Badhuis Klein Outdoor Bathtub for Bird Cages

Bañera Exterior Badhuis Klein para Jaulas Pájaros
  • Bañera Exterior Badhuis Klein para Jaulas Pájaros

Badhuis Klein Outdoor Bathtub for Bird Cages


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Badhuis Klein Outdoor Bathtub for Bird Cages

Ideal bathtub for birds such as canaries, goldfinches, exotics and similar species.

This bathtub is ideal for keeping your pet comfortable in its habitat, with the possibility of being able to cool off whenever you want without spilling a single drop on the outside of the cage.

It has an anti-splash screen and it is possible to attach it to the outside of the cage.


Small size

With hook for the cage.

It has a transparent screen.

Suitable for Canaries, Goldfinches, exotics, etc.

Its approximate dimensions are

15cm wide x 15cm deep x 14cm high

If you are looking for a cage for a single bird, the minimum size of the cage should be 60 cm. long, 50 high and 40 deep; It is very important that the bird can open its wings without touching the walls of the cage, since we would be limiting the birds' exercise and activity and that would be destined to obesity.

At least two of the sides of your bird's cage should have horizontal climbing bars and the space between them should be small enough to prevent the bird's head from getting caught between them.

Where to put your bird's cage

We put perches in the birdcage

We have a large assortment of cages and normally these have wooden or plastic perches of a standard diameter. So that the bird feels more in its habitat, it is also convenient to put natural twigs that have different diameters in its cage, better if they are 0 .5-2.0 cm.

This forces the bird to continually alter its leg muscles when jumping from perch to perch. CAUTION: Although the branches can be from different trees depending on the ones you find in your area, it is very important that these branches are always clean of feces and pesticides.

Other accessories for bird cages

We recommend changing the water in your bird's drinkers twice a day. Also do not install the feeders on the floor of the cage.

If the bird spends a lot of time, you can only buy bathtubs and other special toys for birds that you will find in our online pet store. Be careful with bathtubs in winter and if it is very cold, because although the bird will not want to bathe, if it did it could catch cold.

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  • Asked by Maria Hernández
    on 09/05/2019
    Esta bien está jaula para una cotorra de sol Answer:
    Buenos días, la bañera que nos indica no valdría para una cotorra, ya que es para pájaros mas pequeños, le dejamos el enlace a otra bañera que si le puede valer ya que es para pájaros grandes como ninfas, cotorras, etc.. un saludo
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Badhuis Klein Outdoor Bathtub for Bird Cages

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