It is well known that lighting inside an aquarium plays a fundamental role when it comes to chemical processes, the most fundamental. Therefore, it is highly ideal that an estimated proportion be made.

It is extremely important that they are provided with a total of up to 12 hours of light per day. For this reason, the possibility of having our aquarium in a place in the house with a lot of natural light, if possible, would be very interesting. The sun is the most appropriate natural light source. In this way, all the inhabitants of the aquarium, animals and plants, will be able to develop their vital functions in the aquatic environment.

Natural aquarium fish and plants share the same respiration mechanism: this physiology consists of a simple transport of oxygen into the cells. However, if animals are supplied with sugar via food, plants manufacture it directly thanks to photosynthesis.

For plants to have a balanced biorhythm, it is necessary that they have an adequate amount of light radiation. This is why the artificial light in the aquarium will always be located in? upper part giving light just like in nature and the fish will not be able to perceive any shadow so they will be calmer and we will be able to better observe the whole set.

Fish are used in nature to swim through shadowy areas, so we could resort to the use of points of light to leave some shadowy areas. In general, if we have plants, they are usually all over the surface of the aquarium, so we will resort to conveniently lighting the entire surface of the aquarium.

The installation of the fluorescents in an aquarium must be close to the surface of the water and towards the front of the aquarium since in this way we will observe a greater vividness in the color of our fish, which only happens if the light falls on them. from the front (from in front of the aquarium but above the surface of the water, never through the front window).

It is important that the lamps are close to the water since this is a denser medium than air and therefore the light losses are greater, if we increase the distance of the lamps from the water surface we can lose up to 3/4 parts of the light.

If lamps hanging above the aquarium are used, then their power should be high. Aquarium screens are usually made of black plastic, to increase lighting towards the aquarium we can cover the area near the fluorescents with aluminum sheets if they are not already, such as the front cover of the aquarium.

Given all of the above, it can be made clear that lighting for an aquarium is extremely important to be able to give your pet that style and comfort it needs.

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