Now it's time to cat-proof the garden, so freedivers will love coming back from their excursions. At best, the cat 's garden should be so liked that it is completely distracted by dangerous adventures.

But he should invite her to stay and doze, and give her the security to dreamily indulge her dreams.

Cat-proofing the garden: the basics

Cats are true climbers and effortlessly overcome obstacles such as high fences. And even through the smallest openings, they can force themselves through.

If the cat is not allowed to leave the property, it will not be able to get around a secure cat fence. There are many different models available on the market. It is important to pay attention during the installation that the separations to the ground and also between the elements of the fence never exceed three or four centimeters.

Otherwise, cats can squeeze under or between the fence. A natural alternative to fences are dense, thorny hedges. They keep cats from coming and going, and also offer native birds a great nesting site. If you want to be on the safe side, you can also set up a cat cabinet.

  • ??????? For a perfect overview

Cats feel safer in high places. From here they have a good overview of the everyday hustle and bustle on their territory and can daydream about their fantasies. If you don't have suitable trees in your yard, you can leave a stump or wooden post in the ground and nail down a board as a seat. For added comfort, a piece of carpet on the seat.

  • ??????? Shady places to cool off and hide

Climbing plants with large leaves provide the cat with cool shade in summer and plenty of room to hide and rest. For example, a pumpkin plant is very suitable.

  • ??????? sunny places to snooze

On the lawn, cats love to doze in the sun. If you don't have grass, you can make small bunk beds in well-drained tubs, wooden boxes, or raised beds. They not only have the advantage that the cat can safely rise and rest, but also can move according to the place and position of the sun.

  • ??????? A peaceful place

Cats are very clean animals and they also need a place in the garden for their big and small business. Well suited for this and also cheap, for example, a raised bed of wine crates or pallets. Filled with fresh, loose soil and somewhat protected by a hedge, it provides your cat with sufficient privacy.

  • ??????? A place in the warm

The cat should always have the opportunity to return to the safety and warmth of its own home. For that, it is better to install a cat flap. To protect you and your cat from unwanted visitors, microchip-controlled cat flaps only open when your cat approaches.

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