Anyone who has had a cat will surely say that one of the most unpleasant things they have had to face is having their home impregnated with cat pee . It's uncomfortable when, after a long, hard day at work, you're greeted in your own home by a smell so strong you want to run out of the room.

In the worst case scenario, if your cat is untrained or prefers to urinate outside the litter box, the odor can increase and the urine can become difficult to clean. The second can be cleaned, but the smell of urine, if the proper procedure is not applied, can remain in the environment. That is why we find ourselves in the need to find solutions to eliminate the smell of cat pee and, on this occasion, we would like to share with you some tips to achieve it.

Clean up as much urine as possible

If you are in the house at the time your cat relieves himself, try to take a few minutes and immediately clean the box or the area where he has urinated. As stated above, even after you've cleaned up the smell of cat pee may remain, but it will be minor compared to leaving it for later. And while you may not be able to completely remove the urine at the time, it will make a very substantial difference to doing nothing.

The most recommended, in case your cat urinates outside the box, is to use absorbent paper towels. If your cat urinates on any of the curtains or even an item of clothing, immediately wash and dry them. The best way to clean anything that smells like cat urine is to use detergents with baking soda or enzyme additives. Now, if your pet urinates in the litter box, this will make the cleaning process much easier for you.

Uses of enzyme cleaners

Enzymatic cleaners, in simple words, completely remove urine, leaving it smelling fresh once it dries. However, they are not only useful for cleaning, but have a more subtle function. This function is to prevent your pet from urinating in the same place again, since they completely eliminate any trace of cat pee odor and make it less likely that the cat, which has a better sense of smell than the human being, picks up the smell and wants to urinate in the same place again.

Prevent future incidents

The best recommendation that can be given is to have prevention. If you notice that your cat is urinating very frequently during the course of the day, he may be suffering from anxiety or have a kidney problem, so you should see the vet for a check-up. Another solution is to train your cat to urinate exclusively in the litter box or, if he already does, it is recommended to have several litter boxes spread over different areas of your home.

I hope these tips will be useful to you. For more information, I invite you to review our blog and, if you need a product for cats, check out our online store.

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    MascotaPlanet - 07/27/2020 09:58:28

    Buenos días, podría usar alguna arena con olor como alguna de Arquivet con olor a Manzana o Lavanda para disminuir el olor a pipi, podría también darle algún producto que lleve yuca para rebajar el olor, o la mas drástica seria castrarlo si fuera un macho, un saludo

    Zoe - 07/23/2020 03:57:41

    Mi gato hace pis en las piedritas y hay mucho olor en mi casa las limpio 3 veces por dia pero cuando hace pis enseguida se siente super fuerte porque puede ser?

    MascotaPlanet - 09/26/2019 09:09:01

    Un producto que da muy buenos resultados es el Limpiador Desinfectante y eliminador de olores de Bubbles: La única pega es en pulverizador, debería de identificar la zona o zonas y rociarlo, o aplicar en una mopa desechable y pasarlo por todo el suelo de la casa o lugares donde hiciera el gato sus necesidades, un saludo

    Moledo Griselda - 09/25/2019 17:15:27

    Tuve inquilinos y su gato hacia pis en la casa y no. puedo quitar el olor,ya e probado de todo ,,que puedo hacer?¿