Diet plays a crucial role in our pet. Our faithful companions must feel strong and robust to avoid health problems. There are some pet foods , they contain some additives that may not be recommended for some pets.

What is a natural feed

Natural feed for dogs is a healthy food and free of all kinds of chemical additives and preservatives. Likewise, these feeds are prepared with fresh meat or fish.

There are three types of feed aimed at puppies , junior dogs and adult dogs. In addition, there are different formats of natural feed: solid, semi-moist and moist format.

Benefits of natural feed

Our furry ones were originally 100% carnivorous, so there are multiple benefits if we decide on a 100% natural diet for the health of our dog.

  • Reduction of digestive disorder
  • Immune system booster
  • Improves the digestive cycle
  • Reduced tartar buildup
  • Reduction of skin diseases and allergies

The Best Natural Feed at Mascota Planet

1.Alpha Spirit. It is a feed made with natural ingredients and without rice, wheat, corn or cereals.

2.Wildside . All Wild Side feeds are formulated without grains, without colorants and with natural antioxidants from rosemary and green tea to reduce the presence of allergens in the feed.

3. Ownat . 100% natural formulation with fresh meat and fish with fruit, vegetables and grain-free.

4. Natural Greatness. Range of natural feed with excellent quality raw materials, without grains. High combination between digestibility and palatability.

5. Dingo Nature. Feed based on 100% natural materials and free of transgenics.

6. Legend . Natural ingredients and in their recipes they do not include dyes, preservatives or synthetic flavorings.

7. Dibaq . Made with 100% natural ingredients with fresh meat, vegetables, fruits or natural antioxidants. Natural prebiotics are provided to increase defenses and also joint protectors

8.Kome. It is natural 1005, free of GMOs and artificial additives. Rich in Omega 3 and 6.

From Mascota Planet we always recommend that supervision be carried out at the time of the change since not all dogs accept the change.

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