In one of the articles that has been on this blog for some time, a comparison was made between hot water fish and cold water fish. In said article, the points in favor of these two species were shown, stating that cold water fish are the easiest to care for , while hot water fish stand out for their beauty.

On this occasion we would like to dedicate an exclusive space to delve a little more into cold water species, reminding the reader why they are a good option as pets, the care they require and finally mention some of these fish in case you are interested in acquiring one. Without further ado, here are some considerations about cold water fish.

your care

As stated earlier, cold water fish outperform warm water fish (and are on par with freshwater fish) when it comes to their care. These species are very easy to care for, to the point that they are highly recommended if you want to have a fish tank or an aquarium for the first time.

You might ask yourself: Why are they easier to care for compared to other species? First of all, since they are fish that are used to living in temperatures between 16? and 23?C, they do not require a heater like hot water fish. Their natural condition has made them quite resistant and they are able to adapt very well to their environment.

Secondly, in relation to their diet, most of these fish are omnivores; that is, they feed on both animals and plants. However, depending on the habitat where they are found, they will lean more to one side than the other, but there are few cold water species that are purely carnivorous, so there is no risk in putting several of these fish to live with each other. . Also, the amount of food they need depends on their size.

Finally, the maintenance of the fish tank is similar to that of the rest of the fish, since you simply have to clean the fish tank from time to time of feces and food remains.

some cold water fish

Before finishing, it is necessary to mention at least some cold water fish that could catch your attention and that are well known:

The sun perch stands out above all for its colors, putting in doubt that only warm water fish are the most striking. The only problem with this fish is that it is carnivorous, so you cannot put it together with other species.

The marble coridora is highly recommended for those who have a fish tank or aquarium for the first time, since it adapts to multiple temperatures and its size does not exceed 14 centimeters.

Finally, the goldfish, also known as crucian carp or red fish, is one of the best known cold water fish . Originally from China, this fish reaches approximately 15 centimeters in its adult stage. Both because of its size and its color, it is one of the favorites by fish lovers.

In short, cold water fish are not only a good option if it is the first time you have pet fish, but they are good pets in general, since they do not require as much care and investment to keep them comfortable. We hope that this information is useful and motivates you to have an aquarium full of cold water fish.

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