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Best Choice Dr. Clauder?s pure meat wet food for your dog. Fresh meat is the main ingredient in these German-made cans.

At MascotaPlanet we know that your pet's diet is an important pillar in your pet's future life and that is why we offer only the best brands such as Best Choice Dr. Clauder's, your dog will begin to feel the nutrients of a healthy and natural diet , having visible effects both externally and internally, a long, full and happy life


Best Choice Dr. Clauder's wet food contains a minimum of 92% pure meat , providing 50% more nutritional value than the competition's food. In these recipes we can see the pieces of meat in all their nature. The added active ingredients promote optimal care and disease prevention, it also acts as a food with prebiotic effects.

Best Choice Dr. Clauder 's is one of the best wet foods for dogs that you can find today . MascotaPlanet offers you this phenomenal food exclusively at an unbeatable price.

You can also find the Best Choice Dr. Clauder's dry food at MascotaPlanet at the best market price.