It is worth clarifying that a cat finds great benefits from drinking water sources . Even more so as your food is already dry, so you need a large dose of additional water.

Given this, it is worth noting that it is not common for a cat to drink water from ordinary wells. It is common for them to be seen drinking from the sink when the water was running, because they prefer to drink running water after the absence of natural germs.

Are drinking fountains useful for cats?

If you notice that the cat drinks little water, it is because it is not called at all to consume water from the bowl. In addition, it should be noted that these have lobes around the skin that reject stagnant water, since they can contain high levels of abrasive germs.

Therefore, there are the water sources that are similar to natural currents, because they promote a slight constant circulation of water through a pump. Given this, the water ends up being fed with oxygen, providing freshness for a long time.

On the other hand, these contain a carbon filter that is activated to clean the water of pathogenic germs. Beyond being adapted to the needs of your cats with flat and wide bowls, together with a high quality material.

available models

As time goes by, more turns out to be the majority of owners who are discovering the benefits of having these water drinking machines. Even more so as a consequence of the different models that are presented.

In the first part, there are the plastic ones that are suitable for their fine smell, although for several cats it is not very pleasant. On the other hand, ceramic and stainless steel ones are present, which have a higher quality and more pleasant smells.

When choosing the model, you should also pay attention to the preferences of your cat. Some drinking fountains resemble a fountain and others have a multi-tiered watercourse or mimic a small waterfall. It is also important that suitable replacement filters are available.

Finally, it only remains to encourage your cat to drink, which is very easy. If you also want to increase your fluid intake, you can take extra precautions.

If possible, you should feed your cat wet food or a mixed diet, as it covers a large part of its fluid needs through diet. Also, you can add a little water to food that is already moist. In addition, you can, for example, while brushing your teeth, run the faucet a little so that it drinks. Make sure, however, that there are no residues of cleaning agents or the like in the sink.

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