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ALYSIA L-Lysine Supplement


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Control of FHV-1 in the chronic phase of the disease in adult cats

L-Lysine supplement formulated in highly palatable soft chews for cats infected by herpesvirus.
• Indicated for adult cats in the chronic phase of the disease.
• Contains 500 mg of L-lysine per serving – RDA for an adult cat.
• Formulated in Soft Chews, highly palatable soft chewable snacks developed to facilitate daily intake.
• Container of 30 Soft Chews (30 days for an adult cat).
There are a number of factors that predispose to the disease:
• Lack of vaccination.
• Physical stress: pregnancy, lactation, etc.
• Psychological stress: changes in lifestyle, incorporation
from other cats or pets into the home, etc.
• Immunosuppressive diseases: FIV, FeLV, etc.
• Herpesvirus carrier mothers who, under the stress of
parturition/lactation infect the kitten in the first 5
weeks of life before their first vaccination
Infectious disease experts estimate that at least 80% of cats are infected by the Herpes Virus
Feline (FHV-1) throughout their lives. The reason for this high incidence is that, like cold sores in people, herpesvirus infection in cats is a permanent, lifelong infection. Once the initial disease has elapsed, the virus hides in certain organs of the animal where it remains latent (inactive) until eventually, often in stressful situations, it reactivates, causing the disease and infecting other cats that live in its environment. It is for this reason that the disease is more frequent in cats that live with others (residences, homes with more than one cat, etc.) or that have been picked up from the street where they have been in contact with sick animals. Herpesvirus affects cats of all ages although kittens are more susceptible
The most common symptoms of the disease are grouped into three groups:
• Ocular: tearing; conjunctivitis and chemosis (edema of
conjunctiva); keratitis (inflammation of the cornea), edema,
corneal ulcers and necrosis; symblepharon (adhesion of the
eyelid to eyeball); blindness and even loss of

• Respiratory: nasal mucus that can be clear or
purulent, sneezing, rhinitis, sinusitis, ulcers in the nose,
lips, tongue and gums, etc.

• General: fever, weakness and lack of energy, loss
loss of appetite and weight, miscarriages, and even death in up to
30% of sick kittens.

The illness lasts 7 to 10 days, but can be extended if secondary bacterial infections occur. Prevention of the disease focuses on two main aspects: prevention of contagion (isolation of infected cats during the acute phase of the disease, avoidance of stressful situations, etc.) and regular vaccination.
Sick cats require antiviral treatments as a first option, accompanied by supportive treatment that includes antibiotics, electrolytes,
appetite stimulants, mucolytics, etc.
Among antivirals, L-lysine is commonly used for its ability to inhibit herpesvirus multiplication, for its ease of administration (oral) and for its moderate cost.
The use of L-lysine is recommended for the treatment of the acute phase of the disease and to minimize the contagious capacity of the sick cat, and preventively to avoid relapses in permanently infected cats. VetNova has three formulations of Llysine
to adapt to the different needs of each patient: DURALACTIN Lysine, VIRAMAX and ALYSIA

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ALYSIA L-Lysine Supplement

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