In previous articles we have talked very briefly about the types of cat litter . In this opportunity we will review and try to guide you? and indicate the benefits of each type of sand that you can get in specialized stores that sell products for animals. Where you can find various types of cat litter, among them we can name the most common, such as traditional or sepiolite sand, clumping sand, sand containing silica crystals and?the so-called ecological sand.

Absorbent type sand.

The basic and outstanding characteristic of this type of cat litter is that it is absorbent. Consequently, we can start by mentioning that it is the cheapest litter on the market, it only provides the characteristic of being absorbent. This type of sand is made up of a porous mineral called sepiolite, but it does not have the condition of being agglomerating. The negative aspect is that it is necessary to change it frequently due to the accumulation of odors.

Clumping type sand.

The other characteristic that improves the quality of cat litter is that in addition to being absorbent it has clumping properties. The agglomerating condition allows a conglomerate of sand to form on contact with liquids (urine) (a kind of ball of sand), which represents a benefit due to the ease of removing it from the box and you only have to replace the volume of sand removed.

synthetic type sands

Another more efficient type of cat litter is one that has the same conditions mentioned above, but is made of synthetic materials (silica gel or crystals). As an outstanding characteristic of this type of litter, it can be mentioned that it very efficiently retains odors and provides excellent absorption. As an advantage we can indicate that? produces dust that can be spread by the cat in the house. The downside is that cats are not always comfortable with this type of litter.

Ecological type sand .

The fundamental characteristic of this type of sand is that, as its name describes it, it is ecological, that is, it is made from biodegradable products. It is made up of materials such as recycled wood, sawdust, recycled paper, among others. Of course, it has excellent absorption of odors and is efficient in agglomerating liquids. The aspect that can be interpreted as negative is that it has a higher price than those described above. And as a positive aspect we can highlight its non-polluting condition to the environment.

Other observations??????

Of course, all these types of sand fulfill the fundamental function of serving as the place where the cat gets used to making its stools. You have some types of arenas more efficient than others. And the decision to choose the litter that is most comfortable and efficient for you depends largely on how much time you have to dedicate to the maintenance of the cat litter box, taking into account that, as a recommendation, it is necessary to establish a time to do maintenance to the cat. container or the litter box, which depending on the type of litter you choose to use for your cat, it is recommended in the most unfavorable case to do it every 25 days or every month.

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