Cats are free animals that need to roam the neighborhood without limitations, which is a clear sign that they will come back pregnant in a matter of hours. Now, with regard to the gestation period, it is carried out in an oscillation of 57 to 63 days.

Said passage of time is too short a period and it happens quite quickly. Given this, approximately half of it is where the first signs of pregnancy are expressed.

Therefore, you will have a great obligation not to be taken by surprise by all this. To do this, you must inform yourself properly to prepare and help your pet as it should be. It is essential to take note and know well about the matter.

The pregnancy of a cat

In the first place, you will have to try to keep the cat inside the home and, as far as possible, when you find the abdomen totally distended. Since, it will not be able to move easily enough, which will make it have very few fleas to move. A clear sign of protection so that no apparent damage is caused, in addition to feeling that your ability to react will be fully diminished.

As far as this stage is concerned, you have to know that he is going to try to find a suitable home for his young and you must help him. At birth, your cat will have to deal with some kind of help in care, and you as her owner will have a certain responsibility.

Before the day of delivery

Before giving birth, you will notice that the cat has a certain excess of tranquility, although she will look for a suitable place to carry out the birth. Try to find him a place that is too quiet and comfortable above all.

Now, if he already picked one, you better respect him.

The moment of childbirth

Then, you must give her space and solitude to carry out the birth, which can last several hours. It is important that this close bond between mother and children is particular to your pet.

Later, the moment of postpartum will come, where she will eat her own placenta in order to lighten herself and obtain energy. Therefore, it is convenient that you leave your food and water bowl nearby.

It is extremely obvious that the process of childbirth is quite exhausting. The food is advisable to have a high content of nutrients and protein. This will help you get up successfully.

Finally, in a clear maternal instinct, the cat will feed each of her young with her milk. In short, it will be framing a deep period of adaptation of mother and offspring. Thus, later, give them some freedom and separation from the herd.

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