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So that our cat is elegant, handsome and also so that it can be easily distinguished that it is a domestic cat, the best option is to buy a collar. At Mascota Planet we have the best catalog of collars for cats.

It is important that our cat wears a collar, so that if it leaves our home with the naked eye it can easily be recognized as a domestic cat.

We have different types of collars, for the most elegant cats, and fun models for the most daring. If we use a collar with a bell , we will also know where our cat is at all times.

We also have reflective collars that can be seen in the dark or with address holders in case our cat gets lost.

And since we cannot take our cat with a harness , in this way we can take it for a walk comfortably.

If we live in a chalet or single-family home, we can also delimit the area where our cat walks, without fear of it escaping with an area delimiter collar for cats.