Arion Puppy Medium Salmon And Rice Sensitive

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Arion Puppy Salmon and Rice Sensitive puppies

Arion Puppy Salmon & Rice is a hypoallergenic product with salmon as the only source of animal protein and gluten-free starches –rice and potato-. Its high digestibility places it at levels of maximum nutritional excellence. In healthy dogs it produces exceptional hair quality and optimal pigmentation. In addition, a healthy and flexible skin is a barrier against pathogens and collaborates with the good body condition of the dog.

The solution for dogs with food allergies and sensitive skin.

Cases of dogs with food sensitivity are becoming more and more common. Its symptoms are both cutaneous and gastrointestinal and with different manifestations - itching and reddening of the skin, minor digestive intolerances and even severe hypersensitivity.


Rice (42%), salmon (46% dehydrated), animal fat, potatoes, peas, hydrolyzed chicken liver, beet pulp, brewer's yeast, calcium carbonate, refined cellulose, fish oil, calcium phosphate, salt, tea green, FOS, MOS, grape seeds, citrus. YES

  • Hypoallergenic

Certain animal proteins (chicken, beef, pork,...), as well as the gluten present in cereals can cause food allergies. The special formulation of Sensitive Salmon&Rice with salmon as the only source of animal protein and rice (gluten-free cereal) prevents the appearance of these allergies.

  • hyperdigestible

Salmon and rice are ingredients with very high digestibility. It also incorporates prebiotics, fructoligosaccharides (FOS) and mannanoligosaccharides (MOS), which ensure a perfect balance of the intestinal flora, fewer and more compact stools.

Extra contribution Omega 3 and 6 = Healthy skin and shiny hair: The salmon oil that it incorporates is rich in Omega 3 essential fatty acids. These acids play a very important role in many metabolic processes, but they are also essential to achieve high quality and hair shine. Another interesting function of these fatty acids is to keep the skin healthy, smooth and soft. They have an important anti-inflammatory effect that prevents it from being altered.

  • AGEs are part of cell membranes
  • AGE maintain the health and integrity of epithelia
  • Its deficit: itchy, greasy skin, dry and dull hair that later falls out forming bald spots.
  • The correct Omega6/Omega3 ratio (5:1) prevents the formation of proinflammatory metabolites and acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.

  • Natural antioxidants (Vit E and C):

It incorporates high levels of Vitamins C (80mg/Kg) and E (300mg/Kg) that prevent free radicals generated in metabolism from attacking cell membranes. This is achieved by delaying the aging of the skin and the rest of the body. Antioxidants also boost the immune system .

  • Zinc and biotin:

An extra supply of zinc (200mg/Kg) and biotin (0.45mg/Kg) is essential for hair to appear silky and shiny and its natural renewal (shedding) to be perfect. Primary zinc deficiency is rare but common that secondary to its interaction with certain minerals such as Calcium. The introduction of Zinc in the form of Chelates prevents this interaction. Several of the minerals in the ARION range (iron, manganese, copper and zinc) are supplied in the form of chelates thanks to OPTIMIN. Chelation is a process by which an inorganic mineral joins an organic molecule resulting in a metal proteinate (OPTIMIN). When they are united, the passage of membranes is facilitated, which increases their absorption and therefore their biological availability. OPTIMIN is a product developed by Nutreco that results from the chelation of a metal (inorganic soluble salt) with amino acids and/or partially hydrolyzed protein. .


• Better digestive absorption.

• Minerals associated with OPTIMIN do not interact with other antagonists

• Increased bioavailability of these minerals

• Tmore efficient transport of oxygen in the bloodstream.

They improve the immune response

The solution for food sensitivities


  • Dermatological.- Intense itching, peeling, reddening of the skin. Dull, brittle hair, even with alopecia. (90% of cases)
  • Gastrointestinal.- diarrhea, malabsorption syndrome.

(10% of cases, sometimes also accompanied by skin lesions)


Predisposing causes:

Early weaning of puppies, carried out when the pores of the gastrointestinal epithelium have not yet closed to the passage of high molecular weight proteins.

Disorders in the immune system that overreacts to certain proteins.

Deficiencies in the mucus barrier that lines the intestinal villi.

High antigenicity of some ingredients in the diet.

Arion wants you to enjoy every moment you spend together. Whether you like to go for a run or a walk, or if you want to have the most beautiful and elegant pet at all times, whether you are high-competition athletes or why not? Simply share some time, together and relaxed, on the sofa at House.

In all these situations and on a day-to-day basis, Arion is the best option for your friend to live healthy and happy.

available in bags of 3 and 10 kg

Tamaño de la raza
Mediano (10-25kg)
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Arion Puppy Medium Salmon And Rice Sensitive

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