There are times when we feel in doubt when choosing an aquarium. Before buying it, we must take into account a series of guidelines to finally have the best home for our fish.

Proper aquarium size

The size of the aquarium must be adapted to the space you have, in addition to adapting the number of fish. The size of the aquariums is measured by the liters of water of its content. Larger aquariums are easier to maintain as they facilitate stability in water levels. Although you must be very careful with the weight and find a stable surface to place it. At Mascota Planet , we have aquariums of various sizes:

Cube Aqua 10L Aquarium

Aqua Orion Aquarium

Aquarium Aquarium 60 PLUS LED Complete Kit 65L

Aquarium Eheim Aquapro LED 180L Complete Kit

Type of water for the aquarium

The type of water is another important aspect in the case of having an aquarium, fresh water or salt water are the two options that you would have. The accessories of a freshwater aquarium require easier maintenance and less investment. If it is your first aquarium, it is best to start with a freshwater one.

Water temperature

The next step is to decide the temperature of the water. If you opt for hot water, you should choose an aquarium with a thermostat to be able to regulate the temperature around 25? without sudden changes. However, if you opt for cold water, maintenance will be much easier, although you will need a larger tank, as cold water fish are larger.

Kinds of fishes

Once the previous decisions have been made, that is, the size, the type of water and the temperature, you will be able to choose the type of fish that live in it, if you decide to start from this point and buy an aquarium based on the species, you will have to make decisions by adapting values to their needs.


The price is important when choosing the aquarium. It should be taken into account that even if the price changes, the aquarium must have the same features, such as the water filter or the heater, since sometimes they are included in the price and other times they are not.

All the incentives that we have mentioned are the basic ones to choose an aquarium correctly, although after doing so, you will have to add the necessary equipment to adapt the environment and that the fish are in August, which you can find in our Mascota Planet facilities or in our online store .

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