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If you want to have your pet scented with the freshest and most aromatic colognes on the market, go to Pet Planet's section of colognes for dogs . You will find a wide assortment of colognes of different fragrances and from different brands.

All of them are alcohol-free pet colognes that have a long-lasting effect on fragrances of all types. For those who love fresh and fruity perfumes, we have strawberry, apple, peach or floral colognes. And for the sweetest puppies, maybe a touch of vanilla, coconut or talcum powder is better.

Of course, we also have more exclusive colognes for dogs such as Sexy dog Dew , which, in addition to being repellent, incorporates vitamin B5, which is very good for hair. On the other hand, you will find Peche perfumes that have a great value for money and incorporate a vaporizer. All this in Pet Planet!