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The basic care of the dog's hair is one of the most predetermining factors that mark the discrepancies of breeds. In addition, it also frames, in a sense, the total health of the animal.

Although, it should be noted that each dog has private characteristics in terms of its fur. Not all breeds are destined to have silky smooth hair.

However, it can be achieved through specific quality products for pet grooming. Without discriminating styles and other types, shine, dandruff prevention and strength can be generated.

canine skin

First of all, you must ensure that the skin is healthy and well nourished, to be able to disembark in a coat as such. Therefore, a periodic cleaning of at least 3 times a week must be guaranteed.

It is also true that many breeds only support a weekly bath.

In addition, canine hygiene products have to satisfy the need for your breed. In some cases, certain types of dogs require very good hydration and asepsis, thus avoiding future infections or specific allergies.

On the other hand, you can also prevent fleas or ticks, even canine dermatitis. Therefore, there are lotions or powders that can take care of it with their functions.

Specific and habitual diet

It is worth emphasizing that the dog's hair is a faithful mirror of what he usually eats. Therefore, one has to make sure about what one eats, verifying its perfect balance in proteins, Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, carbohydrates and other antioxidants.

In other times, it was sometimes customary to give them substantial amounts of oils and fats in their meals. Which guaranteed them their own unique nutrition.

However, it is correct that currently the pet can be affected, in a vast negative way derived in the animal's digestive system. So, not advertising, you have to choose to provide the animal with premium quality food.

In turn, a fairly practical option is used and, in several cases, there are veterinarians who recommend the addition of supplements. Thus, you are obliged to do so for a certain time and on very specific occasions.

Canine coat replacement

Dogs go, over time, making changes to their coat. Up to twice a year, regardless of whether it is long or short fur.

Therefore, you have to have too much patience to be able to give it a proper and regular brushing. In this way, it can result in important help, which will give advantage to oneself and others in the home.

periodic brushing

Beyond shedding hair, brushing is essential for everything. As for irrigation, it is beneficial as a consequence of disentangling and stimulating the scalp.

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