Bactrovet Silver Physiological Healing

Bactrovet Plata Cicatrizante Fisiológico
  • Bactrovet Plata Cicatrizante Fisiológico

Bactrovet Silver Physiological Healing

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Bactrovet Silver Physiological Healing

Once the skin of our pets is injured, although it appears to be protected by the hairy mantle, it is very sensitive to environmental aggressions.

Bactrovet Silver is a product that combines the insulating and healing action of micronized aluminum with the bactericidal and fungicidal power of high-purity silver microparticles (Bioactivated Microsilver).

The effectiveness of this product is based on a new concept of physiological healing agents designed for the protection and health of animal skin.

When applied, it forms a protective film that repels liquids, is adherent and long-lasting on the affected skin.

The structure of the cells of this film allows optimal aeration of the dermis, while preventing the entry of contaminating agents.

Accelerates tissue regeneration (healing process) and prevents and treats secondary infection.

This product is safe, free of side effects, does not penetrate the skin or mucous tissue, it is indicated for both pets (dogs, cats and ferrets) and production animals (sheep, pigs, horses and cattle).

COMPOSITION: Silver Sulfadiazine 0.1 g, Aluminum 5.0 g, DDVP 1.6 g, Cypermethrin 0.4 g.

Functioning of bioactivated microsilver particles

Damages the DNA of microorganisms and inactivates intracellular enzymes and proteins

Inhibits cell membrane transport

Inactivates intracellular enzymes and proteins

Operation of micronized aluminum

Acts as an adjuvant for hemostasis and healing

Promotes collagen biosynthesis, protein precipitation and accelerates tissue regeneration

Prevents the exaggerated formation of scar tissue (keloid)

It is complementary and enhances the bactericidal action of bioactivated microsilver particles.

not absorbed

In case of accidental ingestion by licking, it does not exert toxic effects or accumulate in the tissues.

How Rosa Mosqueta oil works

The product uses Rosehip oil as a vehicle, whose action is complementary to the action of micronized aluminum in stimulating the cells that produce collagen and elastin, optimizing healing.

How to use

In spray application, by lowering the applicator a broad spray is obtained to cover large areas, it is ideal for the care and protection of extended wounds and erosions.

In jet application, raising the applicator the cannula is activated and a directed jet is obtained for a more precise treatment in places of difficult access, ideal for sharp and deep wounds.

The multidirectional valve facilitates the handling of the animal and allows treating lesions that are difficult to access.

100 and 250ml containers

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3 Question(s) answered

  • Asked by Adela
    on 09/07/2017
    Con qué frecuencia debe usarse el producto? Answer:
    Estimado client@, Les adjuntamos las instrucciones de uso. Agitar varias veces el envase antes de aplicar. Rociar uniformemente la herida desde una distancia de 10 cm., asegurando la penetración del producto dentro de la misma. Aplicar también alrededor de la herida, formando un halo de 5 cm. En caso de heridas profundas es necesario asegurarse la penetración del producto en las cavidades. En el caso de las miasis la aplicación se puede repetir una vez por día hasta la curación. El numero de aplicaciones como preventivo depende del tipo de herida y las condiciones ambientales, pero se recomienda en el caso de herida de ombligo una sola aplicación dentro de las 24 horas del nacimiento. En caso de las heridas de castración se recomiendan 2 aplicaciones separadas por 72 horas. Un saludo. Dpto. Ecommerce
  • Asked by MMar
    on 04/10/2021
    Hola. ¿Puede usarse en agapornis? Gracias. Answer:
    Buenas tardes, no es recomendable echárselo al llevar plata, un saludo
  • Asked by a guest
    on 05/09/2021
    Hola. ¿Puede adjuntar la composición química del producto? Gracias Answer:
    Buenos días, COMPOSICIÓN: Sulfadiazina de Plata 0'1 g, Aluminio 5'0 g, DDVP 1'6 g, Cipermetrina 0'4 g. Un saludo
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Bactrovet Silver Physiological Healing

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