As an owner, you must generate a superlative support, with regard to food health and hygiene required. Now, cats are capable of having a certain independence with regard to various determinants.


These felines have their tongue incorporated, in instrumentation mode for constant cleaning, by licking the rest of their body. In other words, his premonitory instinct based on his constant hygiene is more than clear. The search for complete cleanliness.

Therefore, it is normal that they are always found licking each day. Likewise, it is quite focused that bathing them is not a clear concern, since they themselves try to be neat.

So much so that the occasions in which a cat is bathed the reason? it's therapeutic? and therefore it must be indicated by a veterinarian or it fulfills the function of removing any harmful substance from the animal's fur or that can intoxicate it if it is licked.

How to attend to the care that a cat requires

In fact, in similarity as it is denoted in any type of pet, the visit to the veterinarian, the constant deworming and the corresponding vaccines, are vital for the integrity of the cat. Added to that, one as an owner must focus on keeping a close eye on his coat. Both the color and the presence of dandruff give notice of the state of health that a cat has.

Likewise, although a good appearance is visualized, constant brushing and other aesthetic cuts contribute to its integrity. In the case of both, it can be done once a week, while in the case of long hair, brushing should be at least three or four times a week. This is to deal with dead hair that lodges on the surface of the coat creating hairballs that damage the cat's skin.

On the other hand, there are the nails, which differ from the care for other species of pets. In this particular case, you should not be too close to them, since they carefully sharpen them themselves.

You just have to see with the old age of the feline, who will not be able to impose the same time as when he was young.

your own context

As you read this article and find out other things, you may be wondering what care to give it. Since, practically they are too independent. Despite this, an owner cannot be totally careless.

Nothing should be overlooked cleaning their teeth, ears, their water and food container, in addition to throwing their waste periodically. The litter box should be emptied daily and cleaned with hot water weekly.

In short, one as owner can accompany and complement their hygiene. But, never deal with those determinants in which they naturally predispose individually. Your space is vital.

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