In the case of reptile pets, these imply great responsibility, to attend to their needs and provide them with everything they need.

There is a wide range of reptiles that have become excellent pets. They can be easily fed and cared for, if you have everything you need. In some cases, its particular characteristics must be taken into account.

Habitat and feeding

What you have to know is that you cannot have a reptile just anywhere. It needs a large terrarium to be able to live, decorated as much as possible with stones that simulate its natural environment.

In some cases, if it is a reptile that comes from a very hot environment, it is necessary to have heaters that keep the terrarium within a certain temperature. Sometimes you have to heat the water for them, if it is an amphibian.

Inside they must have a suitable substrate, a feeder and a drinker with water. Also remember that in some cases it is good to add vitamins to your food and you should be aware of certain trends in your metabolism. If they are altered, you should consult a veterinarian to keep it in good health.

Reptile pets, like any other, have needs and requirements. But once you get to know them, they are an easy little animal to care for.

What reptiles can we have?

The range of reptiles that can be kept is very wide. Many of these are already expertly bred, so they are related to humans and much more tame. Here are some popular species:

Green Iguana: this reptile needs a large terrarium, since it measures between 1 and almost 2 meters. Their habitat should have some vegetation. She has a docile character, and is good with children. Is herbivorous.

Bearded Dragon: needs a large terrarium with an arid setting. It has a medium size, since it weighs at most 500 grams and has a very sociable personality. Is omnivore.

Frogs: as it is an amphibian, you must provide them with a terrarium with water. To keep the water clean, you should also install a filter. You must provide them with insects to feed on.

Gecko: This cute little reptile is a kind of pet that has become very popular. Your terrarium should be decorated with stones and plants, with a clear and distinguishable drinking fountain. They feed on insects.

Turtles: Turtles are very easy to care for, especially if they are land turtles. The aquatic ones must be in an aquaterrarium, in a humid environment. They feed on all kinds of vegetables.

Snakes: the possession of these is not without controversy, since they can be dangerous. If you want to have one, look within non-poisonous species, which have been bred in captivity, because they will be more docile.

Reptile pets are ideal for personalities who are looking for something out of the ordinary and who are willing to take good care of them.

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