Following the theme of aggressive dogs, it is time to talk about the use of the muzzle . Some time ago there was talk of it by this means, but it is worth returning to the subject and adding a couple of things about it. First of all, it is necessary to remember that if you do not want to have an aggressive dog that is classified as a "potentially dangerous dog" (PPP), it is necessary to educate it from puppyhood and give it all the attention it deserves.

However, it may be too late as your dog is already an adult and has shown these tendencies or your pet reacts negatively to certain situations or people in particular. In this article, a clear distinction will be made between when a muzzle should be used and when it is completely unnecessary. Without further ado, we will move on to the central theme in question.

Correct use of the muzzle

Many dog owners are unaware of the proper uses of the muzzle. In the first instance, it is only thought that the muzzle serves to prevent your dog from biting other people or animals by closing its snout. So far, so good.

However, the muzzle for dogs is also useful in cases where your dog has a bad habit of wanting to eat garbage or everything he finds on the street. If your pet does this, it can easily make them sick, so action needs to be taken. To do this, you can train your dog and gradually eliminate this habit. If there is no positive response to training, then the use of the muzzle is resorted to.

Another function that the muzzle has, which is contained in the first one, is when you take your dog to the vet. There have been cases of some dogs that, although they are usually calm and affectionate, are aggressive to the veterinarian who intends to examine and treat them. To save yourself a hard time and if you have already seen that your pet is aggressive with the vet, it is best to have a muzzle as a last resort.

Now, these are the three cases in which the use of the muzzle is necessary. Briefly, the incorrect uses of the muzzle are as follows: using the muzzle to prevent your dog from constantly barking; muzzle your dog for long periods of time, use closed-type muzzles on dogs with flat snouts, as they greatly limit their breathing, to prevent damage to the home and when even your dog does not show aggressive tendencies.

Before closing with this article, while your dog may need a muzzle, always think of it as the last resort available. Before considering the idea of using a muzzle, analyze the situation well, try other training methods and never put a muzzle on your dog for long periods of time, always at specific times.

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