A fundamental element that our pets should never miss is the identification plate . Many do not give it the importance it deserves, dismissing its use and effectiveness, especially because they mistakenly believe that by having a microchip, the animal will no longer need any other type of security identification. But this is a serious mistake, since the microchip does not have the same functions as a board, and unfortunately, the difficulty in accessing its information makes it impossible for any ordinary person to use it. This is why even today, the use of the tag has not disappeared, because only with accurate data, it can allow us to save the lives of our pets.

It is not uncommon to find lost dogs or cats on a daily basis, which, due to the lack of external identification, never manage to return home. This is a fact that is constantly repeated throughout the world, whether due to irresponsibility, carelessness or an event beyond our control, such as the case of a robbery or a natural disaster. When an animal goes missing, whether it makes it back home largely depends on the action of the people around it, weird as that may sound.

The efforts of the owners often fall short given the breadth of existing scenarios, so the help of other people becomes crucial at this time. But unfortunately, without an object that facilitates the collection and exchange of information, that help will never come. It is these details that make the identification plate an element of incalculable value for us.

Benefits of using a nameplate.

The benefits of using the identification plate come along with two fundamental pillars, which are:

  • ???????? Source of information and identification: the identification plate allows us to place specific information about the pet and its owner, one of the most important data being the name of the animal, our contact number and address.

This speeds up the search process and prevents the animal from being confused with another, in turn, helps to know that it has an owner and that it is not a stray animal, something that could be very useful in case your pet went to a kennel.

  • ???????? An alert of medical caution: the dangers against the lives of our pets can be found in many places, including themselves. When there is the unfortunate event that they suffer from some type of disease, the risk and concern increase.

This is because no matter how hard we try, we can't always be there for them. This is why the plate becomes a highly valuable tool for us, since it allows us to place the corresponding information, in order to inform the people around them, what the problem is and who they should notify.


A fairly clear example of this occurs with dogs suffering from epilepsy. Many times the situation can arise that, despite being surrounded by acquaintances, they do not know about this condition, so when they see the dog with an epileptic seizure, they could panic as they do not know what is happening to the animal.

Recommendations .

It is extremely necessary that our pet has a tag, so when buying one, we must pay attention to its quality and that it will not easily come off the collar. We also have the obligation to find a way to place, at least, the contact data. In addition, making use of shapes and colors can help us to facilitate their identification by giving them a unique touch that differentiates them.

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