BioVert Fertilizer for Plants in Ampoules

BioVert Fertilizer for Plants in Ampoules

BioVert Fertilizer for Plants in Ampoules

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BioVert Plant Fertilizer

One of the main problems when fertilizing shrimp plants is that some fertilizers, which are very efficient for plants, have a copper content and other elements that make them not tolerable for shrimps.

BioVert of trace elements :

BIOVERT does not contain nitrates or phosphates.

BioVert: Fertilize your shrimp safely

With Prodibio's BioVert they are sure that the plants can be fertilized without risk to the health of our small invertebrates. With Prodibio's easy and clean dosing solution in ampoules, shrimp enthusiasts do not have to give up a healthy planted aquarium.

To allow your plants to grow healthily, your aquarium must be able to provide them with some trace mineral elements such as potassium, sulfur and manganese, but above all, iron. These elements are constantly renewed by water currents in Nature, but in a closed environment such as an aquarium, their concentrations can decrease very quickly.

The absence of only one of these microelements can be the cause of poor plant growth, a fortiori in the case of iron. Indeed, this element is essential for the production of chlorophyll and consequently for photosynthesis.

BIOVERT therefore provides all the trace elements necessary for good plant growth. Iron is directly bioavailable and assimilable by plants (Fe II).

By using BIOVERT, you solve the problem of poor growth of your plants, yellowish, scattered or transparent foliage in your aquarium.

Dosage: one ampoule for every 200 liters of water every 2 weeks

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BioVert Fertilizer for Plants in Ampoules

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