Food is an essential element for the survival of all living beings. In the case of felines, a good diet contributes not only to meeting their basic needs, but also helps them receive the necessary nutrients for the optimal functioning of the body and improve health. To guarantee the latter, the key is in food selection.

Today, there is a wide range of cat food options. However, this can be boiled down to two broad categories: dry food and wet food. Many pet owners (even felines themselves) have opted for one option or the other. In this opportunity, the benefits that both types of food offer to the good nutrition of cats will be collected in order to answer the following question: Should my baby cat eat dry or wet food?

The benefits of dry food

Dry cat food , also called dry cat food, is simply any type of cat food that contains 5-10% moisture. Among the benefits offered by this type of food are:

  1. ?????? Helps clean your cat's teeth.
  2. ?????? It is very easy to store and preserve, having a much longer shelf life than wet foods once it is opened.
  3. ?????? It can be kept on the cat 's plate for many hours without spoiling.
  4. ?????? Helps the cat's feces to be solid.

It should be noted that dry food is usually the main food par excellence, giving our feline friend the necessary nutrients. However, the only problems with dry food are: 1. That meat is often combined with other by-products and vegetables, since cats are clearly carnivorous, and 2. The food itself does not offer cats cats enough water that they should drink daily. With that said, we'll move on to wet cat food.

The benefits of wet food

Wet cat food makes up for dry cat food's lack of fluid intake. A cat hardly drinks water on its own, since it is usually extremely uncomfortable for it to get its whiskers wet. It is not under extreme necessity that he seeks to hydrate himself. In view of this, different types of wet food were created that have between 60 to 80% moisture, which have the following benefits:

  1. ?????? They increase the fluid intake in the cat's diet.
  2. ?????? It is essential for cats suffering from constipation.
  3. ?????? It can get hot to give off a stronger and more tentative smell.
  4. ?????? Due to its texture, it is easy to eat for cats that have a deficiency or oral problem.

What food is best for a baby cat?

It is important to know that depending on the stage of life in which a cat is, it will prefer one food over others. In the case of baby cats, it is best to give them wet food in the first months of life until they are old enough to then switch to dry food.

However, already in the adult stage and considering all of the above, the best thing for your cat is to have a mixed diet of dry and wet meat in order to guarantee an excellent diet. If you want to buy good quality dry or wet food, do not hesitate to visit our store that has the best prices.

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