Although the holiday season is about to end after the new year, several reports from veterinarians arrive that mention that it is the time when they receive the most medical emergencies. Keeping Pets during the holidays can be a bit complicated for some, but here are some tips that will undoubtedly work for you.

pets and decorations

It is usual that in most houses where Christmas is celebrated, a pine tree or various decorations are placed. Thanks to their nature of shapes or plays of light, it is common for a dog or cat to entertain themselves pulling and playing with these decorations, causing some accidents that can even be fatal.

Dogs that ate plastic or glass, cats that cut themselves, or electrocuted pets are just a few of the emergencies that reach veterinarians. This forces owners to have to take care of pets during the holidays more than is preferred. But all is not lost, as there are some necessary guidelines.

It is advisable to buy a repellent so that your tree and the various items you place are safe. It is also very important to mention that early education is needed, since in this way pets will learn to live with these Christmas traditions.

pets vs christmas tree

The classic and quite common element of the Christmas festivities is the setting of the famous Christmas tree. Here there are only two ways: Place a Christmas pine cut from controlled farms or buy an artificial one in any of the stores in the country. The problem is that both bring problems when it comes to pets.

On the one hand, natural pine naturally attracts your pets, causing both dogs and cats to defecate nearby or mark their territory; on the other hand, an artificial one causes pets to eat and swallow it, causing the polymers to affect their digestive health. The tips from above also fit perfectly here: Repellent and early education.

What happens at dinner times?

Christmas dinner and New Year's celebrations come quickly in the year. Each country has its traditional dishes and different preparations. Without a doubt, the company with your family is essential, but it is almost certain that you will have something left over for the following days, and of course your pet is more than happy with the news.

Stomach overload and intestinal infections in pets increase in these times, since owners usually give pets a little food, ignoring the large number of ingredients that do tremendous damage. The important thing here is to give it lean meat, without any type of flavor and not in excess.

It is not difficult to keep your pets safe during the holidays , so you just have to follow very easy recommendations so that your furry friend also enjoys these holidays too much.

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