy into the cage.


The lovebird's diet should be considered based on its daily activity and can be made up of feed or a mixture of seeds; portions of vegetables and fruits preferably low in sugar. The dry amount of food should be approximately 15% of the weight of the lovebird, the wet part is recommended to be around 8% of the weight.

Among the seeds used in the diet we have the mixture of seeds for lovebirds, which can be replaced two or three times a week by seed sprouts.

?Among the vegetables used in the diet of lovebirds we have the following: Chard; lettuce; Spinach; Broccoli; Carrot; Red and green pepper, among others.

Among the fruits used in the diet of lovebirds? They are: strawberries, pears, peaches, apples, tangerines, oranges, among others.

Origin of the lovebird

Lovebirds are birds native to Africa. There are several subspecies of lovebirds that have originated? through crosses. Among the best known are:

  • ???????? Fischer's Lovebird: it is one of the rarest of this species, it lives in Tanzania and Kenya.
  • ???????? Roseincollis: is one of the best known? species of lovebirds, is found in southeastern Africa.
  • ???????? Agapornis Personatus: also known as the masked lovebird, it is found in? Tanzania and Kenya. It is a very striking breed of lovebirds? due to its colorful head plumage that gives the impression of wearing a hood or mask. Their bodies can be blue plumage or green plumage.
  • ???????? Nitrogen Lovebirds are found in Zambia; Zimbabwe and Botswana.
  • ???????? Lovebirds Lilianae are found in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Namibia.
  • ???????? Canus lovebirds. Originally from Madagascar, the male is different from the female, that is, they have sexual dimorphism.
  • ???????? Taranta lovebirds. It also has sexual diformism, it is found in the forested areas of Ethiopia and Eritrea.
  • ???????? Pullarius lovebirds. It also presents sexual diformism, almost impossible to breed in captivity, originally from Central Africa.
  • ???????? Agapornis Swindernianus. Also almost impossible to breed in captivity, it is also found in the Central Equatorial African zone.

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One of the diseases known to dog lovers is hip dysplasia . It is likely that more than one has seen a dog with a strange limp or with a very noticeable deformity in the hip. In this article we will talk more about this disease and about which dogs are more likely to suffer from it.

What is hip dysplasia?

Hip dysplasia is an osteoarticular disease? in which there is a defect in the connection between? one or both heads of the femur and the hip (or acetabular cavity). In these cases, the head of the femur is displaced from its original position, which results in a malformation of the hip, as well as an alteration of the head of the femur. In addition to this, this defect in turn leads to a degenerative process that causes pain, lameness, among other symptoms.

This disease is very common in dogs, especially? in some specific races that we will name later. Next, we will talk about the symptoms that a dog with hip dysplasia presents.


Hip dysplasia is a hereditary disease; that is, it can be transmitted from parents to children. However, there are other factors that accelerate the process such as the surface where our pet walks, nutrition, the environment in general. Regarding the symptoms, these can occur depending on the age and the degree in which the disease is found. In the puppies we have:

-????????? You spend a lot of time inactive or sitting.

-????????? Signs of pain if you make jerky movements while playing.

-????????? avoid climbing stairs

-????????? Walks with hind legs close together.

In the case of adult dogs, the symptoms they present may become more evident such as:

-????????? Pain signals due to muscle atrophy.

-????????? Pain when the joint is cold.

-????????? Limp

-????????? The legs are close together while standing.

Dysplasia grades

Now, all these symptoms will be present to a greater or lesser extent depending on the degree of dysplasia. The degrees are as follows:

Grade I: minimal alteration with little subluxation and few degenerative changes.

Grade II: Considerable lateral subluxation of the femoral head, about 25 to 50% outside the acetabulum.

Grade III: Much of the femoral head is dislocated from the acetabulum. Significant degenerative changes also occur.

Grade IV: dislocation of the femoral head with flattening of the acetabular rim and femoral head. Significant degenerative changes.


There are two possible treatments for hip dysplasia: surgical and non-surgical intervention. In the first, an operation is performed to try to correct the position of the joint, improving its mobility. Veterinarians do not recommend this form due to the dangers involved.

The second way, non-surgical, consists of administering anti-inflammatories and chondroprotectors, accompanied by rehabilitation techniques and canine physiotherapy. Fortunately, this method has proven its worth.

Which dogs are more prone to dysplasia?

Finally, it is important to note that large and medium breed dogs are more prone to hip dysplasia than small breeds. Among the best known breeds with this problem are: German shepherd; golden and labrador retrievers, bulldogs, pugs, rottweilers, bulldogs and dogs of molossoid types.

If you require wheelchairs for dogs , harnesses or knee protectors, in our store we offer you some options for dogs and cats. For more informationof this and other diseases, do not hesitate to consult our blog.

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It is no secret to anyone that a healthy diet is vital to ensure the health of a pet. By investing in quality food, you are also investing in a preventive measure that will prevent your cat from getting sick easily.

However, it is often difficult for a person to buy a good meal, either because it is not available or because of its high cost. It also happens that a good meal is not enough and it is necessary to resort to vitamin supplements.

In this article we present some of our best vitamin supplements for cats that you can get at a good price in our store . Before proceeding to describe them, it is worth noting that food supplements are not essential for a good diet and should only be given to your pet if a veterinarian has recommended it. Having made this clarification, we will now describe the following supplements

1. Gimpet Malt Soft Extra

The extra soft gimpet malt serves to facilitate the digestion process and also contributes to the natural expulsion of your pet's hairballs. This product is composed of an aromatic malt of natural purity, vegetable oil and a lactose derivative, all of which are of vegetable origin. The presentations that we currently have are 50grs, 100grs and 200grs. To learn more about this product, I invite you to look for its full description.

2. Pasta Balanced Aging Formula senior cats

The balanced aging paste is a supplement intended for cats over 7 years of age in order to positively influence the healthy aging of the feline. Among the multiple benefits it offers we have: optimal digestion; improvement of fat metabolism, improvement of the immune system, helps keep joints flexible and has a calming effect against stress.

This product is composed of derivatives of vegetable origin, oils, fats, fish and its derivatives, molluscs and crustaceans. It is recommended to keep cold once opened. We have this product in its presentation of 50grs.

3. Paste Stress Control Formula for cats

Another paste that you can give your cat is stress control paste. As its name suggests, this paste helps reduce stress and anxiety at a chronic or acute level that your cat may suffer from situations such as visits to the vet, moving or changes in their environment.

Among the benefits it offers we have: improved sleep; fear reduction, calming, antidepressant and anti-inflammatory effects, contributes to the formation of the hormone of happiness and reduces the probability of infection in the cat's body caused by stress. You can find this product in its presentation of 50grs. For more information about it, we invite you to review the product description.

4. GimCat Multi Vitamin Plus 100gr

The gimcat multi-vitamin plus has 12 vitamins that strengthen the body's natural defenses, as well as the development of healthy and shiny skin and coat. This product is especially recommended for breeding cats and for show cats. Like the rest, its ingredients are derived from plant origin. Finally, this product is available in its presentation of 100grs.

5. Anibio Allergoderm 290g Food Allergies

Finally, the allergoderm anibio is a supplement that strengthens the immune system, reduces food and dust allergies, reduces itchy skin and stabilizes the intestinal flora. This product should be allowed to act for about 2 minutes before attempting to feed it.to the pet. All its ingredients are natural.

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We are in the middle of summer here in Spain, which means that there is still time to have a good time on the beach or do various outdoor activities. However, although for some this time of year is their favorite, the same cannot be said of our pets.

In summer, dogs often suffer from heat strokes due to the fact that it is difficult for them to regulate their body temperature. The latter, in extreme cases, can lead to putting your pet's health at risk. For this reason, it is necessary that you prepare well and thus be able to keep your furry friend happy, and more importantly, safe.

On this occasion we want to offer you the best summer products to help you guarantee your pet the best care at this time of year. Here are 5 essential products for your dog this summer:

1.???? Ice Bowl Drinker for Pets

This drinker is extremely useful to keep your dog's water fresh for hours. To use the ice bowl drinker correctly, you have to leave it in the freezer for two hours. Then, you remove it from the freezer, place it on its non-slip base, pour in the water and voila! This water will stay fresh for approximately five hours, which will allow your pet to cool off without the need to constantly change the water due to temperature.

two.???? Cool Mat Anti-mosquito Refreshing Mat

Another essential product for your dog?during the summer?and to?keeping it cool is investing in a cooling mat. The mat that we offer refrigerates at a temperature of 10C? according to the weight of your pet for approximately three to four hours of continuous use. What sets the cool mat refreshing anti-mosquito mat apart from the rest, as the name suggests, is that this mat is infused with a citronella fragrance, allowing it to keep mosquitoes away from your pet while you enjoy a break.

3.???? Cooling Bandana For Dogs Fresk Cooling

The fresh cooling bandana for dogs is a collar for dogs that has a plastic tube filled with a gel that allows you to cool your dog while you take him for a walk, take him to the beach or simply if he is? stays at home The collar cools for a period of thirty to fifty minutes.

To use it, you first have to put the tube of gel in the freezer for twenty minutes and then place the tube in the bandana. Simple right? We have three sizes available (S, M and L). To identify which measure is best for your dog, we invite you to find more information about the product in our virtual store.

Four.???? Cooling Dumbbell For Dog

This clever toy is ideal for hot days. The cooling dumbbell (in both small and large sizes) is made from natural, non-toxic rubber that resists biting. While your pet is having fun, the water you pour into the dumbbell will escape through the pores of the toy, refreshing the dog's mouth.

5.???? Fan For Carriers

Finally, in case you want to transport your dog in its cage for a trip by car, train or plane, we offer you the fan for carriers. Said fan, which workedBattery-powered, it mounts easily to the outside of the grid and will cool your pet for up to 100 hours.

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If, by fate, you have a dog that fits these descriptions, then you can count on the presence of totally destroyed toys somewhere in the house. It does not matter at all whether they are small or large dogs, without discriminating breeds or sizes.

Now, no toy is ready for these animals to chew on, although there are some that last longer than others.

The Squeakers

Squeakers are always the first choice for the vast majority of dogs. However, the moment the squeak disappears in these toys, they become non-primal.

The solution is to have several of these as spare parts so there is no end to the fun for your pet. In addition, this entertainment object does not have padding or matter that is harmful to it.

Zogoflex Hurley

These toys are specifically for those dogs that like to play while swimming, since the Zogoflex Hurley have the particularity of floating and being resistible. In the event that your pet is able to shatter it, the manufacturer of the product will replace it without obligation.

Dental Durable Nylabone

As far as dental bones are concerned, they are excellent for direct cleaning of your dog's teeth. However, most of these do not support much of the mandibular power of all.

The toy is specifically designed for those with a heavy jaw, in order to be more resistant.

Jolly Pet Romp-n-Roll

The particularity of this toy is the variety of games that can originate from it, depending on environments and ways of handling. For example, throwing and grabbing with the rope, chewing on the ball and so on.

In turn, the ball floats and can be punctured without deflating.

Diamond Plate Orbee Ball

It should be clarified that tennis balls are not designed to withstand the jaws of a dog. However, this does not break or cost the same .

Its design is sheathed in full resistance, since the manufacturers have this as a goal.

Nylabone Dura Chew Wishbone

At first glance it can be seen as a toy that does not break easily.

kong flyer

Frisbees are no match for a dog with strong jaws. This frisbee offers a more durable alternative.

Sherpa Baby Dragon

It can be made clear that this toy is honestly not made for large dogs. It has double stitching and is made of a strong material such as Kevlar.

These toys come in many different forms, from dinosaurs to barnyard animals.

Zogoflex Tux

Another way to keep your canine entertained is to stuff them with treats or other foods. It's foundmade by a highly resistant material known as Zogoflex.

Thistoy is not just for a quiet chew time. It also bounces and floats, making it a good option for active dogs.


This is perhaps the toughest dog toy out there.

For safety, this toy is built with a red interior, so you know when the dog has penetrated the surface.

This is one of the best known and favorite cats in the home due to its attractive appearance. They are very sophisticated cats with an exotic physical appearance. Another factor that makes it attractive is its longevity: you can live up to 20 years... incredible, right? They provide the possibility of company for a long time!

Main characteristics of this breed

There are great benefits of have a Siamese cat , and basically refer to the great qualities that these little animals possess. Not all cats have the same behavior or the same peculiarities. The Siamese cat has a slightly defined personality based on behaviors that characterize it:


They are experts communicating their feelings to their owner. If they are hungry, they do not like something or they lack water, they will immediately claim it through repeated physical acts such as meowing and restless walking.


Yes, Siamese cats have a high level of intelligence, which is why they become ideal for taming them and keeping them company due to the agility and good behavior they show. You can teach them their sleeping place, the sand to go to the bathroom along with other essential rules, and they will soon understand. So with these cats you will avoid headaches.


And this goes hand in hand with their intelligence and communication. If you teach him the correct habits, your Siamese cat will be able to use his litter correctly for his physiological needs. In addition, thanks to their intelligence they are able to communicate any concern regarding their hygiene.


It is very difficult to see a Siamese cat on the street. There are many factors that could influence this, but one of them is that they are not stray animals, they already like the home more than the outside. This brings great advantages since they are less prone to contracting conditions from the street, such as skin diseases, physical damage or dirt.

All these qualities make the Siamese cat a suitable animal to have at home, as they offer great benefits to have it? at home. They are clean, intelligent, educated, obedient and easy to care for. What else do you need?

Some recommendations for your care


The Taking care of a Siamese cat is relatively simple and does not involve something completely different from other breeds. Although they are home and less likely to contract diseases, the veterinarian cannot miss their control. It is important to keep your vaccinations and deworming up to date to avoid future conditions; In addition, you will be able to validate with your veterinarian what the most appropriate care is and the possible diseases that it may develop according to its genetics, in order to prevent them immediately.


The food? goes hand in hand with the needs of the animal. Each one has the necessary nutrients for the development and correct growth of the pet, for this reason it is essential to go to a veterinarian to provide advice on the appropriate food according to its age. However, water and good milk should not be missing. The feed, in its balanced form, is also highly recommended for this breed, whether dry or wet.

Establish correct eating habits to keep your cat satiated and well fed, without incurring in a very poor or excessive diet. Once you establish his routine meals, he will get used to eating at that time, so you must always meet him at the stipulated time if you do not want a hungry cat.shy and sullen.

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When we acquire a pet, either because we adopted, bought or were given as a gift, it is something that we accept with great enthusiasm, love and joy, but many times we forget that this brings with it many responsibilities and among them keeping them healthy , which should be a priority for the pets. owners.

But what do we mean when we say??My Pet is Healthy?; healthy in every way, physical and emotional health too. It has always been said that dogs must live an adventure a day and more so in these times where the Cosmopolitan lifestyle takes us on a run and we cannot forget that our dogs need to live experiences, run, bark, dig, hide bones, among others. others. That is why it is important to keep in mind that the owner's responsibility is to keep his son healthy and happy.? pet.?


Techniques to keep my dog healthy


  1. ?????? Taking him to his regular consultations with his trusted veterinarian and doing his periodic check-ups helps us keep him healthy.
  2. ?????? Good nutrition is fundamental and literally the key to success here, because if we do not feed our pet correctly, this would affect its health in the long and medium term.
  3. ?????? The hour of the walk is also fundamental for our canine, since it serves so that both the owner and the pet relax and disperse their minds, it is a way for the pet to remain active and its blood circulation is ideal. Certain types of care are included in the walk that will also keep our pet healthy, such as: Checking the pads of its paws to verify that nothing was nailed during the walk and if we live in areas where winter seasons are very strong, it is good to put shoes on our dogs, since in winter they eliminate the?snow is cleaned with special chemicals and it can affect their legs.
  4. ?????? Grooming, this is extremely important because this prevents future diseases in the skin of our dogs.
  5. ?????? The types of toys must be suitable for pets, because our beloved dogs in most cases find it pleasant to eat our children's toys, shoes, wood, among others. and in the long term that causes diseases in their stomach.


love your pet

At the moment that as a family or independent person you decide to have a pet, you assume all those responsibilities that the fact of having them produces, you have to love them unconditionally, because they will be unconditional for us every day of their lives.

We as humans must understand that we are the world for them, we are the people who feed them, bathe them, pamper them, take care of them, protect them and walk them. Actually their life revolves around what we do for them. Dogs are a blessing and the joy of a house or a family, therefore keeping them healthy should become a task of honor for the owner. It must always be remembered that dogs must live an adventure a day in order to prolong their life .

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?When we acquire a pet, either because we adopted, bought or were given as a gift, it is something that we accept with great enthusiasm, love and joy, but many times we forget that this brings with it many responsibilities and among them keeping them healthy , which should be a priority for the pets. owners.

But what do we mean when we say??My Pet is Healthy?; healthy in every way, physical and emotional health too. It has always been said that dogs must live an adventure a day and more so in these times where the Cosmopolitan type of life takes us on a run and we cannot forget that we do notOur dogs need to live experiences, run, bark, dig, hide bones, among others. That is why it is important to keep in mind that the owner's responsibility is to keep his son healthy and happy.? pet.?


Techniques to keep my dog healthy


  1. ?????? Taking him to his regular consultations with his trusted veterinarian and doing his periodic check-ups helps us keep him healthy.
  2. ?????? Good nutrition is fundamental and literally the key to success here, because if we do not feed our pet correctly, this would affect its health in the long and medium term.
  3. ?????? The hour of the walk is also fundamental for our canine, since it serves so that both the owner and the pet relax and disperse their minds, it is a way for the pet to remain active and its blood circulation is ideal. Certain types of care are included in the walk that will also keep our pet healthy, such as: Checking the pads of its paws to verify that nothing was nailed during the walk and if we live in areas where winter seasons are very strong, it is good to put shoes on our dogs, since in winter they eliminate the?snow is cleaned with special chemicals and it can affect their legs.
  4. ?????? Grooming, this is extremely important because this prevents future diseases in the skin of our dogs.
  5. ?????? The types of toys must be suitable for pets, because our beloved dogs in most cases find it pleasant to eat our children's toys, shoes, wood, among others. and in the long term that causes diseases in their stomach.


love your pet

At the moment that as a family or independent person you decide to have a pet, you assume all those responsibilities that the fact of having them produces, you have to love them unconditionally, because they will be unconditional for us every day of their lives.

We as humans must understand that we are the world for them, we are the people who feed them, bathe them, pamper them, take care of them, protect them and walk them. Actually their life revolves around what we do for them. Dogs are a blessing and the joy of a house or a family, therefore keeping them healthy should become a task of honor for the owner. It must always be remembered that dogs must live an adventure a day in order to prolong their life .

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Depression: dogs suffer from it too

Dogs represent the favorite pet of the home. It is very common to find them inside a home because they have become part of the nucleus that composes it. There are different reasons why people choose them as pets, but what cannot be denied is that one of these causes is love and the company they provide.

If you have a pet, you should be aware that just like human beings, they have emotions. Your pet feels your pampering and scolding, feels the changes around him and is therefore susceptible to different moods, as well as happiness, sadness, or even in its most fatal version: canine depression . There are several factors why a canine experiences these types of feelings, whether it be happiness or sadness.

Some Common Causes of Canine Depression

You come home one day and see your dog listless... he hasn't tasted his food or he doesn't run over to receive you. This means that it is probably down. Beyond a physical cause, it can contain emotional discomfort. Among the main causes of canine depression , we can find:

1.????? Death of a loved one: the dog, in fact, is the best friend of man: it is surprising the level of affection that these dogs can develop with their owners. They become part of his life and the friendly bonds become very strong. The owner is able to become the world of the dog, and if he is not there, the pet will quickly notice this and feel a great emptiness.

two.????? Excessive loneliness: a canine is a social animal. Likes interaction with other humans and animals. He really enjoys games and outings, as well as cuddles and physical contact. If your dog spends too much time alone at home, or isolated in a backyard, he is probably feeling depressed and displaced. A human being does not have to endure living in isolation either; therefore, pets also need warmth and human contact, just like us.

3.????? The arrival of the baby: just like a child, a pet can feel jealous. They are able to observe the changes related to attention and care, and it is no secret to anyone that when a new member of the family arrives, all the attention is directed to him. Because of this, the pet can experience a feeling of displacement that leads it to acquire a much more taciturn mood. If this feeling spreads, it can become depressive.

Four.????? Anxiety and stress: anxiety and stress can be caused by certain situations. In general, these are unpleasant moments for the pet, and can be related to scolding or punishment, physical aggression, helplessness, changes in their lifestyle or fights with other dogs. These feelings can later generate sadness in the animal and induce post -traumatic depression.

To do?

No one likes their pet to be sad or depressed. For this reason, it is important that as owners we keep ourselves informed about the activity of our dog and learn to know him very well to intuit what may upset him. There are several factors, some already mentioned, for which a canine experiences this type of feelings of happiness or sadness, and for this reason it is necessary to learn to identify them in the measure.as much as possible to contribute to its improvement.

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Dogs are animals of habit, it is up to each pet owner to dedicate the necessary time to teach them to relieve themselves in places outside the home or suitable for it, since if they did it inside the home, this would result in unhealthiness, flies , bad smells, among others.

The exposure inside the house of pee and dog poo where dogs and people live together gives an unpleasant image to the sight, and to the smell of the people who cohabit in the home, and much more for the people who at some point make a visit.

Dogs should be created habits from a very young age, especially when we refer to the fact that they should not relieve themselves inside the home, we must bear in mind that they never make their stools near the places in which they sleep or eat.

How do I train my dog

We must start by placing newspaper in the place where we want them to relieve themselves , but we must act with perseverance and dedication, expressing to our puppies when they do the task well with a word of encouragement, a show of affection or a reward.

This activity must be carried out constantly for a relatively short period of time, until the pet assumes it as usual, the newspaper must be changed to the dog to make its stools, and immediately it must be placed in the places where the garbage is located, and immediately place another newspaper.

The best stage to initiate dogs in learning the chosen space to perform their physiological needs is when they are still small, this is a job that requires dedication since they urinate and make their stools many more times and the intervals are shorter than when they are adults.

Dedication and perseverance are the key

You must do a meticulous job with your dog, if you own a piece of land you must emphasize taking it to the chosen place at a certain time so that your pet gets used to it, in order to create the habit of doing its business in the same place

For this, you must take into account your time and the availability to dedicate the necessary attention constantly, monitoring during the learning time the behavior that the dog presents, if what you are doing, you do it in the ideal way and put into practice the necessary corrective actions your dog will learn quickly.

This methodology or teaching must be done with love, but showing firmness, words or commands must be used, with which the dog manages to establish a relationship between the command and the need to fulfill its physiological needs.

If for any reason you surprise your dog, pooping or urinating inside the house, you should not punish him or raise your voice, the normal thing is that you let him finish, take him to the assigned place to relieve himself repeating the words chosen for such purpose and thus achieve that the pet becomes familiar with the situation

You must be aware when the dog turns on itself progressively because this attitude will indicate that it is ready to poop, the same will happen when it bends over if it is female or raises its hind leg if it is male, that is a sign that your pet that is going to urinate and for which you must take it to the place indicated for this purpose

Try to get the dog to assume the habit of relieving himself in the right place and assigned for it, for which you must maintain a constant teaching regimen, having the necessary patience to achieve the objectives.

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