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An important part of the hygiene of our ferret is the use of hygienic beds that, in addition to absorbing odors, will serve as a bed or bed. We have different types of bedding so that we can choose the best one for our ferret.

The hygienic beds that best suit our ferret are obviously those made with natural products, from paper fibers, wood or cereals to hay itself.

The fiber beds, in addition to absorbing odors and liquids, provide warmth and comfort to our pet and do not give off dust, making them ideal for our ferret. Wood chip beds are also a good option to use. In the different types of hygienic beds we can find them in different colors and scents. We can also use odor absorbers that we can place in its hygiene tray to help neutralize the odors that our ferret emits.

Hay is also a good hygienic bedding option but it does not provide heat to our ferret, it is a factor to take into account. We can use several types of bedding or alternate them according to the season of the year or our needs or tastes of our ferret.