Arena Croci Eco Prebiotic Eliminates Odor 3.8kg

Arena Croci Eco Prebiotic Eliminates Odor 3.8kg

Arena Croci Eco Prebiotic Eliminates Odor 3.8kg


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Arena Croci Eco Prebiotic Eliminates Odor

The Ecological Prebiotic litter contains a great benefit against bad odors, it practically eliminates the molecules.

Active probiotics are responsible for eliminating the food source (ammonia) of bacteria due to bad odors

Odor-causing bacteria are therefore neutralized, probiotics remain spread throughout the litter bed, thus ensuring an odor-free environment, eliminating odor-causing molecules.

The high agglomerating capacity of the litter makes it easy to clean and dispose of, ensuring natural and effective odor control for a long time.

Thanks to the innovative action of the prebiotics of the bacillus genus and the particular active principle of natural origin, it inhibits the formation of ammonia responsible for bad odor, satisfying the hygienic requirements of a cat for 3 months.

It has been manufactured with highly absorbent and binding vegetable fibers, which compact when in contact with liquids, creating a "pellet" that is easy to remove.

Benefits of Croci Eco Prebiotic Sand

Eliminates odor-causing molecules.

Resting probiotics are evenly distributed throughout the litter box.

It is agglomerating (Clumping)

100% Vegetable Sand.

Odor control (eliminates bad odor molecules).

100% biocompostable.

It can be flushed down the WC.

It is a long-lasting cat litter.

It does not release dust.

It does not stick to the cat's paws.

Format of a 10 liters.

The unique vegetable fibers are highly friendly to the environment and have a reduced environmental impact. They are obtained mainly from local crops, which allows direct control over the quality of the raw materials used.

These fibers have hygienic properties thanks to the sterilizing effects of their active ingredients. They are light, easy to transport and dispose of, since they are completely biodegradable. Dirty litter tray and solid droppings can be safely flushed down the toilet or composted, thus avoiding waste generation.

In addition, these vegetable fibers are ecological, since they are not based on silicon or minerals extracted from quarries. In addition, its manufacturing process has low energy consumption, which contributes to its sustainable nature.

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Arena Croci Eco Prebiotic Eliminates Odor 3.8kg

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