When you bring children and pets together in the same place, in most cases, special moments are created. Adult dogs come to see a baby as someone they have to protect, cats show enormous affection and puppies love to play with them.

Now, there is almost always talk about which are the best dogs to have as pets when you have children or babies at home. However, the same does not happen with cats, since very little is said about them in this area.

For cat lovers and those who have their children at home, this time we will talk about which cats are more suitable to have with children. To do this, we will not only talk about the most recommended breeds, but also some of the characteristics and personalities that the cat should show. Without further ado, we will move on to the two points in question.

How to choose a cat for children???????????

The first thing to take into account is the personality of the animal. Children are very restless, with a lot of energy and tend to run and scream a lot. It is not recommended to have a cat that is very skittish, that is very territorial or that does not like to be touched, because it could possibly hurt your son or daughter. The traits or characters that we recommend you take into consideration when choosing a cat are the following:


A cat that loves to be around people and other animals. It should not be territorial and it should be appreciated if you empathize with the child.

Loud noise tolerant

?While any animal can be startled when they hear a sudden noise, some pets are more noise tolerant than others. A cat that does not meet this quality will always look uncomfortable, annoyed and even aggressive in front of anyone who tries to get close to him.


?This is extremely important when having children. The cat that is adopted must love games and be full of energy so that it gets along better with children. Similarly, it is important to supervise and be present when your children and the cat play so that they do not hurt each other.


It is common to find cats that seek the affection of anyone. In the case of being adopted, they go above all to the affection of their family members. Affectionate cats give and receive caresses, especially with the little ones. In addition to this, these types of cats are often touched and manipulated by people, something extremely important since children love to move them and carry them from one place to another.

Recommended cat breeds

The last thing is the four characteristics to look for in a cat before adopting it. This is only achieved through contact and treatment with the feline prior to adoption. However, there are some cat breeds that are more likely to meet these qualities than others. Some of these breeds?they are: maine coon; ragdoll, persian, manx and american shorthair.

That said, there may also be cats of other breeds, or even of mixed races, that meet the same characteristics. Finally, it is recommended that your child accompany you when you adopt a cat to see how he relates to the animal. We hope this information will be useful to you.? If you already have a pet cat , do not hesitate to visit our store to pamper it.

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