This may sound extremely weird to most dog owners, but yes, there are some owners who let their pet out unattended to go outside for a while and then come home. The latter is not impossible, since a dog can be trained to do so while in an urbanization with bars and with little probability that it will reach the street and get lost.

However, this action cannot be encouraged, because it can lead to putting the pet at risk, as well as becoming a nuisance to the community. Here are the reasons why you should never let your dog go for a walk alone.

Affects the hygiene of the place

When you take a dog for a walk in an urbanization, the right thing to do is to be prepared with paper and a bag to collect its feces and not leave it in a place where people usually pass. Not doing this is not only in bad taste, since any neighbor could step on the dog's excrement and have a bad time, but it also directly affects the hygiene of the community.

Of course, if you are not even present while the dog relieves itself, this will obviously happen and the people living in that community will be extremely angry with the dog and its owner, as it is an extremely irresponsible and selfish act.

Having a dog is a responsibility and, if you decide to have one, you have to be aware that from time to time you will have to ?get your hands dirty?, without forgetting that you also have a responsibility with your own neighbors, seeking to have a healthy coexistence.

diseases can be contracted

Apart from the hygiene of the place , the dog may be susceptible to contracting a disease, either because it digested a foreign object, ate garbage that was in the area, or because it was in contact with another dog or animal from the street. Dogs are like children, they are very curious and careless creatures that, by not paying attention to them, can hurt themselves.

The pet may be in danger

Finally, always keep in mind that if you let your dog loose without any supervision, you are exposing it to many dangers. On the one hand, they can fight with a dog or other animal without anyone to stop them, causing wounds that can even become infected. In addition to this, there are some dogs that become aggressive with strangers to them, so it can also happen that your dog bites a person and, in defense, hurts your pet, all for not being present

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