It is important to be steeped in the subject to be able to do an aquarium properly in terms of its structure. It is clear that there is nothing more beautiful than a well decorated aquarium, with colors and a huge number of fish.

However, the visual is too far from reality when it comes to the healthiness of these swimming in said habitat. The only thing that can be noticed in something like this is a significant overpopulation of the aquarium.

This only brings with it a significant number of negative consequences for these animals. Therefore, you have to take note of each of the following tips.

overpopulation in the aquarium

Overpopulation occurs when there is a great diversity of fish in such a small space that it uses the volume in the aquarium itself. Thus, one has to fully understand the measurements that occur in the apparent habitat.

Since, something that is going to be clear, is the fact of knowing well stipulated how many fish can be found swimming inside it. If there were a larger number inside, there would only be significant overpopulation, something very serious.

In order to have a large number of pet fish in an aquarium, they must be of larger dimensions. There are stores that can meet these needs at very affordable prices, you just have to do a deep search.

It is not at all beneficial to have many fish in a smaller aquarium, since the following can occur:

Fish with development of aggressiveness

When the fish does not have enough personal space, it ends up developing aggressive habits. A territorial competition is generated, which ends up being for food.

Excess for some

Regarding the relationship of scarcity for food, some of the fish may take the habit of overeating. At such levels of increasing a majority feed to the body's own base, both to what is the digestive system and proportional size.

Everything derives from the particular instinct of survival, which leads to widespread stress and future illnesses.

On the other hand, there is the case where some end up eating less food. Either because they cannot fight to feed themselves or because they are too small to be able to make holes. That ends up giving as results: malnutrition, low body weight, lack of growth and posthumous development.

Presence of diseases

Conflicts in health are diverse from the theme of aquariums. Although, the determinants that end up giving as results are quite particular:

  • ???????? Weakening of the gills.
  • ???????? Fish kidney, liver and heart problems.

Everything is predestined because the filters cannot work correctly due to the size of the fish tank based on the fish present. These end up living with a heap of waste that is intolerable to them.

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