Rasquim Bait in Fresh Paste BF for Mice

Cebo Rasquim en Pasta fresca BF para Ratones
  • Cebo Rasquim en Pasta fresca BF para Ratones

Rasquim Bait in Fresh Paste BF for Mice

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Rasquim Bait in Fresh Paste BF for Mice

It is a ready-to-use rodenticide paste bait . Ideal for the control of infestations of brown or sewer rat (Rattus norvegicus) and house mouse (Mus musculus), at all stages of development.

Contains brodifacoum, a second-generation anticoagulant active ingredient.

Thanks to its mode of action, the death of rodents occurs without arousing suspicion of the bait from the other members of the colony.

This fresh BF paste is extremely attractive and palatable to rodents, being very palatable, and its use is indicated in areas of the domestic environment.

It incorporates a substance with a bitter taste (Denatonin benzoate) to prevent accidental ingestion by non-target animals.

The container is 150g.


How to use and other tips and instructions:

Read and follow the product information, as well as any other information accompanying the product or provided at the point of sale before using it. Before using rodenticide products, the use of non-chemical methods (traps) is recommended.

Remove food readily available to rodents (loose grain or food residue).

Apart from this, do not clean the area to be treated just before the treatment, this will only annoy the rodents and the acceptance of the bait will be more difficult to achieve.

Bait boxes should be placed in the vicinity of places where rodent activity has been observed (walking areas, nesting sites, feeders, holes, burrows...).

Whenever possible, the bait box should be fixed to the ground or other structures.

Do not open the bag containing the bait.

Place the bait boxes out of the reach of children, birds, pets, farm animals and other animals for which the product is not intended.

It should not be applied in areas where food/feed, beverages, cooking utensils, or food processing surfaces may come into contact with or be contaminated by the product.

Do not place bait boxes near water drainage systems where bait can come into contact with water.

While using the product do not eat, drink or smoke. Wash hands and exposed skin areas after using product.

Remove the remaining bait and the bait holder at the end of the treatment.

Rats: Place the bait boxes in areas not subject to flooding.

Replace baits that have been water damaged or contaminated by dirt.

Bait boxes should be checked 5-7 days after the start of treatment and at least once a week thereafter to check for bait acceptance, intact bait boxes, and removal of dead rodents.

Reload the bait stations when necessary.

Dosage and frequency of use

Use in tamper-resistant baits. For the control of the brown or sewer rat (Rattus norvegicus).

Inside and around buildings: 100 to 200g of bait per bait holder.

If it is necessary to use more than one bait holder, the minimum distance between bait holders will be 5 meters.

High infestation: 200 g of bait per bait holder. Low infestation: 100g of bait per bait holder.

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Rasquim Bait in Fresh Paste BF for Mice

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